Williams, Joy - Hush Lyrics

There's snakes in the garden
Blood on the vines
Every time I slip away
It feels like a crime

Underneath the shadows
The aching ground
The grey of the moon is all we have now
Soul for sale (hush)
Soul for sale
Soul for sale
Soul for sale

There's ropes in the hallway
Scars in the silver
I know there will come a day
When red runs the river

Keep the light on, keep the light on
I'm waiting
Keep the light on, keep the light on
I'm praying for you
All the silver lining that is hiding the color
Soul for sale (hush)
Soul for sale (hush)

Don't make a sound (don't make a sound)
Don't make a sound
Don't make a sound (don't make a sound)
Don't make a sound

Soul for sale (hush)

There's snakes in the garden
(Soul for sale)
Blood on the vines
(Hush, hush)
I can't wait anymore
(Soul for sale)
I can't wait anymore

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Williams, Joy Hush Comments
  1. that one Bitch

    Does this song make anyone else tingle

  2. Rachel Hurla

    I never knew joy williams sand this until I looked it up. The only other songs I've ever heard her sing were a couple of Christmas songs. (Also one of the best TV show intro songs ever)


    Check out her songs from when she was one half of The Civil Wars with John Paul White.

  3. liam neesons

    Fucking terrible intro lol. I hate everything about it from the animation to the guys voice


    how dare u

  4. Анна Андрейка

    русским привет

  5. Roy Posner

    Fantastic tv series.

  6. Ally GP

    Sounds like the guy that sang Rains of Castamere

  7. Kylie Belle

    we are doing a small group number to this song and the first time i heard this in class i literally had chills crawling up my spine. espicly the first time she says soul for sale

  8. James Richardson

    This song is fitting for the series, God bless the Abraham Woodhull and his freinds who risk their lives for our country and county men and women and for us yet born at that time. Lost and suffered and sacrifice more than we will ever know. Read Alexander Rose Book, and go visit place were they are buried and were they did there spying. Honor them and ever forget them all, who lived died for us during the Revolution.

  9. Carrie-Anne R.

    Such a good show

  10. thedavecorp

    They really needed one more season. They rushed to close it out and it showed.


    the plan was actually five seasons but they got canceled early

  11. Spess Sigiswulf


  12. Disappointment Department

    I came here looking for the violin score that plays when something suspenseful happens, but can't find it. Does anyone know the name?

  13. Gabriel Cundari

    So the end of the song is the theme song, well there you go you old chap 😃

  14. Marti Reed

    Does that mean we can do it again?

  15. thedavecorp

    Aw yeah!

  16. Aspenfox

    This theme makes me feel intense emotions I can't describe every time I hear it in the beginning of an episode. Like, fuck yeah, I'm going to throw this stuffed snake plush I found in my closet karate kick a picture of George Washington

    Teresa Nunez

    Aspenfox same😂😂😂😂

    Annie Sager

    Someone needs to do this and record it

    American Girl Gymnast

    Karate kick a picture of George Washington?😂

  17. TheHippyProductions

    Soul. For. Sale.


    TheHippyProductions Oh THAT'S what she said! Thank you.

  18. The Reviewer

    When will season 3 get on Netflix?

    now youknow

    The Reviewer its on now

    The Reviewer

    @Brandon Eason Really! Thanks for letting me know!

    now youknow

    The Reviewer I think it came out on the 4th or 5th

    Oskar The Cat

    Idk if you’ve seen it yet cuz this is an old comment but there’s a fourth on Netflix now too

  19. Devin Tariel

    I thought it was Lou Reed at first

  20. Raul Garcia

    By the way people, if you listen carefully, I'm pretty sure the line is "all the silver lining, that is hiding in the cover of night" it makes sense, since they're spies, and they operate secretly, mostly at night, and they bring a kind of hope to the Patriots (mainly the intelligence portion of the army and George Washington) to win the war. "Silver lining" is a term used to describe the hopeful side of a rather bad or gloomy situation/object. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that's what it is, and that's what the line represents. Don't hate me if I'm wrong. :P

    Gabriel Houston

    "All the silver lining that is hiding the color of night"

  21. J. Brudelie

    Awesome show!

    Jakob C

    show? this is a song bastard

    J. Brudelie

    Read it again. It's the song Hush to the show Turn. I was stating the show is awesome. And what's with the name calling? Did it really make you that mad? Lol


    @Ixxiron Tehcno - There are a ton of other people referencing the show.....are you really that stupid?

