Williams, Jeff - Agent Tex Lyrics

This place is filled with mean ladies!

What's to not understand about swish swish stab?

Which one do I shoot?
Shoot the one that's winning dumbass!
Oh shit
Can we use turrets on her or some explosive firey thing?
Step away from the idiot!
(Beep bop boop boop beep bop boop)
Protect me cone!
I've never hit a girl in my life!
Yeah I noticed you should try harder uhoh here she comes again!
Agent Texas is a bit of a badass!
Ah fuck this!
Are you fucking kidding me!? RUN!

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Williams, Jeff Agent Tex Comments
  1. Mr Wick

    Protect me cone D:

  2. AYYY

    aw fuckberries!


    Tex, could you please... Gah

  3. Alphachief2017

    "(cough cough) dammit I hate this black stuff what the hell is it?!?"

    Jacob Schneider

    ⁽ᵗʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ʳᵃᶜᶦˢᵗ⁾

  4. Mathias1048 danfan

    An F for grifs balls

  5. 「Moa Dixøn」

    Hey Sweet Cheeks! remember me? step away from the idiot!

  6. Ichiro Umbreon

    I heard Tucker say " step away from the idiot. "

  7. Israel Ballinger

    I can't believe that worked!

    Syndicate Rising

    I knew that would not work. Agent Tex is a bit of a badass.


    We're gonna be crushed!

  8. Angry Ralsei

    This place is filled with mean ladies!

  9. O.D.S.T Recon 74

    What don't understand about swish swish stab

    Mathias1048 danfan

    Not sure...


    Just come help me

    K 3

    It's a fucking sword

  10. Kai0fDathomir

    What is your problem with my balls?

  11. Donnie Sampson


    the cool dude

    That is cruel

  12. paul steven

    save me cone

    Cullen Tashiro

    paul steven *protect me cone

  13. Cullen Tashiro

    Yes! I saved Tucker!


    Oh wait. I saved Tucker


    Caboose what are you doing?!? You're messing up my plan with Simmons, I was supposed to distract her for him!

    Game Boi

    You Ratted me out You son of a Bitch!


    Oh shit! Oh, shiiiit!


    Second comment

  15. Oliver Böhmer

    Agent Tex is a bit of a badass