Williams, Joy - What Can I Do (But Love You) Lyrics

There you were and there I was
Was it fate from above?
Either way I found just what I need

All I do is think of you
Close my eyes and fall into
a world totally made for you and me

Oh don't you know, I love, love ya
I'll never let go, oh, i love ya
In all of my dreams, you're all I see
What can I do, but love you

Now I got someone to hold
To keep me warm while I was cold
A little scent to melt away the gray

It happened in the nick of time
Unexpected, sweet surprise
With one whose love will never be the same

Oh don't you know, I love, love ya
I'll never let go, oh, I love ya
In all of my dreams, you're all I see
What can I do, but love you

Oh don't you know, I love, love ya
I'll never let go, oh, I love ya
In all of my dreams, you're all I see
What can I do, but love you
Love you
I love you

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Williams, Joy What Can I Do (But Love You) Comments
  1. Piet Hein Clijsen

    I am so sorry that you had to put your vlogs on private. I enjoyed them so much. You are a very sincere honest gentle and good person. I hope you will bring them back. Anyhow thanks for the joy they brought already.

  2. Jin Ki

    Thanks Rook1e

  3. berlian chastine

    well, 1.25x playback is that good yall

  4. Duy Nguyễn

    I love it 💕 😍

  5. Laracita

    What can I do

  6. ArtsySundae

    I love this song awwwww

  7. 이주희


  8. wansirijk

    มาฟังเพลงนี้เพราะหน่องเมเลย 555 เพราะค่ะ^^

    Dew Padthumma

    wansirijk นี่ก็เหมือนกัน

    AUM 'M

    เหมือนกัน ตกใจมากเห็นคอมเม้นท์นี้ มาเหมือนกัน

    lll _lee


  9. Mxxn Fxll

    This make me relax

  10. heneksi

    Whenever I have dream's it turns out to being my cool school

  11. Em Ding

    Change to 1.25x for speed and enjoy


    Sound's fast

  12. Beverly Ann Bohol

    😍 love this song so much :)

  13. Dashy

    Why am I only now finding this song! It’s so pretty and calming.

  14. Maya Perez

    can someone please comment the piano notes?

  15. Macushla XOXO

    Don’t you know I love you...

  16. kapilmerc

    D, so sorry for the interruption

  17. Déru Karukera's Blog

    Well... Rook1e brought me there.


    Same. I'm happy i came.

    Bima Saragih

    Same here


    Btw, put the playback speed to 1.25x. It’s sound just like the Rook1e one xD

  18. Leonardo Rodrigues

    Rook1e.... 😍

  19. Olivia Ceja

    Her music is so lighthearted and sweet but not just fluff, I love it.

  20. kapilmerc

    D, the son wants to go swimming. Time to wake him snd the wife. Goddamn

  21. kapilmerc

    D, what can i do, but love you

  22. Rachel Kramer

    i love this song :)

  23. Corey Brown

    Our first dance song at my wedding. :)

  24. DonnaD123

    A perfect song to express what I feel for the most beautiful man I have ever met. True Blue inside and out! The love of my life come true! For Steve....
    "In all of my dreams, you're all I see, what can I do but love you!"

    Regina Gouveia

    Good luck, be happy!

  25. mariant malik

    Is it just me that when I listen to this it makes me want to be inlove

  26. Morlawitis sakura

    awesome......very relaxing......

  27. Eliana Fonken

    I love this song

  28. Grays Del

    "I don't know why anyone could dislike this" usually sounds very cliche to me but right now I'm actually asking that question

  29. comixgod50

    I really don't know why.. but this song opens me up emotionally, maybe it's the voice, the lyrics, or everything. But I start to cry.

  30. yokany reyes

    Bianca Amaya <3

  31. poodleypoodle

    It's been a while since I've listened to this,and I think I love it even more now.

  32. saffers70

    I walked up the aisle to this song nearly two years ago. It was a perfect wedding song, and we absolutely love it!

  33. Shey Crawford

    Shut up...The bible is the most amazing book you will ever read!! In there shows the love that God tells us...The bible is not ship okay so stop with the negative comments and keep them to yourself because other people are very offended because of it

  34. MsAnneMarie011

    Fathy the dream with you didn't last long enough.
    You're all I see, and all I can do is love you.
    <3 Princess

  35. serundipity

    because most people have not heard it

  36. James Moriarty

    Unexpected, sweet surprise to find this song on YouTube. It has the best lyrics I ever heard in a love song.

  37. RecklessGambal

    My wonderful girlfriend sent me here :)

    Fay Zhou

    Best wishes to you two :)

  38. ubernagash

    Get a fucking clue

  39. ubernagash

    so you think the bible is a good book then so you like ripping babies out wombs and raping children that's what you are saying if you believe in the bible spread the good word the bible is shit


    I am reasonably sure
    Planned Parenthood
    and the child murdering elite are not fans of God’s Word
    I am sorry for your spirit

  40. ubernagash

    I was not trolling

  41. ubernagash

    Who cares about popular, you found you treasure it ;) I'm only here cos of the Civil Wars

  42. Jordan Scott

    found this on Pandora :) cant stop listening. Why isn't this popular?

  43. 3Dartist247

    So sweet...like many of her songs. And "...what can I do but love you."

  44. ubernagash

    "Stupid agendas"! I was passing a strong opinion, there is a difference, and that's half the problem no cares till it effect them...

