Williams Jr., Hank - Won't It Be Nice Lyrics

Won't it be nice to see you again?
Seems I've been gone since I don't know when.
I've had lonely nights and bottles for friends.
And it'll be nice to see you again.

Babe, I've been down since you've been gone.
It's hard to love over a phone.
But it won't be long now, 'till I hold you tight.
'Cause I'm coming home. I'll be there tonight.

No, I don't always get standing ovations.
I don't always knock the ball over the fence.
My life is not always a perfect situation.
And it'll be so nice just to see you again.

I used to hate to go home.
It's a bad feeling to be alone.
There's been some changes since way back then.
It'll be so nice to see you again.

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Williams Jr., Hank Won't It Be Nice Comments
  1. Richard Fox

    Now that’s poetry, Hank Jr. still the best out there. Florida Georgia Line n their fans can go to hell, fuck pop country

  2. J Pelly

    Yeah it would be nice...

  3. Larue Kean

    Yes I love that song and the man sang it

  4. Paula Elliott

    Not a C&W fan in general. But this nomadic life has its down days. I want to go home but I don't know where that is anymore.

  5. Larue Kean

    Yes he is very very best country music singer in the world

  6. John Jordan

    Sang it Bocephus!

  7. 9012105975 MOODY

    I Can Honestly Say Hank JR. Made His Own Self A Legend His Own Way.. He
    Lived & Wrote His Own Songs..** Really To Good For Nashville Tennessee..
    This Man As All The Greats Like Hank SR. Willie, Johnny, Waylon Done It The Hard Way..Thank Them All & All Of Us Before They Became Big Stars In
    Nashville..As I Grew Up At Home Listening To Them All.. Cat..

  8. 9012105975 MOODY

    It Is A Blessing From the Lord Above That Hank JR. Made It After
    The Fall Off Ajax Mountain.. We Are Truly Blessed With His Great
    Songs & Talent..His Talent Is A Gift..Thank You Hank JR. For Al Your Great Music.. Cathy A True Fan To Hank SR & Hank JR... Even Hank The 3rd..**

  9. Karen Hopman

    Love Hank Jr.Great music


    Karen Hopman amen to those words darlin'

  10. Leo Tidwell

    Apparently 15 Florida Georgia Line fans don't like real country music.

  11. evelyn spence

    i always loved old country music thank you for sharing this

  12. Preston Bryant

    that kind of music comes from dark place most of the time

  13. Rick Lane

    There you go Satmary !!! (Gary)

  14. Kyle Whitaker

    still better than new country #oldschool!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Derrick Shiver

    He'll this is the only country music there is Gville FL

  16. peter betts

    travis, teena i admit i havent listen to new country radio lately { obviously } but im sure hjr, is still doin " this kinda of country " . Enjoy

  17. Arlene Cooke

    Awesome song.

  18. Travis Adams

    great song!

  19. jason kite

    Real Country Western Music

  20. lisa lavallie

    for my family

  21. austin williams

    nice music here

  22. Tena Watson

    Wish Jr. still did this kind of country

    Travis Adams

    well said ! me too



    Rick Brown Jr.

    He wont because whoever he has a Record deal with, will want him to make music the way they want it to sound! / another words they want him to keep up to date with the new Country sound sadly!

    jason stack

    we need to ask him!

    Luke Rucker

    I disagree I think he still makes good music and nobody tells him what songs to write hank jr does what he wants the way he wants to do it

  23. hoyt brittain

    This song reminds me of my life life twenty years ago

  24. josh hively

    I love Hank SR ....He is the best ever

    William Doyle

    josh hively me too like Angel of death and many more

  25. Roberta Bouland

    my sisters song oo00o0o0ooo she sure <3'z this song


    Hank Jr. at his pinnacle!!!! When he is on cue...no one and I mean no one can touch him. Not Jones, Conway, Travis or Waylon...no one.

    J Pelly

    I agree..he is my fav outlaw

  27. trish ashley

    I just love Hank, he sings about my life.

  28. ADK Buckhunter 30.06

    @alecksmedina1980 I maybe wrong, but I believe that is the car his father died in

  29. james greer

    Only the absence from a loved one can make one appreciate this song . [email protected]

  30. alecksmedina1980 and devinmedina2008

    thats an awesome caddy hes got

    Connor Arroyo

    It's the death car Cadillac his father died in. Hank drove it when he was in high school.. it was later completely restored and displayed in a museum, at first in Nashville, now in Alabama. I got to see and touch it in 1982,.. nobody sits in the back seat or even gets to touch it anymore

  31. alecksmedina1980 and devinmedina2008

    greetings from south texas yall

  32. HillBillyMusicFan

    Yea buddy.