Williams, Lucinda - Right In Time Lyrics

Not a day goes by, I don't think about you.
You left your mark on me, it's permanent, a tattoo.
Pierce the skin and the blood runs through.
Oh my baby.
The way you move is right in time.
The way you move, it's right in time.
It's right in time with me.
I stand over the stove in the kitchen, watch the water boil and I listen.
Turn off the television.
Oh my baby.
The way you move is right in time.
The way you move is right in time.
It's right in time with me.
I take off my watch and my earrings, my bracelets and everything.
Lie on my back and moan at the ceiling.
Oh my baby
Think about you and that long ride
I bite my nails. I get weak inside, reach over and turn out the light.
Oh my baby
The way you move is right in time.
The way you move is right in time.
It's right in time with me.
The way you move, it's right in time.
The way you move, it's right in time.
It's right in time with me.

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Williams, Lucinda Right In Time Comments
  1. Darryl Buckett

    My brother said listen to Lucinda, I now own 10 albums and one DVD. It's time she toured OZ especially Perth.

    Hammerschlägen M

    Hello Darryl, greetings from North Carolina. I see many comments on Lucinda videos from Aussies that really enjoyed her concerts.
    Glad to know she is so popular Down Under. I'm sure she enjoys Australia as much as Australians enjoy her.
    Awesome country!!

  2. Rob Nixon

    I think about you and that long ride....oh baby.

  3. james fellers

    I think Bruce got out-Bruced...Wow.

  4. Gary Michael

    Thank you WUMB radio for turning me on to lucinda Williams

    Stephen Gaydos

    Ain't she somethin

  5. Clint Martin


  6. rontheviking

    sexy song

  7. Dachshund Mom


  8. Aine Ni bhrolchain

    Wow song.

  9. roguesquatch1

    I had heard a bunch about her music and I guess it's just not my style. After listening to a few of her songs I found her to be pretty boring. Oh well, still better than most of the crap that passes for music.

    Wharf Rat

    Catch her live, if she comes to town. She's a storyteller and these songs are her memories. Something clicked when i saw her play them, and i understood. You can feel her pain and heartache when she puts the words into song. She's an amazing songwriter

    John Artois

    Boring?? Are you out of your mind? Lucinda Williams is one of the best singer/songwriters of our time.

    Kenneth Emerson

    One of the best songwriters ever

  10. Gerald O'Keeffe

    Can anyone pronounce words like this? “I take off my my watch, my earrings, my bracelets, and everything...”, “...my baby”, “you and that long ride”. Just gorgeous!

  11. Okeeffeey

    Can anyone pronounce “kitchen”, “television”, “I take off my watch, my earrings, my bracelets and and “everything...” this well? Just gorgeous.

  12. Nancy Rampala

    An old friend introduced me to Lucinda Williams and I'll always be grateful to him for that.

  13. alma rodea

    Maravillosa canción.

  14. mark price

    A tat -too indeed

  15. bill m

    Wow...Kenny Vaughn


    GREAT SONG, AND MUSIC IS PERFECT WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Sugar Spring

    This song is what, I'm sure, possessed my younger sister to filch my Car Wheels CD (she's totally in love with her husband)

  18. Kyle O'Bryan

    I loved the montage. It's the way I feel about life. This album is unbelievably good.

  19. Lon Dorsey

    We just saw her here in KCMO doing her old and new stuff, she's awesome,i met her years ago in Louisiana. i was a trcuker for years so listened to alot of music while driving she is one of the all time best for sure.

  20. Kathryn Weed

    Great work on photo selections Sabine!

  21. Beth Ewalt

    anyone that cannot perceive of and fall in love with Lucinda's voice and lyrics clearly has no taste in music

    Wayne Daniels

    Elle king

    Stephen Gaydos

    you got that right. Like'in Lucinda.

    jm ashe

    No heart either.
    Hers is golden.
    Dont miss her 'Essence' album
    ... yet another great find
    Love your comment and taste
    Hardly agree shes a, 'female Dylan', as one person said...
    She cuts right to her heart, he searches for his...
    Cheers from Minneapolis,. Jon

    John Mc Donnell

    jm ashe

    D Griffin

    She's the American Girl Singin'.

  22. Lucas Ramirez

    Marina and Jenny!! <3

    la chica de ayer


  23. jimi shawcross

    16 people will never lie on their back and moan at the ceiling

    Nick Raphael

    jimi shawcross but I will

  24. Patriotic Porn

    Sabine, wow your video to this song is so creativity done with so much visual passion .You nailed it. I saw her 2 years ago in Texas. Thank You, tip's hat.

