Williams, Paul - Upholstery Lyrics

Carburetors man, that's what life is all about
That's what life is all about, that's what life is all about
That's what life is all about, that's what life is all about

I was not myself last night lost a fight, my woody barely running
By a dude I should have beat, and on the street a blow like that is stunning

I finally lost control and tore my tuck-n-roll upholstery
Where my baby sits up close to me
That's supposed to be what our life is all about
Upholstery where my baby sits up close to me
That's supposed to be what our life is all about

Of all life's mysteries the greatest one I've seen
My short runs better when it's clean

I was not myself last night ran a light without my registration
Where the cops were bound to see and you know me already on probation
I wound up on parole I tore my tuck-n-roll upholstery
Where my baby sits up close to me
That's supposed to be what our life is all about
Upholstery where my baby sits up close to me
That's supposed to be what life is all about

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Williams, Paul Upholstery Comments
  1. Skip Bayless

    My upholstery
    when my baby sits up close to me
    That's supposed to be what our life is all about!

  2. Richard Barr

    But . . . my car does run better when it's clean ! :-)

  3. Rabid Bunny

    I love how this song accompanies one of the tensest scenes in the film.

  4. Gen. Lee Interested

    I am supooaed to hate this song , right ? Lol

  5. randall mckay

    lol my dad showed me this movie me and him still enjoy it to this day <3

  6. Olivia wakeor


  7. Jarod Rihani


  8. Matouman 037


  9. Corpse Desecrator


  10. Eduardo Batasuna

    Esta película la vi en el 91 e inmediatamente me enganchó. Un gran film! 👊🏼

  11. Coral Roper

    Cue the exploding car

  12. TemporaryFamineShip

    A better Beach Boys song than most Beach Boys songs.

    Sir SwearsAlot

    C'mon, that's not true.


    @Sir SwearsAlot Hey, I love Pet Sounds just as much as the next guy.

  13. alvin pyy

    I played the song yesterday at work 😊

  14. Rebecca K Finley

    One of my all=time favorite sountracks!

  15. Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

    Carburetors man, that’s what it’s all about

  16. Peter Evans

    Who else here thinks the singer of this song sounds like a hippie Tom Kenny?

  17. pedaba71

    Excelente película y excelente música

  18. Lorena Monterroza

    Me encantan todas las canciones de esta película.

    El Barto

    Somos 2 amor❤

  19. Ron Voltz

    I was 8 when this came out and I still remember this song, Swan's song and GoodBye Eddie Goodbye

  20. John Younggren

    My best buddy,, no longer with us, from High School and i likes this particular song Upholstery from this hit nostalgic film.

  21. Peter Evans

    Is it just me or does the guy singing this song sound like a hippie Tom Kenny?

  22. Franck Jourdan

    Excellent !!!

  23. William Masden


  24. Paul Glaeser

    Is somebody able to translate this in good french ?

  25. Major Mo

    This movie blows my mind! Such an overlooked gem, and in my opinion, is actually better than RHPS, its nearest competition. Both have great songs, but the quality of POTP's soundtrack and the fact EVERY song is fantastic (I find RHPS's soundtrack patchy) just makes it take the lead, better story too, with less vulgarity. Don't get me wrong, I love RHPS, but put it this way, I have POTP on bluray, but I don't have RHPS on bluray. Absolutely adore this film. Whereas RHPS can be tiring to repeat watch, POTP never gets boring. I think Tommy by The Who is another gem, god, mid 70s rock operas were awesome.


    There's also Little Shop of Horrors.

    John Tapley

    It's definitely one of those movies that gets better the more thought you put into it, and is well-tailored for repeat viewings. My second time through, I was floored how the whole story is delivered through Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye.

  26. snarkus63

    In the movie,it says "The Juicy Fruits" on the prop car...but the closing credits identifies the band as "The Beach Bums"...so which is it?

    Khaymen Brock

    The Juicy Fruits were just repurposed into a bunch of other bands in the canon. Swan just retooled them into the Beach Bums when they wanted to bring that style back.

    Uisce Preston

    They are also the Undeads in the movie during Beef's big "electrifying" number!

  27. Alex Furnas

    carburetors, man!

    Major Mo

    Alex Furnas that's what life is all about...

  28. Le Docteur

    Is it a Bomb ticking I hear?

  29. Joe Patton

    This is an awful earworm.

  30. phil de Blois

    awesome - great music.

