Williams, Paul - Old Souls Lyrics

Our love, is an old love baby
It's older than all our years
I have seen in strange young eyes
Familiar tears

We're old souls, in a new life baby
You gave us a new life to live and learn
Sometime to touch old friends and still return

Our paths have crossed and parted
This love affair was started
Long... long ago
This love survives the ages
In it's story lies our pages...
Fill them up
May ours turn slow
Oh oh oh

Our love is strong love baby
We give it all and so receive
And so with empty arms
We must still believe

Old souls last forever
So we need never fear goodbye
A kiss when I must go
No tears...
In time, we kiss... hello!

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Williams, Paul Old Souls Comments
  1. Daniel Aguiluz

    F**** this S***** sound ridiculous I go with Jessica Harper

  2. Oss Delmar

    Most beautiful song ever.

  3. Vic


  4. John Spell

    Great composer, lousy singer. Listen to Jessica Harper version.

    Jack Dumpster

    Both are equally excellent...the emotion in Paul's voice is just as powerful! Thank you so much, Mr. Williams!

  5. mielr

    I didn't know this version existed---I was only familiar with the 'phantom' version--thanks for posting!

  6. alfmat

    Thanks for share it. Gracias por compartirla.

  7. 松浦靖

    Thank you for uploading the music!

  8. Kat Shotz

    why have we yet to say "hello" again.  8 years since you left in November and I wait.  

  9. Laurent GRIFFON

    Splendide ! Sans renier celle du film, je préfère vraiment cette version. Paul Williams a déclaré au sujet de cette chanson, que c'était celle qu'il préférait par dessus-tout, car les paroles décrivaient bien sa façon de voir les choses.

  10. Callum Hamacek


  11. -SUPER-


    Russell Crawford

    H o w d y from Dallas Texas where the Phantom of the paradise was filmed in December 1973

  12. cryss T

    I was looking for this song, thanks for posting a really clear version.