Williams, Joy - Someone To Love You Lyrics

From where you stand
There's no way to change it
No way to make it make sense
And it's lonely there, there in the spotlight
Oh honey and I understand

You, need someone to love you
You need someone to hold you, tonight
Someone to love you
Someone to love you
Someone to love you

When you look at me
Try hard to hide it
Try hard to hold it all in
But I found you out
Discovered your secrets
And honey, it ain't a sin

Oh you, need someone to love you
Need someone to hold you, tonight
Someone to love you
Someone to love you
Someone to love you

It doesn't have to be me...

But you, you need someone to love you
You need someone to hold you, tonight
Oh you, need someone to love you
You need someone to hold you

Everything is alright
Someone to love you
Someone to love you
Someone to love you

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Williams, Joy Someone To Love You Comments
  1. KarebuLikesMusic


  2. Luke Bowen

    beautiful song with a beautiful voice

  3. michael rosenbaum

    I turned 70 last month.This is the voice & song I want playing in my ear when I leave this world.Transporting.


    Listen to a song called Forever, by Nathan Pacheco on YouTube he is truly amazing! God is with that man! That's my song! 🍁🌻🍁😇

  4. John Miller

    Beautiful!!!!!!! love your voice

  5. Joanna Alvarado


  6. Carlos Robles

    beautiful voice and beautiful song . love joy

  7. Rai Atora

    omg! why is everything just now clicking for me.... wtf. I did not recognize she was the woman fro.the group Civil Wars... holy shit! excuse my French. But... woah! now it makes sense. I knew her voice was familiar. Woah.... woah... now way. Did they separate? Why?


    I don't think anyone really knows why they split, maybe to many fan rumors about them being in an affair! When I listen to her new song's it sounds like she is singing about JPW,but who knows! I think the new song he sings, the once and future queen is about Joy, but then again posion and wine sounds like Joy because her lips would be posion to him since he's married, but Joy drink's a ton of wine! My sister in law just died at 46 ,she drank wine all the time! It was a horrible death!

  8. AwakenedByADream

    Very well received Joy! Thank you for having so much love for yourself, to share with the hurting world. You and John inspired Awakened by a dream. One song in particular, please breathe with me. Blessings are with you Joy, we love you!

  9. Kato Khaelan


  10. John Kemplin

    Good Lord

  11. Strikerage

    Now this I can listen too. Keep making this, Joy. The guitar and your voice together are what soothes hearts.

  12. Elder Bowman

    Love this song! This style of music is your sweet spot!! :)

  13. Mark M

    wow Joy, that is so beautiful. Your voice just feels so warm to my soul. Beautiful and the voice of an angel, wonderful mix

  14. Narayani A

    the wait was so worthy ... beautiful and haunting nas alwats, your music heals souls joy thank u

    Narayani A

    *as always x3

  15. Simon Dart

    Exquisite Joy, as always you manage to touch us

  16. Marvin Allen

    Follow your heart joy.You are a one of a kind beauty. The world is a better place because your voice is in it. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful songs.

  17. Olivia's Romantic Home

    Absolutely beautiful!

  18. Lade Aly

    Beautiful! I love the guitar x

  19. E B

    Matt channeled Joy's qualities amazingly. I'm so glad the folk/inspirational model transcends to songs like these... this will be timeless

  20. MelroseMunroe

    Pure Perfection ❤️ #WarmsMyHeart

  21. Luis Escobar

    hah... didnt expect this piece of heaven before going to sleep, thank you joy! couldnt ask for more 😍

    Luis Escobar

    btw that guitar sounds just like paul's

  22. Dee B.

    beautiful but what else is new from joy? so lovely

  23. 25djw13

    Haunting song. Looking forward to hearing Venus (Acoustic) - which I hadn't heard about before.

  24. The Lost Boy

    Beautiful as always Joy. Forever love your voice and music ❤️

  25. Danyel Aryalta

    this is AMAZING! I love her voice

  26. gina x

    ❤❤❤ love so much