Williams Jr., Hank - My Name Is Bocephus Lyrics

I just came in here to have some whiskey and beer and to say howdy to you all.
Now you all know me, this is Hank Williams, Jr. you see. Hat and shade beard and all.
Now I have heard, mmm hmm, I've gotten' the word,
about all these silly imposters running 'round.
Let me tell you something now they ain't real, they ain't got no scars,
they ain't got no feel.
Why they don't know nothing about whiskey bent and hellbound.
Now I'm looking for a lover and I'm looking for some fun.
My name is Bocephus. I'm a son of a gun.

Some of us are born with it, some of us don't ever ever get it.
Thank God I'm a guitar man,
and its true I love the money
and its true I love all the honeys
but the thing I really love is to get down with the band.

Not everybody loves me but those that do will fight.
Right to the end they're guitar friends from legendary Saturday Nights.
I learned something from Lynyrd Skynyrd, from my Daddy and Ernest Tubb too.
I do country-rock. I do blues.
Now I'm looking for a lover and I'm going to have some fun.
Oh my name is Bocephus. 'ell, I'm a son of a gun.

Some of us are born with it.
Some of 'em don't ever, ever get it.
Thank God I'm a guitar man.
Oh its true I love the money
and I really, really love the honeys,
but the thing I really love is to get down with the band.

Oh boy. Ain't no rookies on this record.

I say my name is



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Williams Jr., Hank My Name Is Bocephus Comments
  1. David Harrington

    Bocephus playing a les Paul wow

  2. bocephus18

    Hank Jr is the best Country Music Artist ever! Country and Southern Rock rule! He didn't die early, but when he does he will receive full recognition.

  3. Larue Kean

    Love you Hank

  4. Maxine Freeman

    I went to his concert in Knoxville years ago. IIt was best one yet.

  5. Courtney's Channel

    Hank is bad ass

  6. joe mama

    Damn , he can shred on that 6 string

  7. mq85 Mq85

    F uck O bama. 1:26

  8. MrSlimshady649

    God bless Hank!!!!! All 3 of em!!

  9. David Ledford

    he is the best at country rock etc on the planet...right now...

  10. David Ledford

    elvis the beatles,and..BOCEPHAS...

  11. Dana Huddleston

    The light house bythe happy good mans

  12. Colin McClain

    Back when you could fly that flag in public and everyone was like HELL YEAH

  13. John Rountree

    You want worried about borseus jr he sitting here by me I hope your having fun down are over you at

  14. Virgil Ingraham

    Bocephus is a hunting fishing drinking son of a gun

  15. Jay Mahin

    I wish bocephus was related to me like as my dad

  16. Robin Patty

    Hank Jr is the main!!!

  17. Susan Fisher

    Hank's guitar skills rank right up there with Stevie Ray Vaughn...comes from the soul.

  18. Lola R

    Hank was smokin hot yall

  19. Andrew Rockhold

    God I love some hank

  20. The Cranky Cranker

    Hanks the only one besides kid Rock that has the NUTs to stand up to the out of control left wing Holly wood Dip Nozzles!

    Jack Riemer

    Ever hear of Ted Nugent?

  21. Lindee Abernathy

    Hank jr rocks and always will

  22. Jadrien Ritchie

    hank easily could of been a blues legend also

  23. JohnnyCash


  24. Kenneth Mills

    Hank Jr. for President

  25. Kenneth Salyers

    Hank Williams Jr Bocephus. The Real Deal. Tell them about it Hank. B O C E P H U S.

  26. Lynne Languedoc

    Have mercy !!!!!! Tony from Canada 🇨🇦

  27. Mauricio Smith

    I’m drunken and this mf straight look like PST MALONE AH we good

  28. Magne Høiberg

    most people are to young to realize....

  29. Dreamers Rock

    Fuck the imposter's

  30. Savannah

    @3:10 I've never heard lynyrd skynyrd pronounced like that. I say it like "linnerd skinnered" not "linyerd skinyerd" have I been saying it wrong this whole time or can you say it either way

    Gimmee Inboxback

    pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd. It's the title of their first album.

  31. John Ingraham

    Can you say >>> ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR !!!!! <<<

  32. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    Will always be a fan of BOCEHPUS.... The south will always do it again , and again ....

  33. Brenda Rodgers

    I've loved Hank Sr. Now there's Jr. , not as good as his.daddy but very close. Love to see him for third time now

  34. Robin Patty

    Now that is real country!! Not that crap they play today

  35. big Hurtt

    Only two kinds of music.. the blues and the rest

  36. big Hurtt

    Don't trust anyone who can't drink a beer and jam some Hank.

  37. Scott Guttormson

    That part where he says "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound"- he just owns the crowd!

  38. Stephen Mascari

    - .... at the time of this writing there are 462 " ney's " - " some of you don't ever get it, " and don't even know what your looking for... you must eye deaf, tone deaf, ear deaf, saxaphone deaf , piano deaf and guitar deaf - other than those shortcomings, it's all good ....

  39. John Roberts

    I just came in here

  40. Violet Newcomb

    With you Lee ,Icant live without Bocephus ,Bocephus as a guy ,singer writer musician all he is famous ,He good down to earth guy ,!love to Bocephus !!