  31. John Tapley

    I love how the lyrics rip off Winslow's Faust and replace the raw emotion and skill with bubblegum banality. Such a smart film.

    Xavier Designs

    ive heard this before, really? mind giving me a lyric comparison?

    John Tapley

    A couple small allusions, but enough to hammer home even further how contemptible Swan is.

    "I was not myself last night..." (Word for word from Faust) at 0:28
    "I finally lost control..." ("And as I lost control, I swore I'd sell my soul...") at 0:43

  32. rene martinez-campos

    Phantom of Paradise, is one of the greatest albums by Paul Williams!

  33. Jane Doe

    this scene in the movie is soooooo good omg

  34. World Universal

    Cool movie...

  35. Ray C

    Fuckin' Classic

  36. Marcelo

    That movie!

  37. Trev Mac

    *Life at Last*
    salutations from the other side

  38. Io Community Broadcasting


  39. Vice Verser

    An awesome and hilarious ode to shallow adolescence!

  40. 777jonah888


    Communication Science

    @DeepEye1994 Correct.


    @MurrowSon Phoenix signed a contract in which her voice would be given to Swan if she died (Swan made her sign it while she was high/drunk or something, she acted plastered in that video Winslow watches).
    That's why there was a sniper placed to shoot her and why Swan tries to strangle her saying: "Your voice! You promised me your voice!! Our contract, remember?"

    Hailey Shannon

    It's based on Faust, Phantom of the Opera, and Dorian Gray!

    Jeffrey Coogan

    +777jonah8883 The story is kind of a mixture of both the Phantom of the Opera and Faust.

    Ian Coetzee, Health Consultant.

    Little faust ... And big halsey .. !

  41. Ramon Arturo Gomez Velasco


  42. Pink Jesus

    i love this 

  43. Julie G.

    this shit sunds good ; thats why winslow is pissed off

  44. marcantallita

    The juicy fruit!! Lol he hate them sooo much lol

    G Money

    They were booty

  45. Viperkal

    What a classic soundtrack!  I wore this Lp out.

  46. Timothy Dalbeck

    +gRamStok3R Williams was truly the definition of a villain in the character of Swan.

  47. gabe marty

    No wonder the Phantom placed that bomb in the car compaired to the song it was suppose to be. None the less, funny and good.

  48. deoxysfan10

    I automatically heard the ticking of the bomb without it actually being there...

    ben zur

    its really not? i cant stop hearing it

    Epic 47 Films


    S Rennie

    Oh, yeah.

  49. TheCarablanco

    Probably what has to be the best "Beach Boys"/Surf music parody to ever recorded. But, is this the original from the movie-soundtrack? Granted, my copy is vinyl but it doesn't quite sound like this. The pitch is different. . . This almost sounds like the "Partridges" covering the Paul Williams original. . . or am I hearing things?

  50. Adam Olsen

    When in doubt, just capitalize all the words.

  51. Corporations8MyBaby

    Beach Boys Parody 1974 - love it

  52. Homura Itsugari

    It's true!
    Closest I can fathom is that the Juicy Fruits were meant to be a satire of the Beatles.

  53. Steve Hill

    Oh, he did. He had a hysterical credited cameo in "Rules Of Attraction". "It's toe-tag time in Teen Town, I'm afraid." "I'm sure I can pronounce your friend dead if you just let me run some tests!"

  54. generalzod4life

    yeah! whats so amazing is that Paul is known as one of the NICEST guys in the business but he effortlessly played the role with such subtle and brooding malevolence, i wish he had done more acting


    Back when a guy who looked like Dr Zaius could have a music career.

  55. LillyCake42

    Swan is the coolest villain ever finally someone who thinks my way ! Lol

  56. Gramztoker

    this movies better that rocky horror IMO, paul williams' swan should be remembered as one of the best movie villains!

    Jerome Alexandre

    Exactly what i said !

  57. steven mcc

    back in the day the day we could watch the movie over again eventually I saw it 67 times let have another reunion

  58. dimitri je vous m


  59. DeepEye1994

    Your uncle is a good man.

  60. tamara rodrigues

    Love it.

  61. Snafuski

    Yes!!! I saw the movie in 74... and whenever someone says "upholstery" I always add when my baby sits up close to me... This was a great love it...

  62. tiftif56

    Yo unca's the man.


    What the fuck did I even mean by that?

  63. Homura Itsugari

    This music reminds me of the Beatles for some reason.

