Williams, Mike - Melody (Tip Of My Tongue) Lyrics

I stand a little too close
You stare a little too long
We do this dance every time
You and I, you and I

Yeah, we're up in the air
Like the smoke from your lips
But I can't find my words
When I'm tracing your kiss

I can taste, I can taste, I can taste it
In my mind, all the time, can you race it
What I do, for a shot of your love
I have you
I have you on the tip of my tongue
I have you on the tip of my tongue

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Williams, Mike Melody (Tip Of My Tongue) Comments
  1. こじま党


  2. NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    This is the kind of progressive House that I love. Not that generic ones from Martin Garrix.

  3. NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    Sounds like Lullaby

  4. G ch


  5. megarollX Rgm Broadcasting


  6. Elektronica

    Mic Williams



  8. Mannilal Baghel

    Garrix + Brooks + Mike = BOOM

  9. Leo Al Mundo

    Great song.

  10. Warspite Nation

    Why always Bali? '-')
    Can you try to visit another cities?

  11. Krakenzilla

    So THIS is what EDM sounds like...

  12. Manxawer

    yes the melody is dope af

  13. Cecilie Olsen


  14. Sean Lee

    It’s a pity that Zoe Moss was not credited... such a great vocal

  15. B'Star Bayu

    Tomorrow Lands.

  16. B'Star Bayu

    Here before 2,5M Views.

  17. Betty Desormeaux

    I love it cant wait for Kenny

  18. Tấn đạt Điện tử


  19. Will Spliff

    This is what you call melody

  20. Andraz Mehle

    I feel like you use the same melody in the most of your songs, just switch it up a bit.

    But it's a great melody tho.

  21. al farez rifki

    Baliii!!!! <3

  22. Andraz Mehle

    That bouncynes...

  23. Ghozy Akram

    Indonesia was too beautifull for this mv song😂🙌

  24. Abhishek Shahu

    Wtf *Tip of the tongue?*


    0:15 ''Hey, is this track gonna start or what?!"

  26. Natasa Mehle

    The intro kind of reminds me of Avicii... RIP


    Natasa Mehle yeah, waiting for love came to mind for me too. RIP Avicii

  27. DSVerified

    Melody 20/10
    Bass 10/10 as always
    Drop 10/10

  28. フリーザだよ

    I Like Mike Williams the best.🥰🥰

  29. Bang Bewok

    ini kapan? udah pernah ternyata ke Indonesia...

  30. Erik Kührmann

    Dope work guys🔥
    Check out my music. It would be amazing if you'd take a listen!🙌

  31. The Alvarez

    Para mí, aquí nace una leyenda de Spinnin Records, MIKE WILLIAMS!!

    Paulo Mikael

    Future Bounce
    When you see Mike Williams you know it's gonna be amazing! <3

  32. Brandon Nongsiej

    Ovesome Mike

  33. Dante

    0:02 le tongue yea yea xdxdxd

  34. B'Star Bayu

    Sure, mike williams realy" handsome

  35. B'Star Bayu

    *mike williams* so handshome!!! OMG, BTW INDONESIAAA WOW

  36. fresh Ben


  37. Florin Trofin

    I can't stop dancing when I hear this song

  38. Briyith Monroy

    this song is so amazing mikeee!! I love it!💓💓

  39. Kejo Fuentes

    A great video Mike Williams it´s the best Dj in the world

  40. Kejo Fuentes

    Buenisima esperando siempre lo mejor de ti

  41. Kiệt Phan

    Việt Nam điểm danh

  42. Dan Gakuo

    future bounce wow.

  43. WilsonXtrem007


  44. ALYTALyrics

    He is in place 60 in the dj mag, he deserves to be in the top ten at least!

  45. Jason Wu

    Lmao just me or this sounds like Lullaby by the same dude w/ R3hab

  46. Axel ørtega

    Yeah, amazing 🙌

  47. Sapphire K

    Woooooooahh Mikeee Wiliaaaaaams !! 🔥

  48. Nahuel Monzon

    Mike williams 🎉🎉

  49. Nahuel Monzon


  50. Agung Mahendra

    I can taste i can taste i can taste it

  51. ThunderSilver

    Hello Oliver Heldens :3 0:15

  52. Florian Pepiot

    sound like lucas & steve i love it

  53. ImJustMarvin 2good4u

    Nice Show in Tübingen Last Night:)

  54. DJero

    We know who the DJ is when we listen this typical Mike Williams sound and he's so handsome... 👌

  55. AbeKPFan Lol

    Watch rocket Mike williams

  56. Pablo Magariños

    2:51 Fail xD

  57. Cardboard Boy

    I see myself in him...cuz I'm gonna be great sometime soon...

  58. Актрос Снг

    as you condoms?for r......... transcription

  59. Актрос Снг


  60. Актрос Снг

    pidarasi potysche dolbyobi

  61. Andrew WithNoLife

    Happy Birthday Melody

  62. LeaguePlays

    1st birthday of Melody!

  63. Hendix

    Mike Williams No.66

  64. Ahmad Afif

    Welcome to Bali, Indonesia

  65. Nabuel9

    Change the tittle; Tokio, is best

  66. Joshua Munns

    how tall is mike? hes fricking huge

  67. melody _YT

    Soy yoooooo la compuse yo y el ahre


    Wonderful of Indonesia

  69. WidmoCiała

    Greetings from Poland🇵🇱

  70. Glan Mathias

    Ossum track 🔗 😍😍😍

  71. Denny Ardiansyah

    Thats in the Bali... 😁👍


    i need mike williams and lucas & steve collaboration plss.

  73. Dj Frofa

    Mike should of closed tomorrow land

  74. Tamara Pacheco

    I love this dj♥️

  75. Omkar _

    That 2k piano from nexus

  76. OriJhinal a

    The rhythm of the drop melody is exactly the same like in Lullaby

  77. Kevin Bandy

    this guy ripped some parts from archie - back again

  78. Juraj Pavlík

    I Like Mike ( & Dimitri Vegas as well) :DD

  79. Fajri Music

    Indonesia bro!!!


    This music like "Lullaby"

    nguyễn sỹ

    it's original
    lullaby just is ( mike williams - melody 2.0)

  81. Strategic Gameplayer

    Mike Williams is amazing.

  82. Brandon Diaz Mondragon

    Esta canción me encantais mucho la amo

  83. Roos Jongsma

    favorite song atm

  84. SKILI

    SO underrated

  85. Thunder Forever

    Mike is the next dutch sensation after Garrix...
    Mark my words 💪💯

    Todo dia Gameplay

    Será? Aposto no Mesto

    Dev Patel

    Rangga Putra A he’s getting popular so maybe

  86. Captain Vietnam

    Mike Williams is so underrated, he deserves so much more. He's a brilliant artist

  87. Niccolò Antonio Limongelli

    The first 20 second I thought it was a tutorial ahahah

  88. revyrixwendi


  89. Андрій Янишин

    it"s beatiful

  90. Nv miza

    Bali Island

  91. Cecelia Pong

    Recent favourite song

  92. Thiago Mattos

    Isso é Mike Williams ❤️

  93. Darien Rivera

    a little bit of lullaby

  94. Sochil Cli

    Not bad mike 😎👍....

  95. Milica Vujic

    This song deserves much more views

  96. Sole

    Dedicado a gold!!

  97. Fani Garcia Vera

    Ojala subas un video donde estes asiendo tu musica 😀😛😙😍