  41. Roger Bowen

    Hank Jr will always be #1 in the world he s daddy was while he was here and hank Jr will always be god gave them the talent to do it and they done it well

  42. mark preman

    Still love ya Hank...

  43. The Logical Redneck

    Who still listens in 2019 🙋🏻‍♂️

    The Logical Redneck

    @Magne Høiberg you call me a dumbass but you can't even spell listen 🤦‍♂️ hey dumbass listen isn't spelled listent 🤣

    Lynne Languedoc

    Crazy Dave’s Rants and Reviews oh yaaaaaaaa from Canada 🇨🇦Tony

    Crisco Geaux Tigers

    Right here👍💯

    Julia Haley

    Me too , baby!!! Me!!!


    Try 2020 😂 and im still in my 20's!

  44. Cheryl Mahoney

    I grew up with this music and I still listen to it more than ever....every since my dad died. I think back to wanting to listen to rap in the car and he'd say, "Turn that shit off!" ha ha he was funny about it. But now that he's gone....and death is so permanent.....I listen to country again because I miss my dad and I miss how my life was before he died.......if that makes sense. I do love all music though but Hank Jr is my favorite and I met him in Dallas at Country fest when my cousin gave me back stage passes....that was so cool!

  45. Owen Cozort

    Wish i could play like that i practice all day on my guitar and secretly on my sisters electeric guitar

  46. Owen Cozort

    Dang imposters no imposters allowed

  47. Brian C

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  48. Mr Breeze

    I learned from Lynyrd Skynyrd mofo

  49. Mr Breeze


  50. BOSSHOGG 84

    I have a Bloodhound named bocephus!

  51. Ronald Lloyd

    The man!

  52. Phillip Woods

    Country blues at its best. Play it Bocephus

  53. TheJukeboxhero15

    fake static internet sound

  54. Steven Ellis

    Who are the 400 idiots that disliked this!

  55. Joey Terry

    And say Howedy to you allllllll!

  56. Shanna Leigh

    My first concert was Hank and I was 8 months pregnant! I'll never forget it. Down in Manatee Florida 😍

  57. Al Ciao

    Long live Dixie!

  58. Russ Tabbert

    Rock stars are jealous of Hank! You know why??? Because he's the fucking man that they wish they could be!!

  59. Rose Maheu

    Sing it "Hank"

  60. Max fortnite




  62. SGTJDerek

    Anybody surprised Hank can bend them strings?

  63. KONSPIRACY 911

    3% 1776!

  64. j karnes

    Back when artist could entertain on talent alone. No light effects, smoke, or autotune needed.

  65. Randy Lee

    A beer and a shot and some Hank Jr. Yes please!

    Ray Baker


    Ray Baker

    Yoo l like it's good

  66. joe cleary

    Howdy to yall

  67. elizabeth moscone

    Absolutely love you!!!!!!!! xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!

  68. Frank Hunt

    bocephudeez nuts

  69. terri hodgin

    This was his first time back & u can see his lip is still bad. & he had to grow a beard. He had to sing all his dads songs rt after he dies until he was old enough to say hell no. I am going to be me.And he became even more famous for his own songs.

  70. terri hodgin

    Thats at the Grand Ole Opera.

  71. terri hodgin

    This was after Hanks accident

  72. Kathleen R.

    Love the audience with the Dixie flag!!!!!! Long live the South!!!!!!

  73. Ed Muise

    Canadian guy here,love this music,always haved and always will.2019.real music.

  74. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Bocephus is still the king*

  75. Liberty Bell1776

    wheeler walker jr . Just saying I know it is by permission but still get your own gimmick dude your a grown man stop pretending to someone else!

  76. Raul Gutierrez

    That’s some good truckin right there 3a in the middle of no where all by your self

  77. Larue Kean

    I love to here’s him sang and all his songs and music

  78. Bertie Lainey

    Incredible Talent

  79. Italian Troutaholic

    More talent than God can give

  80. Mr Breeze

    Can anyone guess who Bocephus voted for?

  81. Kathy Me

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!
    May 3❤️

  82. Donald Burton

    Bocephus for president hell yeah

  83. Scoff Summers

    "They got no scars, they got no feel. They don't know nothin' about whiskey bent and hell bound"!

  84. Gerry Smith

    Seen this man in concert in 4 dif states go see him awesome drunk or sober

  85. Mr Breeze

    Fuck these imposters running around

  86. Gabriel Sly

    I would love to learn that 2:50 lick.

  87. Ronald Hiler

    Hey old son you ever going to come back to Alaska to go after some moose?

  88. David Ledford

    nope hank jr. is best an most talented,country an rock,an a great voice..........

  89. Maxwall Smart

    Love to cry in my beer!

  90. Jim Meiers

    Still great today!

  91. Andrew Ricotta

    That saxophonist is the shiznit

  92. Eric Skivers

    Five minutes of straight swagger . My name is Bocephus . Damn right

  93. Rick Z

    Never heard that word befor what is it



  94. beasthunt

    Thank God Hank's a guitar man.

  95. J J

    I would love to hear slash and Hank jr. Play together...

  96. Billy Holloway

    Hell yeh one of his best songs

  97. Karen Mitchell

    Hank just slaps the soul of anyone who listens to his music. He's the total package.

  98. mark erwin