Williams, Lucinda - Sidewalks Of The City Lyrics

As you walk along the sidewalks of the city
You see a man with hunger in his face
And all around you crumbling buildings and graffiti
As you bend down to tie your shoelace
Sirens scream but you don't listen
You have to reach home before night
But now the sun beats down it makes the sidewalks glisten
And somehow you just don't feel right
Hold me, baby, give me some faith
Let me know you're there let me touch your face
Give me love give me grace
Tell me good things tell me that my world is safe
You pass by bars with empty stages
Three o'clock drinkers fall by
Chairs are placed on top of tables
As you brush the hair out of your eyes
A woman stops you with a question
So you drop some money in her hand
She sleeps in doorways and bus stations
And you'll never understand
Hold me, baby, give me some faith
Give me love give me grace
Tell me good things tell me that my world is safe

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Williams, Lucinda Sidewalks Of The City Comments
  1. John Macmillan

    Lucinda beautiful song , but they are all great can't stop listening too your tracks slow , fast just great , when are you coming to Scotland , hopefully 2020 lol

  2. Tanglewooddream

    Her voice on this track makes me think of Richard Hawley. I can 'hear' him doing this song.

  3. PK der Dritte

    Amazing Song.

  4. Eu na Kombi, sem destino

    Is she drunk? Cause that's how i talk or sing when i'm drunk. I wish i was drunk now, but i quit. Cause i'm an alcoholic. Damn!

    jm ashe

    Take a trip to st charles..or lafeyette la..
    I did .
    Could listen to those voices all day long...Welcome back to the toneless emotionless north , I thought, upon my return!
    We love you Lucinda,
    Cheers from Mpls, Jon.

  5. ji gln

    Man she is absolutely ROCK, Country Blues and her guitarist(s) are just Boss!!!

    Lars Wetterström

    I agree. Guitar rock/country at its best. On a day to day basis which means a whole lot. American music industry hardly ever underperforms.

  6. ji gln


  7. giuseppe

    Lucinda.....what wonderful song!!! but the beginning is almost the beginning of Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

  8. Frederic Auge

    Please Lucinda, a new concert in France !

  9. Frederic Auge


  10. Angela Moran-Caplinger

    Exquisite. Simply exquisite ~

  11. Guilherme Semionato

    Gorgeous. Can't wait for the whole thing. And for Car Wheels in 2023!

  12. Bridgette Duffield

    lucinda, you are the fairy godmother of my soul, and i will never forget you, never let you go! can't let go!

  13. JaCee Music

    We Luv Lucinda!

  14. John Franken

    Never stop Lucinda! Love your soulfulness!

  15. Joe Jacovino

    marry me baby xo


    Already taken...but thanks anyway!

    Joe Jacovino

    omg can't believe you replied - love you so much - since before Car Wheels - thanx

    Joe Jacovino

    next time you record some blues - let me play some blues harp for you - you can always reach me at - [email protected] - been playing almost 45 yrs - it's a sweet old world yes indeed