Williams, Lucinda - Soldier's Song Lyrics

I met my enemy today
Baby sends the little one out to play
Enemy shot two of my buddies down
Baby rides the little one on the

By my post, I'm standing guard
Baby hopes for roses in the front yard
I don't know my enemy's name
Baby takes the little one to a
baseball game

Why am I in this God forsaken place?
Baby washes the dirt off the
little one's face
Ten year olds in the killing fields
Baby's planning the weekly meals

Bodies in a muddy ditch
Baby's got supper to fix
My buddy's got a hole in his head
Baby's getting the little one ready for bed

Today I shot my enemy
Baby gives the little one a hug for me
Both my buddy's legs got blown off
Baby tends to the little one's cough

I stare down the barrel of a gun
Baby's goin' out to have some fun
I hear ringing in my ears
Baby's face is all wet with tears

I hear echoes of shots
Baby's only thinkin' sweet thoughts
Why the hell did they send me
here to fight?
Baby kisses my picture and turns
off the light

I can't look my enemy in the eye
Baby tells the little one, daddy's
gone bye-bye
Today I took a bullet through the heart
Baby's gonna have to make a
brand new start

I met my enemy today
Baby sends the little one out to play
Enemy shot two of my buddies down
Baby rides the little one on the

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Williams, Lucinda Soldier's Song Comments
  1. bill maloney

    song brings tears,perfect for Memorial Day

  2. Peterkufner

    Wunderschön. Danke

  3. Karyn Goodenow

    Losing my Soldier.. RIP ❤️

  4. Richard Vaughan

    Have a listen to Sean Rowe Soldiers song. He does an amazing cover of youre song, I never herd this before or you his cover brought me here. You’re song is very beautiful thank you


  5. carstenen

    " i would like to see every single soldier on every single side,just take off your helmet,unbuckle your kit,lay down your rifle,and set down at the side of some shady lane,and say,nope, I ain´t a gonna kill nobody- Plenty of rich folks wants to fight. Give them the guns". WOODY GUTHRIE

  6. Risky Business

    Now go listen to the Sean Rowe cover

    Mary DeLorenzo

    100 times better!!!!!

  7. Cynthia T

    Wow! I met my enemy today...

  8. Kanani Bush

    thank u all American soldiers. .
    and veterans. ..

  9. Heidi Conde


  10. Sold to be Diers

    "For you are the Soldiers, whose actions reflect thru duty and sacrifice, the very element of the author of sacrifice Himself." -gilpin 121016

  11. George Pollastri

    For My Best Friend Vincent K,I,A in RHODESIA for nothing - what a wast of a good man :-(

    Contact Contact

    @MrDrewlips Sam Stone had not met the boss when he said that......


    +Contact Contact
    Do you know what I am talking about?  Look him up.  If you are saying that everyone who has died because of war died as a result of "god's plan" then you are living in a fantasy land.  All the dead and maimed children would definitely have something to say about that.

    Contact Contact

    @MrDrewlips From your lips to Gods ear...


    Whatever gets you through the night.  For some its denial.

  12. John

    America is at war with Islam and we have no leaders while  most watch football. FUCK  OBAMA AND THE OTHERS

    Contact Contact

    +John Carswell
    They know who they are .......... Leader? LOL that's the problem we have no leadership anymore..... And sure they don't get off their ass to vote or anything else...... cept get chips and watch CNBC... Lord help us, what have we become/

    Cezar Cortez

    now it's fuck trump and the others, they all are fucking up.

    Contact Contact

    Ummm why am I thinking you are a Liberal other than the name?

    Cezar Cortez

    Fuck liberals, Democrats, republicans, fuck all of them. Im just human mean we all are. All that bullshit is dividing us all.

  13. Ricardo Avila

    This Soldier cried.

    Irish Lass

    Ricardo Avila Thanks for your service

    Rick Williams

    Ricardo Avila Thank you again for your service...apologies for our leaders disservice.

    robert donaldson

    It happens. Its ok.

  14. Jennifer Tipton

    i know those tears

  15. carstenen

    Today I took a bullet through the heart,
    Baby`s gonna have to make a brand new start

  16. Cammy

    As a free American, I feel I must play this song and think of the families and soldiers who suffer for reasons I don't always understand.  God bless you Lucinda.for this song.  Every time I hear it I feel like I take a bullet to the heart.  We must not forget.  


    Ben Blume - No thanks is enough for setting this one straight.


    word, Ben

  17. carstenen

    Luci,you`re from heaven send

  18. Matt Begley

    close your eyes....songs are meant to be heard not seen

  19. Tango94Mike

    How does she make a man cry? I was seriously crying from this.....and I don't normally cry a lot.

  20. jjrwass

    should be a love button

  21. DaisyLee1963

    I am the wife of a disabled American veteran. Thanks for posting.

  22. sparr2108

    I love Lucinda's music but being a soldier's wife, I did shed some tears. First time to hear this one. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Li Lightfoot

    Thank you for posting this.

  24. YankeeRhoad

    Love Lucinda. Love it all !!!

  25. Y Land

    i had never heard this song before. wow what a message. thanks for sharing this, it means a lot. I lost some buddies to the war. this hits so close to home.