Williams, Joy - God Only Knows Lyrics

You're in one of those seasons
Everything seems to go so wrong
Wish I could give you a reason
But even I'm barely holding on

When it's hard to find the answers
Let this be your hope

Chorus: God only knows all your broken pieces
Only He knows what you're going through
God only knows what you hide inside
And He's holding onto you
God only knows

You've had your fill of questions
There's so much that you need to know
I don't blame you for asking
But it's time to let go of control

And I'm sorry for what you're feeling
Please hold on to this hope

Come on, come on, He knows your pain
Come on, come on, hold onto faith
Come on, come on, you're on your way
My friend, your struggle has an ending day

Only He knows
Only He knows
Only He knows

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