Williams Jr., Hank - Give A Damn Lyrics

I've got some things to say about the American way
And a trap I'm afraid we're all going to fall down into
If you need a job done, they'll take your money and run
Too many folks don't give a damn, if they help you

Now don't y'all get me wrong, this not a judgement song
You know I've hurt a lot of folks, myself along the way
But as I go from town to town I see the same thing going down
They don't give a damn about the job but they do about the pay

Give a damn about your job, don't you let the devil rob
Take pride in anything that you sign your name too
Let's forget about the banker, let's try to help our neighbors
America I'm asking you to give a damn

They used to give you thirty days if you had a bill to pay
But now they wanna get the money fast as they can
Well, that's alright with me, if it's like it's suppose to be
But too many times it ain't and they just don't give a damn

Give a damn about your job don't you let the devil rob
Take pride in anything that you sign your name too
Well forget about the banker and try to help your neighbor
America I'm asking you to give a damn

Give a damn about your job ,don't you let the devil rob
Take pride in anything that you sign your name too
Give a damn about your maker he might also be your taker
Americans I'm asking you to give a damn

This a gospel song, there's a right way and there's a wrong
Why don't you help your neighbor or do you give a damn

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Williams Jr., Hank Give A Damn Comments
  1. Max Waller

    u.S. military veteran Max Rafael Waller still does Give A Damn

  2. Al Swearengen

    This song was written by Justin Bieber.

  3. A Miller

    I wish more would Give A Damn

  4. Joseph Palau


  5. Appalachian American

    damn right people don't give a damn anymore

  6. airforcemax

    I met Bocephus at 14 years young in 1979, and 44 years young in 2009

  7. Tommy Jack

    A lot of people in America need to listen to this song and apply it to their life.

  8. Jonathan Culley

    the Republican party caused it not Democrat party

    Ryan Bradberry

    hey son...both partys suck...remember that George Washington said that political partys will be the down fall of the US of A and now if you want to hate and say YA DEMOCRATS then you sir are a lost cause I tell ya

    Mr Breeze

    Jonathan Culley... why are you here?

  9. Jason Shepperd

    Hank Jr is the only Country Singer that speaks his mind and doesn't give a damn what you think

    Mr Breeze

    You got that right! And Obama is worse than Hitler. Bocephus is the MAN!

    Mr Breeze

    Reminds me of Donald Trump Jason

  10. eyoung2289

    Love me some Hank Jr...Sad place America is in today!!

  11. Brenley Forrester

    It's a Damn good song. 

  12. jason steib

    MUGMOUTH.COM.....you bitches!!!!

  13. jake haueter

    half of Americans didnt give a damn this 2012 election

  14. Jon Cruz

    the song is do a good job!

  15. John Berryhill

    Yeah get-r-done

  16. Walter Raymond

    im 16 and from ny and im proud to be country

    Tim Stidham

    Walter Raymond you're not yankee

    Mr Breeze

    Walter Raymond, what you are is a true American... it don't matter where you're from

  17. Seth Gregory

    Let me tell you somethin'. Dyin' breed my ASS! Myself and my friends(despite good grammar) are some country sumbitches. Real country is alive and well, and will be around for a while to come.

  18. slapoutz

    @zbeast94 im 19 and the same with me man. country boy for life.

  19. Charles Stanley

    damn right help ya neighbor an have pride in your name

  20. Schrum Classic Rides

    !8 year Old..Im proud to be from the South..Hank Jr for PRESIDENT

  21. Mustacheftw

    @leoasimms78 Dying breed? Not as long as I will carry that torch.

  22. trippinwhilestrippin

    seems to me that the Occupy Wall Street, Give a Damn! its us 99% that are getting screwed. The only war I'll support is a Class War

  23. briank06261973

    I sure as hell give a damn.

  24. PaulTurbo

    America, do your job right so Hank Jr's stock portfolio will improve!
    He will do his part (drinking, doing drugs and banging whores).

  25. 561representative

    What's with all the age bs? Who cares how old you are...

    P.S (spoken from the mouth of a 21 year old country boy)

    Yeah, that's what I thought...sounds gay.

  26. zbeast94

    17 year old country boy and proud to be bringin back this breed

  27. minecraft2400

    @Darkfireturtle yeah he does (spoken from the mouth of an 11yr old country fan)

  28. Caleb McKnight

    We need more people like hank in this country and world! Hank Williams attributes need to spread in every human

  29. chocohliccafequeen

    im 20yrs old i love hank jr <3 and i have seen him in concert i feel pretty damn lucky

  30. Leo Simms

    My wife and I love Ol Hank.... we are the last of a dying breed and we are proud of this

  31. douggie7772010


  32. airforcemax

    I give a damn.

  33. A Bit each day

    You bet I give a damn!