Williams, Paul - That's Enough For Me Lyrics

If I can make you cry
If I can fill your eyes with pleasure just by holding you
In the early hours of morning
When the day that lies ahead's not quite begun
Ah well, that's enough for me
That's all the hero I need be
I smile to think of you and me
You and I
And how our, pleasure makes you cry

If I can make you smile
If I can move you close to laughter with a word or two
When your day's been filled with strangers
And the castles that you've built all tumbled down
Ah well, that's enough for me
That's all the hero I need be
I smile to think of you and me
You and I
And how our pleasure makes you cry

And when the world has got me down
And I've almost lost the will to try
I may look sad and I may frown
But I still find comfort in your waiting
Your hello
And your goodbye
And how our pleasure makes you cry

And when I wake to you
And I pretend that I don't know how you've been watching me
All the time that I lay sleeping
By the loving look that lingers in your eye
Ah well, that's enough for me
That's all the hero I need be
I smile to think of you and me
You and I
And how our pleasure makes me cry

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Williams, Paul That's Enough For Me Comments
  1. Chris Morrison

    Delcy Morrison loved this record. What one song can do....this is just the best. PW Paul Williams, Paul Westerberg, Paul Weller......so many great PWs.

  2. Chris Morrison

    JUST PURE SONGWRITING.........this lad was so great.

  3. Julia Read

    What a talent.

  4. Darlene DeVegan


  5. Razor Back

    A jewel!

  6. Graca Henriques

    Uma canção de amor maravilhosa, suave a sua voz e a profundidade que sabe dar à interpretação. Adoro esta música, muita poesia na letra. Um diamante!

  7. Roland Manreal

    Peaceful, poetic, burns the heart like fire..

  8. firstbornjordan

    Wow, I accessed YT tonight listening to Nilsson, Without You. Then Nilssen, Everybody's Talking. I then had a desire to listen to Can We Still Be Friends (Todd Rundgren), then I thought I would listen to You and Me (Alice Cooper), inspired by the lyrics that say, 'I wanna take you to heaven, that would make my day complete. ' but to search the song, I recalled other lyrics, "that's enough for me" and landed at Paul Williams. A night for genius recognition.

  9. Jessi pao

    Aquí en México yo lo amo 😍😍😍me gusta

  10. MoonWishes

    Timeless Talent , bless your heart Paul, you deserved Major Recognition in this world 💗

  11. Carlos Smith

    This song is one of the very greatest declarations of love ever written. God bless!

  12. Lutz11

    Amazing Song From This Truly Underrated Artist. Fan Since The 70"s

  13. Rick Jelinek

    Great song....kinda reminds me of the Phantom's Theme (Beauty And The Beast) from the movie Phantom Of The Paradise

  14. Aleace loves


  15. Michael Lastiwka

    I think this song is great. what a great piece of work.

  16. Hugues Lemoine

    ouch ....

  17. Scott Hall

    In April, 2015 I watched his documentary Still Alive and at the age of 47 checked into rehab. I've been sober since. His music will always remind me of something better. Bless him.

  18. Edward Field

    Paul first captured my imagination way back in the early 70´s when he appeared in The Old Grey Whistle Test singing Simple Man. Been a fan of his ever since.

  19. country collapse

    You just cannt look that homely an try to look tuff EVEN with a cigarettes

  20. Daniel Calva Lozano

    Me es inevitable no dejar de temblar con esta canción.
    Es fenomenal.

  21. Opalshards

    Such a lovely song.

  22. April Fried

    pure genius

  23. rodney middleton

    They say good things come in small packages... well it's true. Paul Williams is only a short guy just like myself but the vastness of his incredible talents still resonate in me from the first time i heard him sing, his soulful songs of love or whatever still resonate in my mind. They don't make them like they used too anymore! a musical genius, a hero for us all to admire.

  24. Jackie Sanders

    The poet of my life.

