Williams, Lucinda - Buttercup Lyrics

You talk about the junk you did,
Like you talk about climbing trees.
You look like a little kid,
With bruises on your knees.

You will never cop,
To the damage that's been done.
You will never stop,
Cos it's too much fun.

Now you want somebody to be your buttercup,
Good luck finding your buttercup.

You already suck me dry,
Can't do it any more honey.
You rough me up and make me cry,
And you wanna borrow money.

You say you feel like a failure,
And wish you cold take it all back.
Well honey I gotta tell you,
It's a little too late for that.

Now you want somebody to be your buttercup,
Good luck finding your buttercup.

Glory is an act of the other
You're always feeling bad
Maybe you couldn't talk to your mother,
Or stand up to your dad.

You want my forgiveness,
That I'll give to you.
But you got yourself in this mess,
There's nothing I can do.

Now you want somebody to be your buttercup,
Good luck finding your buttercup.

First time I saw you,
You would make me melt.
The last time I saw you,
You hit below the belt.

You might have a beautiful mouth,
You might have beautiful eyes.
But soon or later, it'll all go south,
You tell too many lies.

Now you want somebody to be your buttercup,
Good luck finding your buttercup.
Good luck finding your buttercup.
Good luck finding your buttercup.

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Williams, Lucinda Buttercup Comments
  1. Jim Atwood

    Now you want somebody to be your buttercup, Good luck finding your buttercup!   LOVE this woman

  2. Jordan LeClair

    I don't think it's possible for her to write a bad song.

  3. sennid simon


  4. Marshall Ryan

    I can listen to this song over and over--completely rocking

  5. burkey426

    I first heard this a few hours before hearing of my cousins death, nothing relevant to the lyrics but it makes my heart drop every time.

  6. Evelyn Overcash

    That voice. I love it.

  7. Jam-Art .Music

    Doesn’t get any better

  8. burkey426

    RiP John Kevin... Last song I heard before I got the call. Love ya

  9. Julie Benson

    Blessed is a fantastic album - Love it

  10. John Artois

    So many great songs

  11. Scott Allen

    alot of living in that voice .. smoking tune ..

  12. Mike B

    I love this song!

  13. Monica Moves

    I f----ing love this song!  

  14. MrTeddybee123

    Wan to have sex with her voice!

  15. Meadow Landry

    Dish shong wrocks.

  16. Francis Penny

    Stellar tune!!!!!!!!

  17. TaraPMHopkins

    When I want to get tough I just listen to Lucinda, she kicks some a**. LOVE this woman!!!!!!!!!

  18. fubar50cat

    wow, does that rock, lucinda when she has problems can knock anyone out with her music, damn, thanx for putting this on, lucinda is great

  19. im4out again

    very cool...

  20. fubar50cat

    just to let you know, the Toronto Sun, Dec. 31 had a page of songs recommended for new year's parties, and this is one of them. Love Lucinda, but this is the first time I have heard this song, and it is great. Happy new year!

  21. Mike

    A beautiful woman, a beautiful voice, a beautiful song.

  22. screwyootube1

    Love this!

  23. Joe Brasty

    Keep It Up !!!! Stay #1

  24. Joe Brasty

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. C. W. BARNETT

    My wife and I will be seeing Lucinda tomorrow night July 2
    at the River Front Blues Festival in Portland Oregon. It will be a great show the festival is amazing. Hope to see you there

  26. crowezar

    FANTASTIC SHIT!!! Lucinda is a torchbearer for those of us that are us. We love it. Cheers y'all!!!

  27. CraigsStompbox

    "Blessed" - What can I say? A fucking great album!!

  28. CraigsStompbox

    "Blessed" - What can I say? A fucking great album!!

  29. Barry Baker

    I was at the Madison Saturday night and I thought she was awesome. Where will she be playing in July suzyb1016

  30. Suzy Brightwell

    We just saw Saturday Night at the Madison theater she rocked and her band was kicking some butt! She is coming back to Cincinnati area in July.

  31. localcrew

    Just saw her in Louisville last night -- Friday. Great show. Her band was kickin' ass and the crowd loved her. Great performance!

  32. steve wallace

    her best...as good as the best Gospel LP currently out there.

  33. onelandii

    Black Cat lounge, Austin Tx. circa 1986.....out back , picnic table - we shared a couple of longnecks....... been a fan ever since.

    robert donaldson


  34. Merrygreenleaf

    I love Lucinda's style and her writing. She and her band have a kind of Stones vibe going in some of their songs....

  35. charlie dagger

    @alkcoholic I appreciate your openness. I do like this song, as many other of her songs, nut you made the ideal statement. We all don't like the same things, but we need not bash thw things we do not like!....just turn it off!

  36. OctoSnuffaluffagus

    @Velourium What I love is feeling and soul and good music. Those are things that characterize lucinda williams. Your weird hypocritical retort is meaningless. It seems you are trying to argue with me by projecting your own crap onto me, so that you can argue against that. The thing is, I don't care what you think. You are just a tired hater running your mouth. You are the one talking shit, so you will need to justify your own talk. Enjoy that.

  37. fishfuxors

    Really showcasing that speech impediment on this one. Awful, really... just awful.

  38. wsmith7825

    Listened to my first song by Lucinda. Love her voice and her soulful, bluesy (?) lyrics, and especially her gravelly voice. For past posters, a lot of people didn't like The Beatles, The Stones, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, etc., etc., etc., but they were HUGE. Just don't listen idiots.

  39. Christian Schock

    I dont know about you...but her voice has a bit of a bourbon slur to it. I like it. I can smell the Jack on the mic. Good stuff.

