Williams, Mike - Rocket Lyrics

Baby I should surrender
Forget it all baby
It's not up to let you go
Baby I should surrender
Forget it all baby
It's not up to let you go

Baby I should surrender
Forget it all baby
It's not up to let you go
Baby I should surrender
Forget it all baby
It's not up to let you go

Baby I should surrender
Forget it all baby
It's not up to let you go
Baby I should surrender
Forget it all baby
It's not up to let you go

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Williams, Mike Rocket Comments
  1. Alan Walker

    M.W en Dharma ?!!!!?

  2. Ж ノリスケЖ

    I love this song

  3. あざラシ

    ( •̤ᴗ•̤ )♡

  4. Nik's World

    This music is nocopyright?

  5. Cecilie Olsen

    Summer melody 🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩

  6. Dieudonné NIYONKURU

    Oooooh,who is still listening to this music? Mike Williams is a legend

  7. Job Geerdink


  8. klockowy 425


  9. Sebastian Nes

    does somebody know the drum n bass version of this song?

  10. ネクシキ


  11. Phạm Trường

    Tuyệt vời

  12. enrique polanco

    esta muy buena la cancion

  13. mistereko

    Viva mexico

  14. mistereko

    My Imspiration

  15. trainsforever5


  16. Ronit Mahajan

    I literally can't imagine the music taste of those who unliked this beautiful future house!!

  17. Mertin Gayrix W

    where does the lyrics comes from? Splice? (which pack?!)

    bich cj

    Did you found it?



  19. Yair Osvaldo Mancilla Lopez

    Shuffle dance

  20. Nahuel Monzon


  21. Valentino Gentile

    1,2,3 let's go 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Paraparaparar paraparaparapapara

  22. Valentino Gentile

    The earth is totally flat

  23. RelixD

    The best music to play no man's sky check by yourself

  24. Pescador Samata

    Wow que buen vídeo .Gracias

  25. Rene Repija

    Nena ft Kim Wilde - Anyplace Anywhere Anytime chorus (remix)

  26. Adrian Montero

    Simplemente perfecto ♥

    The N3rd

    Mira my videos


    Very nice music! The melody is magical. :D

  28. Deu a louca no GAMER

    mike williams is the best

  29. J.Jones

    I just love Mike williams on Dharma🔥🔥🔥

  30. Nilesh Yadav

    Nice music

  31. ThexZusx Games

    How could i use this song in one of my videos?

  32. Unr4v3l

    This song is healing my ears!

  33. Pescador Samata

    Hola amigo,muy buena pista de Mike Williams excelente vídeo .Gracias

  34. Nureen Sharafina


  35. Trinh Tuan Minh

    i need an official MV of this track !!
    Another banger from MW ^^

  36. Collin Oosterling

    why he is on n.66 ;(

  37. Frenki Music

    I love intro 😍😍

  38. Deven Das

    one of my favourite sounds ever

  39. Denis lespagne

    I'm a fan of Mike Williams ! This is Amazing Sound 👍🤩👍

  40. Udin TV


  41. Moh Slhbey

    Wait Another Day please release it 😢

  42. Jonny Slee



    its so heavy :3

  44. Cumbias Xantoleras

    suenac a otra cancion de mike williams

  45. CoreTMC - Minecraft, Games, Hacks!

    We need vocalss

  46. シロ


    keycore gangun


  47. NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    Mike Williams Music mixing >>>> DeadMau5 Music mixing.

  48. K O S R

    Its amazing! :'u/

  49. Yuri Andrade

    1 million views

  50. Zoxior

    esta melodia es muy kawaii , su intro

  51. FaZe Lucas

    Mike should release one for HEXAGON too.
    As a fan of both Don and Mike

  52. Las wariflaifas de Bruno

    Amaizing super cool😎👌

  53. Chewie

    Hi mike I want to use your ‘don’t hurt’ in one of my upcoming vids and I saw on house nation but then saw that it wasn’t copyright free and that I need to ask you personally to use the song

    Don’t worry I will credit it in the description just I won’t be able to put a link in it...


  54. Bunker boy

    Is it Futuere House or Big room?

    Alif Zulfikar

    Future bounce

  55. Falling Skies

    This is in fire

  56. Briyith Monroy

    love this song <3

  57. the mike

    classic house not interessing

  58. J V

    Está me gusta más que todas

  59. NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    Lullaby 2.0 lol

  60. Vitor Gabriel Barbosa Martins

    Mike Williams always shining. I'm glad he's in the Dharma.🔥🔥

  61. Vitor Gabriel Barbosa Martins

    great future house

  62. Playstation Music

    Aldo Danilo Music

  63. 茶坊主

    Mike williamsが一番好きなDJです⭐️

  64. Van Vinh Bui

    I love it so much

  65. JOUX

    Mike Williams the Best 🎧🎹

  66. Tio Efra

    elegante :)

  67. Tio Efra

    elegante :)

  68. Marcos Negoh

    Boa mto boa

  69. Future House Cloud

    Mike Williams is a Rocket! 🚀

  70. niscada


  71. Bood Clover24

    Dharma? Really?

  72. Annunziata Carbone

    Musica bella e fortissima :)))))

  73. DURZO


  74. muriel mottet

    Thank you spinnin records 😄 👍 💕🔊🎧💯💥

  75. muriel mottet

    Thank you spinnin records 😄 👍 🤘

  76. Sanniv Music

    Oh loved it, hope maybe someday I can also release my songs on spinnin'

  77. Janet Gonzalez

    Esta cancion si me gusta

  78. E-Mile YTB

    Mike Williams is a great new talent of electro music !!! Love all his last tracks ❤️

  79. Unreality Music

    Awww thats so nice We love the classic Future Bounce Of Mike Williams!❤️🔥

  80. Lucas S.

    Mike William's Track is 🔥

  81. Lost Pixel

    Waiting for tomorrow out now

  82. jakert

    So damn good! 🔥🔥🔥

  83. Kiyoshi Gramajos

    Esto si es otra onda 😍😍😎 #Dharma 💗

  84. Yuribeth Alcala

    Es increíble esta electrónica🔥🔥🔥🇨🇴💀☠️👽😈👊🏼👋

  85. Max



    ☸dharma = awesome visuals and good music.

  87. Bluexenon

    Mike Williams style is one of my favourite 🔥

  88. James Bell

    Sounds like KSHMR!

  89. xDeuiii Mongull

    mike williams - bambini 2.0

  90. Neri Peralta

    Lo mejor 👌

  91. Android mode

    Feels like Avicii

  92. Leandro paz oficial

    Mike Williams es superior a Martín Garrix ahora mismo. Martín Garrix sólo es un sobrevalorado. Espero algún día el mundo conozca al Gran Mike Williams. Y con esto no digo que la música de Martín sea mala porque es muy buena. Pero solo digo qué se debería a valorar a productores nuevos que realmente tienen mucho para dar. Imei Williams es uno de esos pocos. El mejor productor de spinnin récords en este momento

  93. you dont know me

    very noice

  94. FPS* Ash

    Too long time im waiting so amazing

  95. dj vasco


  96. Best Fun Drawing

    Mike Williams great


    Love you mike❤️