Williams, Lucinda - Plan To Marry Lyrics

When leaders can't be trusted
When heroes let us down
And innocence lies rusted
Frozen beneath the ground
And the destitute isolated we've all been forgotten
And the fruit trees we planted are withered and rotten
The abuse and magnificent suffer from infection
And the promises were given but never with intention
War becomes common place, secrets overheard
And violence, big business and love is just a word
Why do we marry?
Why do we fall in love?
Keep on believing in love
Because love, love is a mighty soar, love is a weapon, love is a lesson
And we, we are the conquerors
We are the soldiers
We are the lovers
That's why we fall in love
That's why we believe in love

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Williams, Lucinda Plan To Marry Comments
  1. Meg Wolfers

    Best song ever

  2. Alison Cain

    My husband died in my arms Christmas evening. This song means so much to me right now. "Love is a mighty sword.
    Love is the lesson. "
    Thanks, L.W.
    You nailed it.

    robert donaldson

    R.I.P. just remember you are and were very lucky to have a love that beautiful love songs remind you of. Too many go through life and somehow Miss that connection.

  3. Max Stemple

    Shes my girlfriend

  4. MrMartinnJ

    Thank you, Lucinda.

  5. ultracontemporary

    so sad and horrible and hopeful all at the same time. this is such a great song.

  6. lvginclp

    Just splendid. I want this played at my wedding for our first dance.


    I quoted it in my sermon at the wedding of some friends.

    D C

    @dcse55 What did you quote and how did you work it in? Is this on YouTube or Facebook by any chance? I'm officiating for a friend as well and thinking of incorporating some of these lyrics. Would be interested to see what others have done :)