    Jakob C

    @J. Brudelie I love the show but this is not the show this is just song.

  22. Raistlin Majere

    the dude that sings this sounds like the same guy that sings reins of castemere in game of thrones.


    It's Matt from The National

    Mortified Potato

    Am I the only person who knew him before GoT and Turn? xD

  23. larshoneytoast33

    This guy has a third testicle


    larshoneytoast33 If Chuck Norris sang.

  24. luthien hearter

    actually It is "Blood on the rise" I have subs on when I watch anything and those are done with a submitted copy of the script and lyrics from the music artist and those are the words that show up in the subs

    now youknow

    if you listen with nice headphone, you can hear him say the v in vines

    luthien hearter

    i do have good headphones but do u know what works better subs because subs are the exact lyrics given by the artist.

    Marion Spell

    Use context clues, man. "Vines" goes with "garden". I also hear "vines", and it seems clear.

  25. mauigio

    sexy history

    luv this show

    Gabriel Cundari

    mauigio sexy 🤔? I wouldt describe it as that though it is applicable

    C H

    Umm between Ben and the others, I'd say "sexy history" is accurate lmao

  26. roflmows


    the US ends up winning the war for independence ;D

    Jim VanBeek

    Does Washington survive the war?

    Alex Ross

    Come on, dude!

    Zombie SmittenKitten

    (As a HUGE history nerd,I Love your comment xD)

    Old Account

    Wooo simple history

    that one Bitch

    OmG how dare you do sPoIlErS

  27. glitz1992

    Best part of it is "Don't make a sound...Don't make a sound" at 2:15. It's so hauntingly beautiful. I honestly get chills up my spine when I hear that part. The musicians did a wonderful job with this song.

  28. Dellani Oakes

    Beautiful, haunting song. Great show!

  29. John Wood

    Yes!!! I didn't even realize this song was coming up next on the mix...love it from Turn.

  30. Dean Plassaras

    Like it!

  31. Erethon

    what type of music would you classify this song as?


    @Kapios Agnostos good

    Vlad Tudor Miron

    @Kapios Agnostos classic dubstep


    @Ciuby  thanks

    Vlad Tudor Miron

    @Kapios Agnostos no worries, mate. im here to help

    Victoria Zandi

    Definitely gothic folk!

  32. tbizone2002

    great song. Full of ominous imagry.

  33. Laurynas K

    cant wait new season

  34. Zeki Çamurcu

    no dislike. it shows the quality of this song amazing

  35. Tony Dupre

    is that Matt singing? seems very very low for him. Or is it someone else?

  36. Kathy Shaw

    Is Matt Berninger lead siner with The National?

    Kathy Shaw

    Thanks!! I'm 67 years oldand just finding all this good music.

  37. grdrddd

    AMC FTW............

  38. Vlad Baranov

    Hush, hush
    There's snakes in the garden... 
    Soul for sale... 
    Blood on the ground
    Hush, hush 
    I can't wait anymore 
    Soul for sale... 
    I can't wait anymore 
    Hush, hush 

    Jared Blocker

    *Blood on the Vines* But really good! Thanks!

  39. Lucas Féres

    Thx man i was looking for this song i've been watching AMC's Turn =)

  40. IlxTiratore

    Amazing theme song for an amazing show. I can't wait for the finale, it is going to be intense.

    Judge Dredd

    next week


    Judge Dredd I have just started watching this show how many seasons? I'm watching on Netflix.

    Judge Dredd

    4 seasons

    C H

    I just started watching on Netflix, too. Unfortunately season 4 isn't up, at least on American Netflix...


    It now is thankfully! I'm watching season 4 ep. 1 on Netflix as I'm typing this.


    lyrics please?

  42. Ben Franks

    In my opinion it's "The grey of the moon..." and after the second "Keep the light on" I hear "I'm praying for you". Maybe it's only my ears, anyways thanks for the upload.

  43. UtariWolfkin

    Are lyrics available? I've done a search but can't seem to find them.

    luthien hearter

    +UtariWolfkin it is actually "Blood on the rise" not blood on the vines


    They're in the description....

    Ethan Peters

    +luthien hearter no....its vines

    Katt Raisor

    According to Netflix closed captioning it's "On the Rise". But it really could be either.

    -Fade-Away- -Nade-

    Olivia Gomes keep the light on I'm waiting then keep the light on I'm praying for you

  44. Karnakwarlock

    Thanks been looking for this one for a bit!!!!!