  45. m Carbo

    No body cares if you believe or not ppl r just on here to listen to music so leave ur stupid agendas out of this ubernagash

  46. Madi Briggs

    Performing this song at my sisters wedding in Paris in December. Can't wait to sing it for her.

  47. TheDancequeen1215

    i absolutely love this song :D

  48. kiyoshi67

    This guy is just trolling, in his own dyslexic way. Wrong forum, tard.

  49. Elishia Xalfa

    The four that disliked this song doesn't understand Love or Joy or how amazing she is for that matter.

  50. ubernagash

    lol i missed a few prepositionals and a letter or two did not register when typing and you say "fix your spelling", such a childish response
    but it what i expect of some who follows god

    big yikes

    ubernagash yo, just stop being rude pls. Ur drowning out the beautiful comments with ur discriminatory ones.

  51. ubernagash

    1) it typos you that slow you can not let your brain from the sentence in your head, nvm you have faith silly me.
    2)"Stop insulting god", there is no go to insult, even if there was you take offence, of words when Christians has systemically, till it was rained in killed, beaten and hounded anyone not of its faith. and your offend, wow just fucking wow.
    On the spelling, note i have dyslexia, but that was down to fast typing and tiredness, you should be mindful of possible variables

  52. Brecken Willowheart

    I honestly can't even understand what the heck you said. Fix your spelling, stop insulting God for no reason, and then let me know what you have to say.

  53. ubernagash

    wft yes it would, Christain are evil I wont go in to here th song way too nice , but read your bible it not a good book

  54. Brecken Willowheart

    WHO DISLIKED THIS SONG. I'd kill you but it wouldn't be the christian thing to do.

  55. Valerie Brewster

    I love joy! My favorite female singer :) she has such a beautiful voice! I love her in the civil wars also :))

  56. Jalissa1516

    D'aw this song is so sweet and true ^^

  57. Taylor Twipster

    Haha I found this on pandora and its one of my favorite songs!!!

  58. Isa Belle

    me 2 not that i have a fiancee but still :)

  59. SweetVelvetVeil

    I had this thought as well

  60. Tess Garces

    my favorite song!

  61. John Roberts

    Does anybody know where I can get the piano sheet music for this? I want to play it for my girlfriend!

  62. Hannah Suico

    awwwwee. this song is so sweet! :')

  63. Ellie Bruce

    Perfect love song -3

  64. Lisa J

    Love this song!!! what a wonderul love song.. So glad I FOUND THIS seaching for Joy Williams songs.

  65. 88megabeat

    cool song..

  66. joseph

    this song change the type of music i listen to such a great song

  67. Daniel Layton

    how could anyone dislike this song, it's so cheerful and brings only warmth to one's heart :) i think i may have just found me a new favorite singer :D

  68. Joseph Chang

    why isn't this song popular?

  69. MsBassplayer17

    totes my wedding song... even though i'm nowhere close to getting married

  70. meghanak

    i love all her songs. especially this 1. this makes me feel so idk different..... its a song i cn nvr let go of. :) i dont get y no one knows her. she amazingly talented.

  71. Melinda Powers

    there is just one lonesome dislike. who are you, are you okay?

  72. A Vegan for Peace

    LOVE IT when you find a song that just completes everything <3 <3 how can this song have existed for over a year and i've only just discovered it!!? I've been missing out.. thankfully not anymore. Thank you Joy. :D

  73. Emmie Le

    this song reminds me so much of the sarah mclachlan's toy story song for some reason :p

  74. Brandy Hartman

    Close my eyes and fall into a world that's only made for you and me(:

  75. Jo W

    all i do is think of you ... true story ...

  76. ReliveBliss

    What can I do but love you, bacon?

  77. Ella&Lennys Mama

    For my little baby :)<3 Mommy loves you so much!

  78. rndmsfr

    Rare when you find a video with no dislikes. Then again, if anything got it, this song deserves it

  79. Maggie Hurst

    i love that album cover haha :)

  80. Billy Wren

    I love this song, I am going to walk down the isle to this song in 2 weeks!!!!


    Billy Wren oh man it’s been 6 years

  81. Cami

    this song makes me swoon. i would swoon even more if a boy were to sing it! ahh!! this is such a happy-tears in your eyes song. first dance song.

  82. Kait Reams

    I loveloveLOVE this song.
    i like the coment above.I want to dance to this at my wedding.

  83. ksoccer8

    @jessicajh two of my favorites :)

  84. Brandy Hartman

    This song is amazing<3

  85. jdwhthrse

    I sooooooooo want to sing this song to my girlfriend on a "special day" in a couple months, I know she'll say yes, but would it not be so much sweeter!!! The sheet music is not published, I'm not good at grinding out songs onto staff paper, but does anyone have the chord progression or anything that could help?

    Riley Graham

    jdwhthrse I know I’m late but,, how are you 2?

  86. Angela Chuma

    makes the butterflies in your stomach as real as the day you met him/her :) this song is deliciously gorgeous!!

  87. olivia2532

    Every time i *** hear this song***......

  88. olivia2532

    Every time i think about sitting on the curve with my leamon snapple ice tea in the middle of july thinking about my childhood sweat heart -3

  89. J.J. Jordan

    this song rocks!!

  90. ChildofGod318

    I love this song! :) I can't find it on itunes tho :(

  91. dudemanmandude

    What a wonderfully well-balanced song. I think my fiancée and I will dance to this at our wedding =)

  92. Just In Case

    Awesome song

  93. Stephanie Davis

    Such a sweet love song...and very Beatlesesque if I do say myself.