Williams, Lucinda - Rarity Lyrics

You are a rarity
Your eyes say wisdom
Your skin says frailty
Your mouth says listen
Your voice a cello
Your words speak volumes
In the night I run for
Like Leonard Cohen's

Since you were invented
Since you came along
No one's even attempted
Too come close to the beauty of your song
No hit on the radio
No one knows who you are
No big deal with a video
So you'll never gonna be a big star

You aren't the attending
Needings a presence of company's pretending
To protect their investments
While they suck the gristle
Of the bones of you art
Unfaithful and fickle
Some dog didn't squirt

They'll say you're a rarity
And sleep in your bed
And strained all your purity
And leave you for dead
They'll call you little honey
They'll write you a check
Seduce you with money
And fuck your respect

For offering a small glimpse
Through your secret door
Of your intellect and brilliance
You deserve so much more
Cos you you're a rarity
Your eyes say wisdom
Your skin says frailty
You're mouth says listen

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