  25. the ranger

    outlaw comments

  26. Mark Berthold

    Finally caught Lucinda live two months ago-in Sydney. She didn't perform this but the show was still an uninterrupted two hours. Some of her more recent recordings lacked this earlier zest displayed on Gravel Road. But I need not have worried-'Joy' was actually raunchier than the recorded version. Not bad at 62. A killer band featuring former Wallflowers axeman Stuart Mathis and all on her great new double-album which you can check out on the KEXP video listed to the right. She would know when she proclaims them her best band ever. She is not a flashy singer-almost stoic but its all from her gut and compelling. She is increasingly putting her poet dad's verse to music and the results will be rich. We brought the house down knowing we had been so goddamn lucky-for her, her band...and her songs. Viva Lucinda!

    Bill Summers

    I first saw her 3 years ago in Dallas. Joy was awesome. Mathis just ripped it wide open for 5 minutes at the end.

    Ace 1

    She doesn't do this one live, maybe on a rare occasion only.

    Ace 1

    Whenever I hear this song I bite my nails and get weak inside


    Cannot wait to see her sing live... so lucky to have tickets! Thanks for this comment

    Hammerschlägen M

    Yes, you were indeed very lucky. I'm sure you enjoyed the show. Please post how it went.
    Thank you

  27. Suzanne Voss

    simple works, she proves it!

  28. we maj

    T o       H 252allllllllllllllllllll

  29. Jess Lynne Weiss

    Jenny and Marina! Love the L Word!

    the ranger

    +Jess Lynne Weiss thanks for being out there baby

  30. Bob Hoke

    love Lucinda.........yay!

  31. Sally Hutchins

    it is a song shut your eyes and try

  32. headschlong

    Terrible montage. Give it to Hannah Montana.

    Alma Delia Díaz Allen

    +headschlong what??? xD


    +headschlong Totally agree! Horrible.

    Bradley Hamilton

    great song, awful video

  33. YankeeRhoad


  34. sho dan


  35. JB D

    She writes so even I guys can get it

  36. Feedurehed

    She nails it!!

  37. Hopeless Case

    Jenny and Marina

  38. Ana Pereira

    Jenny & Marina !

  39. Debbie Lenson

    I love Lucinda's music, have been fortunate to see her in concert a few times.... lay on my back & moan at the ceiling!!

  40. Thomas Hofheinz

    Sex + Love  = one of the best possible reasons to live

  41. Paul LaD

    Surf Country!

    Keith Rialson

    Right on LaD! Gurf is amazing on this record!! Your comment is very insightfull!!!!!

  42. Cayne


    Martha Elrod

    per usual--talent floats to the bottom; crap rises to the top and beyond

  43. raulantonio65

    Excellent song.

  44. Phoebe C.

    Jenny & Marina brought me here <3

  45. Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

    Why didn't you ? O:

  46. Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

    :( They should make like 230420483 seasons with them..
    I loved their story best. Everyone hated Jenny but she just got fucked up after everything went to shit. She and Marina belonged together, their attraction towards each other was incredible.

  47. Rislbisl

    aaaargh, I don't understand why everybody loves marina. aaargh. xDDD

  48. Cumupe

    Creía que haba sido la única que llego aquí por yhe l word XD

  49. Candy Rainbowcookie

    Like If The L Word Brought you here xD !!

  50. photographerlover17

    like this song :) reminds me of Marina :) great actress

  51. James Hogan

    Nicely done video. The photo picks are perfect to the mood of the song.

  52. txzack66

    one of the best songs ever!

  53. bldshotcrazy

    I love music like this :)

  54. Stephen Bright

    Her voice must have been so inspirational to new wave musicians...

  55. JazLand

    Jenny And Marina the best forever♥!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Lucía Feducci

    the L word brought me here

  57. colorthesky100

    omg i love this song :,) i cant believe i found it

  58. Stephen Bright

    superb...what a voice and what a talent...she can send shivers down your spine:)

  59. Mark Lefebvre

    Grammy aside, other than perhaps Blood On The Tracks, this is the most amazing song writing in my lifetime. And I'm almost 55 years old.

  60. Harper-Greer Mangini

    Simplicity and raw vocals are underrated. Lucinda, you are pure brilliance. ;-)

  61. dryfuss1955

    Sweet Lucinda !

  62. John Cleary

    @XPS9100Boy Agreed...this is beautifully done. The image selection and variety is perfection. Who is that couple in the B&W shot sitting in the garden?

  63. John Cleary

    A brilliant song to kick off a brilliant album. Would love to see Lucinda in concert. She is poetry, she is art, she is sound and meter. My four-year-old daughter has the artist's spirit in her and I make sure to play plenty of Lucinda when we ride in my car.

  64. John Cleary

    @lyonslaforet Agreed. One of my favorite albums. Song after song, poignant, insightful, moving....

  65. lyonslaforet

    Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (1998) contains some of the most beautiful songs since the best of Neil Young!

  66. sabine_girardon

    @XPS9100Boy Thank-you

  67. sabine_girardon

    @bonniebardowski thank-you

  68. Bonnie Bardowski


  69. sabine_girardon

    @DougM63 Thank-you.

  70. DougM63

    Nice video....Well done!!!!!!!

  71. Raymond Clifford

    All right! A studio version,what a voice! This is dynamite! Love you!