  40. 61lcp

    I heard a P.S.A. the other day,Public Service Announcement for those of you to which it applies since you probably wouldn't know what it stands for,which was a young girl firing insults at another little girl.The end of the announcement said "If you wouldn't say it to somebody's face,why would you post it on-line" That was aimed at adolescents,people! Maybe they should broadcast one aimed at adults.Some of you need "Correcting"! Grow up and act like civil adults.......if possible!

  41. Jesus

    @OctoSnuffaluffagus lol so what credibility do you have to tell me this is a good song since you aren't a popular music star? What retarded logic. Not only is music just a hobby for me, but popularity as a measure of talent like you are implying is just stupid. You are basically detracting from your own love of this garbage because what you're implying is that Britney Spears is more talented than Lucinda Williams. Have fun with that. anyway its on my page. easy enough to find.

  42. OctoSnuffaluffagus

    @Velourium Is your song a big hit yet? can you post a link to the video pls?

  43. scarabY2k

    Awesome song! I think many of us can relate to what she's s conveying. some will put you though the wringer and use you, maybe even leave you waiting in the wings. Then when they're through actin a fool, they expect you to be their "buttercup". She's saying, good luck with that, cause i'm not gonna be your fool. Good blues with some wisdom many of us could or have already used.

    I've never heard of Lucinda- a friend turned me on to her... i'm glad He did!

  44. Tony Barsotti


  45. Jesus

    @tynebar what are you talking about idiot? I can't stand the Mumford and Sons.. Butt-rock with a banjo. If you're going to stalk me, at least read a little bit.

  46. Mike Ollier

    @Velourium ~ you wouldn't know good music if it fucked you up the arse with a lubricated horsecock... and you like the Mumfords? Oh. Dear.

  47. Colette McAfee

    just heard this on pbr, what a wonderful song

  48. Qwazier3

    Oh great. ANOTHER cd I HAVE to buy. This You Tube habit costs me money.....Lucinda still rocks. =)

  49. gettinbackontrack

    she sounds like she has a mouthful of peanut butter

  50. nenah barkley

    heard this today on cbc..love it and love her..the queen of cool lyrics and attitude and edge..if you dont love her then you cant be my friend

  51. nenah barkley

    heard this today on cbc..fucking love this song and love her..she is the queen of cool

  52. 51rocksloth

    Another solid album from one of the greats!

  53. Tina Samuels

    once again you show every one why I say you are my queen! such heart and soul!

  54. salamattamalas

    i think,Lucinda ,gets better and better.....so many artists go in the other direction

  55. Z J Proz

    great guitar work on this .....Lucinda is a great songwriter

  56. Backpagetear

    i was brought here because i heard this sick ass guitar lick over a conversation in the car and i wasn't paying attention to what people were saying to me because this song became so catchy that i was basically paralyzed. Then again, i was stoned. but even still..total mind blow

  57. fineasski

    I sought this out on a recommendation, that's why I've listened. Just wanted to clear that up first.
    That said, it's not for me - and the reason is Lucinda's vocal delivery. In that respect I agree with Velorium in as much as it sounds a little 'weird' if you're not used to it. What I don't agree with Velorioum about is that it 'sucks' or is a bad song purely because I don't care for the vocal.
    The song itself is good, and the musicianship is great. Criticism for it's own sake is pretty vapid.

  58. know1finer

    lucinda i love you, his name sums his IQ, did i mention i luv your music too!

  59. Jesus

    I'm also going to try to write a song as good as Lucinda Williams:

    Let's see, I'll need to talk about:
    how men have wronged me

    Maybe I'll write better lyrics if I focus on those things. LOL

  60. Jesus

    @MajorDooshbag lol thanks for viewing my page, stalker. I had a legit question. Does she have mouth cancer or some speech impediment issue, or does she just really suck and think it makes her sound edgy? Get so mad at a comment on youtube lol.

  61. snaholo

    Lucinda is one of the best singer/songwriters around . . . . & she always has a great band with her . . . looking forweard to the new CD & to seeing her in NJ next month

  62. MrDoug41

    I like this song, but Lucinda sounds like she's singing with a mouthful full of mashed-potatoes. However, this song is raw and gutsy.

  63. jokerswearblack

    Great song and great guitar work.

  64. Jesus

    @tynebar I'm actually not an idiot. You just like bad music, someone called you out on it, and you got your panties in a twist.

  65. Really Randy

    imho, Lucinda is always at her best when she's telling someone wtf time it is

  66. Really Randy

    @velourium. Agreed. Fucking idiot.

  67. Mike Ollier

    @Velourium ~ you're a fucking idiot.

  68. Jesus

    is she using that voice purposely or does she have mouth cancer or something?

  69. PintoVang

    Just heard it on a danish radio channel, and wanted to hear it again immediately. Thanks for uploading it. It's great music.

  70. Tom Ingersoll

    Can't wait for the record!

  71. phatdaddy1952

    LUCINDA ROCKS !!!!!!! Great music...

  72. Laurabirdsong

    "Good luck finding your buttercup." Lucinda continues to tell it like it is <3

  73. Van Heart

    Big lucy !!!

  74. BlueNicain

    Just the best

  75. Bob Spatz

    Great tune - can't get enough of it - I also heard it for the first time on XM Outlaw Country

  76. Heidar Halldorsson

    Awesome song. I find it one that could become a real classic and I don't know why but I also see it as a good song for some plays in the theatres. This song is one of the hits I describe as "a real one" :)

  77. Wim Jongman

    Great song. Had a hard time finding it on the net after hearing it on Outlaw Country.

    ♪ go and find your buttercup ♪♫

  78. yourendwastheroad

    Heard this song today, love the guitar tone going on here. Great tune over all. Does anyone know who plays on this track? Is it Lucinda?

  79. Jamie Niergarth

    Love it !!!!!