Williams Jr., Hank - When Something Is Good (Why Does It Change) Lyrics

Coca Cola changed until so many complained
They went back to the real thing nothing ever stays the same
ATT or MCI either way you go the price is high
You can't always trust a name when something is good why does it change

Ford and Cheverolet they're makin' these smaller cars these days
I miss my old '68 when something's good why do they change
Clint Eastwood and ol' John Wayne they love cowboys they love trains
Ridin' across the silver screen you see they were smart they never changed

So why should me and you go through what were going through
When all we've gotta do is just love each other true
It was so easy to say I love you to you each day
But now our eyes are filled with pain when something's good why does it change

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Williams Jr., Hank When Something Is Good (Why Does It Change) Comments
  1. LovelyObscurities

    What a great song. I never understood why it flew under the radar

  2. Ed Barker

    Would you expect anything less,,,Hanks the man and this song rocks!!!

  3. Joe Harris

    Bocephus at his best!!

  4. DGA2000

    One of his best. Thank you for posting it

  5. Jason Stack


  6. Michele Baca

    Right ?

  7. Dave Wollenberg

    Bocephus faltered with this 1. He only hit #31 in Billboard, 4-4-87. Thanx, Steve, for postin' it, Have a blessed rest of the week!

    Jason Nabors

    I didn't even know this was a single off the album.

    Bobby Gaspard

    @Jason Nabors yes it was actually released as a single i never could understand why it never made a bigger hit then 31