Williams Jr., Hank - I Can't Cry Back In Lyrics

Well somebody's hurtin' and I know why
And he's a livin' in torment from a love that won't die
He thought it was funny when she walked out on him
Now the love that he laughed out he can't cry back in
He faces the sunrise and prays for the night
And when the darkness gets around him then he prays for the light
His mixed up emotions just keep choking him
Cause the love that he laughed out he can't cry back in
Now you've heard the story of one foolish man
By now you know it's me so give me some pitty if you can
I know it's all over but when will it end
This love that I laughed out I can't cry back in
The love that I laughed out Lord I can't cry back in

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Williams Jr., Hank I Can't Cry Back In Comments
  1. Debbie Williams


  2. Chris Johns, Jr.

    Thanks for puttin this up!! I love every Hank Jr. song.. but especially the 60's tunes.

  3. margie beach

    Thanks very good HANK JR song!!

    the winner

    thanks for listening margie!  all his recordings are so great!

  4. zisoul

    I found that other YouTuber's channel that has part of After You 'Pride's Not Hard
    To Swallow album.  Peace.

  5. zisoul

    Some other YouTuber had this and a other album uploaded,but removed them off.
    Why f: bother to up load one or two songs if it's cause of the copyrights crap? It's
    not fair.

    the winner

    yeah, I forget what songs it was, but some songs off "prides not hard to swallow" are blocked by copyright on youtube.  nearly every song Hank has recorded is allowed on youtube except a few from this album.  that is just weird.

    the winner

    check out my channel page for a few full album Hank playlists.  and some rare old live recordings.

  6. zisoul

    Say there winner, can you upload all of this album in full play mode? Peace.

    the winner

    i normally do not post any songs that are already posted, and i think the songs from this album are pretty much all posted.  let me know if you ever find old Hank songs that aren't posted yet.  i'm glad you enjoy his great songs i've posted.

  7. dvdman49

    Never heard ths before, thank for the upload Brent!

    the winner

    You're welcome Pat!

  8. Ernie Mitchell

    Brent wtg my friend great upload here love ole Jr ty ty my friend,,,,,,,,,,

    the winner

    You're welcome Ernie!  Gotta love Hank Jr.!

    Ernie Mitchell

    yes Sir him and Daddy my friend

  9. jo luttringer

    This song is one "16 bars" (generally 12 bars) blues in key of E. Great upload for each beginner on guitar, dobro... In 4/4, the 8 first bars are E, after A, A, E, E, B7, B7 E, E, (4 beats each chord name). I share this "16 bars Blues" on Facebook, Google+ and thank very much my nice friend Brent for this upload. Jo "and his slide dobro" (I played with this  uploaded song immediately !).

    the winner

    Glad you got to pull out your "slide dobro" and figure out the chords for this one Jo!