  25. Rone Barton

    I first heard this song in the poignant film First Love with William Katt and Susan Dey. I've been singing it since I was 14. It's truly lovely. I ran into Paul Williams and Randy Newman in an elevator after a Songwriters Hall of Fame induction Ceremony back in 2002, and I said hi to them both but missed the opportunity to tell Paul what this song meant to me... among many of his others. Thanks for posting this, Canaverde2. It is very much appreciated.

  26. Tom Trocco

    So hauntingly beautiful and simple. I had only heard d the version by Peter Yarrow, which I love.

    Captain Nice

    Peter Yarrow sang his version on the TV show The Midnight Special in the 1970's with a full string section and is one of the best performances ever seen on that TV show. The way the string section held that last note at the end...I wish someone would post it on YT

  27. B Cran

    This brilliant man made my childhood what a beautiful soul! Thank u for posting!

  28. upperdarbybill

    Jim Croce's cover of this song recorded in the kitchen of his home on a reel to reel is outstanding. I've uploaded it as Jim Croce sings That's Enough For Me. It's raw with background sounds of dishes being washed and his infant son A.J. crying

  29. Jorge Espinosa

    Haunting piano. It's a shame Paul 's moment was right in the middle of rock's greatest years. He got overlooked. I think his songs are timeless.


    Paul Williams wrote songs of love that helped us think and believe in love.. And how our souls should know and embrace love in our lives.

    Philip Dallmayr

    He wasn't overlooked in my opinion. He was huge in the 70's--a major star.

  30. missfloflowers

    wow , so beautiful...

  31. Alonzo Lively

    Literally a juggernaut of the 70's, and just a genius with music. Brilliant.

  32. aussiness74

    The Album Just an Old Fashioned Love Song...seriously, pure genius. His style of singing captures the lyrics intense meanings. A frozen moment wrapped in deep feeling replayed each time the songs are played.
    Astonishing and quite breathtaking talent... Thank you sir.

  33. Max Melis


  34. Albert Broussard

    A&M Records should thank their lucky stars that Paul Williams and Roger Nichols wrote so many great songs for them. Many of these songs came to life in Hollywood on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and La Brea Ave. at A&M Recording Studios (the old Chaplin studios). In fact I have a picture of Paul crossing the street there (right near the Mobil gas station). To say Paul has a way with words his putting it mildly...

  35. Charlene Lundgren

    I always loved this song....

  36. Marc Dulberger

    One of my favorites and want to here this song over and over again!.

  37. Marc Dulberger

    Just watched the Paul Williams Documentary and checking out all of his songs.

    Robert Lee, Countertenor

    I did the same...

  38. luv2sing3852

    Such a beautiful song... loved the documentary about him .. Alive

  39. Daniel Pasterp

    Great song!

  40. Nestor Puangco

    the lyrics are so nice and poetic

  41. Tina Kirby

    Love this song,absolutely beautiful,and it does make me cry, Paul Williams great song writer and singer. What else can be said,pure awesomeness.

  42. graham revill

    I remember this from the film first love. Great track.


    graham revill what film?

    graham revill

    RavCadoch first love from 1977 staring susan dey and william katt.

    Dan Budden

    @graham revill That’s how I found this song, too. I also bought the film on VHS, because it made such an impression on me at that time in my life. I had just split up with my first love; those halcyon, innocent days of exploration. So long ago now, but this song still takes me back there. Do our ex-partner’s ever truly appreciate the lasting impact of those beautiful relationships?

  43. 74mpaul

    Thank you YouTube for suggesting this version after my failed search for the Jack Jones version (on his album 'Together'). I think this very good version by Paul Williams is the only one on the whole of YouTube. An honour, indeed, for such a fine song.


    @74mpaul Wow, not just performed by Paul Williams but, actually, written by him too. Bringing this song into existence is even more amazing than performing it.

  44. Linda Adams

    Can someone upload  `GONE FOREVER` Please!?!


    Someone can!  http://youtu.be/F56wCYQ0rgQ

    Linda Adams

    @Canaverde2 Thank you so  much,  greatly appreciated friend.

    Charlene Lundgren

    +Canaverde2 Thank you

  45. TwoFourFixate

    An absolute burning masterpiece that will last for eternity.
    Even my bumps of goose have bumps of goose.

