Williams, Joy - Preacher's Daughter Lyrics

His hands turn gold leaf pages
Then taught me to tie my laces
We could build a house
Strong as the good lord's prayer
Had two girls and never a son
Left his job and anyone
For cardboard boxes full of Sunday clothes to wear

Yeah, we're all just who we are
The apple don't fall far

Preacher's daughter, I love my father
Turned wine from water in my eyes
Bound together, sweet surrender
I forever know that I'm a preacher's daughter

I was the one he could not tame
Bound to scuff up the family name
And at seventeen I took off on my own
And like his will, I would not bend
I guess I got my nerve from him
We were made of salt
We were never made of stone

Preacher's daughter, I love my father
Turned wine from water in my eyes
Bound together, sweet surrender
I forever know that I'm a preacher's daughter
A preacher's daughter

I took him to the brink
He forgave me at the kitchen sink
Like an altar, I laid all my burdens down
And the day that he passed on
I lost a little piece of God
But I see his smile in the son that I have now

Oh, preacher's daughter, I love my father
Turned wine from water in my eyes
Bound together, heaven's treasure
I forever know that I'm a preacher's daughter
A preacher's daughter

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Williams, Joy Preacher's Daughter Comments
  1. Kahunaification

    Joy's voice reaches right into my ears and touches my heart

  2. Tony M

    Just Beautiful! ❤

  3. Denise Holbert


  4. John Evans

    She completely mesmerizes me

  5. jpouncey

    If you watch Joy sing the last verse and don't tear up, you have no soul.

  6. Michael David Casey Music

    Can we say soulful? Wow.

  7. rodgeComAu

    Wow, stunning song, beautiful.

  8. Pages of Isabel

    This song never fails to make me cry

  9. Dennis da Costa

    A work of art by a work of art.

  10. Kozmik Karınca

    3:44 :')

  11. Nina The Nomad

    God I love this woman. Her voice is so beautiful, even when trying not to cry. Every word she sings I believe ❤️

  12. Fernando O.

    The whole world should watch this and others videos. Such a beautiful voice. I love your musics.

  13. Purity Chronicles

    Such a beautiful song and tribute! Thank you.

  14. Shirley Novak

    Breathtaking.. wow just wow!

  15. JJG Golden

    Pulled at my heart strings, such a beautiful song and voice Joy!☺

  16. Nathan Bardell

    This may have been the most beautiful song by Joy yet. I shed a few tears as she did.

  17. Михаил Богураев

    В России Вас тоже слушают!

  18. Cassidy Block

    This is one of my most favorite performances ever. So beautiful and moving.

  19. wunderwmn66

    Absolutely gorgeous! I was fighting back a tear just as you were. Very moving.

  20. Richard Williams

    I can't stop playing this! And I cry every time.

  21. Adelia Kimsey

    Wow! Joy.....you have the voice of an angel my sister💝 I've been listening to you for years and I'm really—>really loving your acoustical songs and how the emotions flow like milk and honey, just filled with your heart’s song! I would love, love, love for you to revise and update beautiful song that your gifted voice singing it would bring down da house! It’s called “This Must Be the Lamb” by Michael Card. I really do hope this masterpiece doesn’t get forgotten and that somehow my comment makes it to you and you put your heart all over it ....for His Glory🙏🏼 Keep 'em coming please! God bless you sis✝️er!

  22. Roland Tinker

    Really GOOD SHIT right there Have a wonderful day

  23. Doms Doms

    sound like heaven

  24. nestlinggirl

    So beautiful. Losing our parents is such a powerful challenge in our lives! A wonderful tribute!

  25. Paul Anderson

    First time I heard this was live in Austin. It made me ugly cry. I couldn't help but give a standing O to this very intimate song.

  26. Mark Garrett

    Such a beautiful voice as always. Love it :)

  27. Michelle Mullen

    So beautiful, Joy. Your dad would be very proud; I'm certain of that.

  28. Rachel Combs

    I don't understand how there aren't more views on this. So beautiful, as always <3

  29. Gustavo Nascimento


  30. ChrisHairMusic


  31. Donna Roberts

    Beautiful. What a legacy you have created. ❤

  32. Ericka Corban

    You just wrecked me 😭 that was absolutely beautiful Joy. I’ve been following you from the beginning of your career, I even met you at Music in The Rockies years ago… I was just a kid then, and now I have five kids of my own. I have deeply loved everything you have ever put out, but this…I have no words. 💛 can’t stop crying

  33. Tsunami Dream

    Total pro

  34. Enchanting Narrator

    That was incredibly beautiful.

  35. sc1212able

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, beautiful song, very talented artist with a big heart.........

  36. Ariane


  37. lisa dewey

    Wow, Joy! Such a compelling song, and performance!

  38. Maria Jose Quintana

    precioso !!! gracias y saludos desde Chile :)

  39. Seth Thomas

    Joy, this is truly beautiful and touching. Perhaps your best yet! Much love to you and yours and thanks for sharing such heartfelt artistry.

  40. Parker Snider


  41. DeadmaN 2112

    Joy you have an amazing voice...
    Thanks for sharing.

  42. Sara Noelle

    So beautifully done Joy. 💗🙏Ty!

  43. flickchic238

    Can't wait! I hope Joy sings One and Only and All I Need. Those two are my absolute favorite songs to listen to this summer

  44. Enchanting Narrator

    Yay! I'm so looking forward to this. :)