Williams, Lucinda - Hot Blood Lyrics

Just a shakin' in my knees, just a cold chill
Don't know what it is, just call it a thrill
Just a lump in my throat, just hot blood
Don't know what it is, some call it love
Well I saw you out in your car
You had the top down, you were drivin' real slow

Well I saw you in the grocery store
Buyin' tomatoes for a casserole

Well I saw you in the laundrymat
Washin' your clothes, gettin' all the dirt out

Well I saw you with your car broke down
Fixin' your flat with a tire iron

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Williams, Lucinda Hot Blood Comments
  1. Micah Davila

    This is legit

  2. mary taylor

    Love it girl!

  3. Doran Maxwell

    not enough can be said about her... I simply love everything she does. those who say what she does is 'sexy' are correct.. she is effortlessly sexy no matter what year.

  4. Vivek Wally

    Lovely, lovely video!

  5. Julie Benson

    what do you get when you mix a hot slide guitar & Lucindas hot vocals? you get hot blood

  6. CDA

    Cosmic Cowgirl, darling of the Austin Music Scene. This fallen angel sipped from the same cup as the duck tape messiah Blaze Foley, and walked in the foot prints of TVZ. She earned her wings on 6th street, and all the other great spots where troubadours rock.

  7. debra aldred

    Loves me some Lucinda!

    linda from ga

    debra aldred thank you


    Awesome tune

  9. Ratdogtommy

    I love this woman

  10. Peter D

    I reckon that's Gurf Morlix on guitar.

  11. Ali Mahmood

    Like the way she says "get all the dirt out" so s-l-o-w-l-y. 

  12. lwc2009

    oh man, that guitar is SOOOOOO FUNKY!!! love this song... this lady has a hot voice.... love her style....

  13. dancingirl11

    Love the song. Love her.

  14. joquirk840

    Love this song, have this album and thank goodness I stumbled upon Lucinda's music in 1991 when she was on Austin City Limits playing this song. She was a guest of Rosanne Cash, and was there with Bruce Cockburn also (and maybe someone else - can't recall). Thanks!!! Has that driving, loud, kick-butt, moody, funny, gritty, smokey-filled bar, late night, dimly-lit bar song that you'll be hearing in your head for weeks (especially the twang - love it!!!!).

  15. 1ex1uger

    What genre is she? Blues/country rock?



    Michael Kavanagh

    Can't you guys just settle for music?

    monica sojka

    She's is Lucinda Williams. She is her own thing!!!!

  16. Alice Cooper

    holy sh... this woman is amazing...
    good job ^^

  17. David Holliday

    Is that Doug Pettybone playing lead guitar?

  18. John Knudsen

    does that slide sound like bonnie raite or what

  19. cathie gould

    Can't sit still when this song is playing!
    Than-you Sunsong!
    Thank-you Lucinda and band!

  20. James Webster

    how cool ... love it...

  21. Sunny Wing


  22. Kathy Salvatore


  23. wolfmetal22666

    I like country....Like USA


  24. Linda Cox

    great pics...good job putting this together! :)

  25. Tina Samuels

    This is just a great old song. I love it and the lyrics and her voice. nobody could do this song but her and make it so full of soul.

  26. Naomi

    Who knew buying tomatoes for a casserole could be so sexy...

  27. wotrabbitfish

    saw her do this live in '93 & just dripped raw blood sweat guts sex beer & smoke

  28. navigator386

    great song stupid pics

  29. nubie34

    Love Casserole!

  30. theneverman

    fantastic song, terrible images

  31. screwmaster404

    O Lucinda is hot and Sunsong23 is so cool.

  32. gogochubbers

    Great ti find a video of this song that's actually entertaining. Great job.

  33. Stephanie M

    oMg that hella cool! at 0:52 !!!!!

  34. slimjibber

    just awesome, great work. same go's to you lucinda......who's art is the face picture, I'd buy a print, anyone know?

  35. Sunsong23

    You are most welcome. Thanks for the support of a "quirky" accompaniment to a great song :-)

    linda from ga

    Sunsong23 I love Lucinda so much , over 10 years ago, I think late 2005 when my son died I opened a channel on You Tube, Lucinda2005! You Tube was brand new to the Internet , please check my early adopter channel out. Memories long gone. I wish we all lived in a " world without tears"

  36. marksmail2

    I love this song and the suggestive way Lucinda sings the lyrics. Your video was the perfect, quirky accompaniment to the song. Excellent job. Thanks for posting.

  37. shashimmy

    how cool is this song Tony uk

  38. Sunsong23

    There is a website called "optical illusions". I just googled "pic of old man and woman" and that site came up with the pic. Hope that helps :-)

  39. shashimmy

    where does the picture of the old couple come from?