  46. john g

    If you were ever a Paul Williams fan (many of us were but just won't admit it) be sure and give a look to the documentary film "Still Alive".  It made me realize he was/is a lot more than I gave him credit for.

    Pie Darkstone

    I just finished watching the documentary. It left me feeling a little sad. incidentally, that's how his beautiful songs are...every single one of them is just a little sad. If it's not in the lyrics, then the sadness is in the minor chords. I am a fan and have been since I was a kid. I would stay up when I knew he was going to be on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Even being a fan, I had absolutely no idea he had written as many songs as he did. He truly has an amazing talent.

  47. Linda Adams

    possibly the greatest song he wrote........love personified....   his perception and understanding of love and how it should be between lovers is unsurpassed.


    What a beautiful thought and comment.  Bravo and Thank You, Linda.

  48. graham heyes

    One of the best love songs ever written,still play this regularly <3

  49. Ascender

    Truly a lyrical Genius and musician. One of a kind.

    Joseph Consoli

    He had quite a ear to put hooks into his songs that get under your skin. They're both beautiful and haunting. One of the greatest song writers of the 20th century.

  50. Geraldine Tellie

    great memories!!!!

  51. Tilos y Diagonales

    I love this song so much, it´s my favourite from Paul's! Do you have the traditional version (in it, I remember, it sounds mainly the guitar, rather than the piano), which was included in one of the greateast hits album.
    I'm from Argentina, South America. Thank you!!!


    I just uploaded the original version and it sounds very similar. Listen to it and tell me.
    Greetings from South Africa.

    Tilos y Diagonales

    That´s exactly the song, my friend!!! It begins mainly with the guitar, as the base of the melody, and , in the middle of the song, it appears the piano. In the final, instrumental part, it´s all plenty of beautiful strings. I adore this version! Thank you for finding it immediatly, and for your kind answer. I embrace you, from the other coast of the South Atlantic Ocean! 

    Tilos y Diagonales

    @Tilos y Diagonales I've found the credits: Guitar and string arrangements: David Spinozza. I don't know anything about this man, but it's enough to listen to this song for being concious that he is a master!!!

  52. OMy AchinHead

    can you upload  My Love and I  ?   - that's a beautiful Paul Williams song from that same album.  


    I will try. Stay tuned and check regularly.


    Just finished uploading it. Enjoy!

  53. Marie

    so glad to hear his songs again...thanks.

  54. copelarry

    Someone could have a mega hit with this song.  Anyone have an idea who could do it justice.  I thought maybe Meatloaf or Josh Grobin.  Any ideas???

  55. CrimsonCupcakeDoll

    I love this song so much. It played in the love scene in First Love.

  56. guitoun guywat

    Toujours du  sirop   ...!  On s'endort   !!!!

  57. Maria Pastras

    I've loved this song and performance for years - I was lucky to see Paul perform this live in at the Melbourne Hilton - late 80s - I was able to purchase the CD on Amazon - still so moving!

  58. Tess Carne

    A poet and  thank you Paul

  59. Alex Tecson

    I really LOVE the song and Paul Williams as well!...

  60. grace martinez

    I"ve been listening to paul Williams back in the 1970 there was a show on every night on radio kost love song on the they play him till 300am  loved it ....also he sing great song Cinderella liberty the james cann movie !

    Captain Nice

    The song from film Cinderella Liberty is called "Nice To Be Around"



    grace martinez

    thank you dahling!

    grace martinez

    thank you dahling!

  61. Vyvyon Styles

    So beautiful - when he sings 'I almost lost the will to try'. How powerful is that???? I love Paul's music so much.....

  62. Comicsapien

    just read your comment on Paul Williams...couldn't have said it better myself.
    I share that same memory. Beautifully said.

  63. Lainer Martin

    This is one of my favorite songs that Paul wrote. Not too many people know about it.

  64. Marie Knipfer

    Love this song and I want to find more of these hidden treasures like wild is the wind by david bowie.