    Mr. E. Nygma

    They actually sound more like the Beach Boys

  64. alex ivanoff

    I have had this album in my head since I was 13 and now I'm 51. Finally, Finally, Sunday morning Paul Williams came on TV and now I have found my lost youth! Awesome

  65. Jarad Friesen

    My dad says that ALL the time (he's a mechanic)

  66. Lino Huezo

    this song would be a bit better with the ticking in the begining

  67. 777jonah888

    Paul Williams was such an under rated writer. This and Bugsy Malone soundtrack are all his..............Great stuff!


    Ummm, not sure what you mean by under rated? If winning and being nominated for tons of awards means under rated, yes! He won both a Grammy and Acadamy Award for 'A Star is Born'. He's not only been nominated for many awards but he's also won many. Golden Globes, other Grammy's, etc, both alone and as a cowriter. As a matter of fact, he was nominated for an Oscar for The Phantom of the Paradise. Also, he's a member of The Songwriter's Hall of Fame. So, under rated? Not sure I'd call him that! He's very well recognised in the music industry.

  68. jose martinez

    i love this sound i from el salvador

  69. MrOmegaBeams

    What a funny name for a song. I love it!!!

  70. Jbubbah671

    one of the best on the soundtrack.the movie version is cut short.hah blah wah mah?

  71. Liz Kerr

    I played this CD earlier today. I LOVE this song! Saw the movie when it first came to the theatre & my brother had to have the album. I still have the album. I also have the DVD.

  72. okiemex

    I remember going to the theatre to see this movie. I used to have the 8track of this sound track.

  73. aaren prescott

    my auntie loves this song!! so much r.i.p auntie i love you so much!!!

  74. charger4079

    Paul Williams......an amazingly talented song writer.The whole album is brilliant!

  75. bhuezo

    thanks for uploading it, i've been looking for this song for years.

  76. Kieran Testa

    @2010Wilde it's at the beginning

  77. 2010Wilde

    I don't remember hearing this song! =^|

  78. Adrian Fidjestol

    This is in my opinion the best song of the movie

  79. muskokan59

    The last time I heard this was in 1975....and yet to this day I'll still blurt out "carburetors man...that's what life is all about"

  80. Oh Salome!

    The part were the camera is on the explosion and Swan is by far the best use of the spilt screen from Palma

  81. punpunmunmun

    @sheynoo i was just gonna post the same comment lol

  82. Ian Finlay

    An AWESOME ode to shallow adolecence!!! I DIG IT!!!

  83. Paraprax

    @ManEaterFromReading The brilliance of Paul Williams.

  84. ManEaterFromReading

    This was supposed to be parodying nostalgia, but now everyone's nostalgic for it!! what's going on???

  85. d franklin

    @thekiloton1 you sound like a douche

  86. 206ernesto

    @branbueno I was 7 years old when I saw the movie, my dad was watching it and since then I love it!

  87. GanzLONDON

    @thekiloton1 You confuse what the goal of the artist is. The record company today tells you, you will be famous ! When all an Artist wants is to be free.

    Popular Music is not the music all people listen to,
    Popular Music is the one people make themselves FREELY !

    Maybe you don't get it because you are not an artist.

  88. RCNetworkStudios

    @Kitjo2 same here

  89. Anna Paolinelli

    My favorite of the movie.

  90. branbueno

    Man, I Am Only 14 And My Uncle Showed Me This Movie Oh God Did I Love It. Awesome Movie!

  91. AnAutumnWind

    I was not my self last night, the phantom chucked a bomb in my trunk. lol
    "You see swan sitting up there? You really want me to tell him your not on stage because its not in the stars?"

  92. katiemc66

    This is my favorite too. :-)

  93. Jimmy Mcduffy

    Yes, that's life is all about..
    After all of these I still like the movie and

  94. sftm999

    I always loved that about this movie. It's awesome though how the "garbage" songs in this movie are awesome as well.

  95. TheDoctorofGood

    Damn the Juicy Fruits.

    Better than RHPS? Not sure about that.

  96. Bersisa

    I think this song is so great! This song is what life is all about!!!!

  97. GatoMelane503

    Gracias endoskeleton, por hacernos recordar esta linda musica!!!!!

  98. Lazlow5

    Hey... Brian DePalma, Paul Williams.... way better Then that Rocky Horror Crap.... Your Dad is a Smart Guy....I was there, i know :).......This was the Best Rock Opers ever made.. And Jessica Harper is just so Cute, even today, i'm so in love