  65. Daniel Perr

    I just love this song! What a great singer and songwriter!

  66. Daniel Perr

    I agree with you!

  67. Ann Paras

    Best love song ever written....very underrated .....

  68. Anne P

    Lindsay Wagner's version(from her 1977 Variety Show: Another Side Of Me) is the best I've heard. You should hear the woman sing.

  69. jsh78mang

    4 people have no taste in music. I'm also willing to bet they are under 21 and like T. Pain.

  70. Richard Lee Schwinden

    This was used in the Film "First Love"

  71. Charlie Impellizzeri

    This was used in the Loving making scene between Susan Dey and William Katt in the 1977 Movie FIRST LOVE.

  72. Rick Mascio

    An absolutely Brilliant song writer!

  73. Totomarovario Alex

    30 years ago I stumbled on one of those vinyl LP records in a library and borrowed it, when I tried it at home on my stereo I heard that simple tune, sang in a simple voice but with powerful words that followed me ever since. I never got hold of the record and forgot about the singer's name, but kept humming the song every now and then, until the day I tried to Google the first line...Paul Williams, you are just great! I feel 30 years younger when I listen to you, and that is just enough for me!

  74. Allie Elppus

    We play this every anniversary. We are now up to 39 years. He is still amazing in getting me to cry with our pleasure.

  75. Steve Mitchell

    He's a true master, never tire of listening to him sing.

  76. cim15222

    Great song writer of his time. We need some "old fashioned song writing" again. People need to grab hold of this master mind of talent.

  77. Darlene Pfefferle

    you can get all his albums on amazon, they are a little expensive but worth it, i discovered this song in a movie First Love that starred Susan Dey and William Katt in 1977 and was hooked on all Pauls recordings, i have all his albums i still love to listen to them all these years later, and this song was also my choice for music at my wedding too lol i even wrote to him once and recieved a letter and signed picture from him lol what a thrill that was for a 16 year old lol

  78. chaosdragoon1

    God I wish this version was somewhere on Amazon or iTunes. Getting tired of doing my 2 times a years search hoping its there.

  79. Virginia Lionatto


  80. Heather Lynn Partridge

    3 dislikes? Do these people have no taste?

  81. TwoFourFixate

    Even though I have not met any of the insightful, sensitive people here . . . I feel that we are joined . . . by the beauty, art, and feelings that this great work evokes in each of us . . .

    I feel a connection with each of you.

    Maybe some day . . .

  82. Ann Paras

    Most beautiful song....thank you Paul for your brilliance......

  83. Boe Avila

    Similar to Canaverde2, my husband and I have this as our song song. After 28 years, its still true.

  84. Annali Quetulio

    Thank you so much for posting this song. It's a hard to find one. A real rare gem for me who loves this singer so much. It makes me young again. I used to play this on my guitar while playing the song.

  85. Jennifer McMullen

    *Sigh*...song arrangements from the 70's are so breathtaking.,,

  86. Ellie K

    i just downloaded some of the songs. i had the whole album years ago. thanks again!

  87. JATYmusic

    You're welcome. THat album is available on Amazon for $8.99 as a digital download, btw... or the individual song for 99 cents.

  88. Ellie K

    thanks. i kind of thought it was her.

  89. JATYmusic

    Yes, Mary Travers did it on her Morning Glory album.

  90. JATYmusic

    Mary Travers recorded this song on her Morning Glory album, beautifully done!

  91. lescar88

    amazing artist!

  92. graham revill

    love this , the film first love was great , just carnt find it anywhere.

  93. jennifer turley

    It's a song that I could never forget, and yet I enjoy it like it was the first time I heard it..

  94. paul garcia

    thnx canaverde2 i love listening to paul williams my name is paul by the way hehehhee but not williams....thnx

  95. Robbie20401

    I never heard this song until a Good friend posted it on my wall,,,ITS BEAUTIFUL,,its my new favourite !!

  96. börje peedu


  97. Ellie K

    I once loved this song, but it was sung by a female --I thought it was Judy Collins, but can't find it anywhere. Anyone know who it was???