Williams, Hank - We Live In Two Different Worlds Lyrics

We live in two different worlds, dear
That's why we're so far apart
You made your world out of vows that are broken
I built a world in my heart

Everyone here tried to warn me
You were just playing a game
I told them all we were meant for each other
I thought our worlds were the same

If you stay over in your world
Oh, how my poor heart will pine
Darling, someday when your memories wander
Won't you come over in mine

We live in two different worlds, dear
My world is honest and true
Sweetheart, remember when your world gets lonesome
I'll still be waiting for you

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Williams, Hank We Live In Two Different Worlds Comments
  1. Debra Perkins

    I have Never heard this Song By My Favorite! !
    Thanx So Much!!

  2. betty stephenson

    awesome thanks for the share

  3. Sylvia Freeman

    Best singer I ever heard never will their ever be another like him!!!

  4. Mr. Wizard

    What a singer and what a steel guitar player!

  5. Mr. Wizard

    We live in two different worlds dear. My world is round, yours is square. We live in two different worlds dear

  6. CountryBoy Williams


  7. Bamboo1

    ah the lap steel

  8. Sue Shepard

    Hank is the best of the best. Number 1. New country is no comparism.

  9. Karen Kinserlow

    Beautiful hankkwilliams music

  10. billclorraineg

    Great song By the best LorraineG.

  11. Lester Parfitt

    there will never be a better story teller about lifes ups and downs in his music the greatest country singer ever

  12. Lester Parfitt

    hank your a picture from lifes other side my all time country sinnger

  13. SkyRocket159

    Sponge Bob music

  14. Wade Raney

    The best ever version.

  15. Gary Greer

    Hank Williams Sr was The greatest of all time. The only thing Hank Williams Sr ever did wrong was to drink too much Alcohol. Even though, he still for his way to short life- was the MOST MEMORABLE SINGER SONG WRITER OF ALL TIME. HIS MUSIC WAS COVERED BY ARTISTS IN EVERY GENRE. ROCK, COUNTRY, POP, YOU NAME IT. HANK WILLIAMS SR IS STILL THE KING. LIFE GONE WAY TO SOON. BEAT HIM, THEN KNOCK HIM.

  16. Glenn Johnson

    Glenn Johnson God,i have got to record this number.Hank,the Master!!He has left behind so much musical history.A million thanks for this upload.

  17. Tim Nunn

    Selena gomaze

  18. Larry Darnell


    Clyde Dahler

    I truly agree Larry Darnell also i can't think of one song old Hank Sr. wrote or sang i didn't like. My Grandpa George W. Dalton had an old 78 record in the early 50's "Tramp On The Street" by Rose Maddox and now can hear it also by Hank Sr Great song by both of them, thanks Alan Paladin for puttin these Truly great old country songs out.

    Steve Endicott

    Actually Hank wrote most of his songs on his own maybe a bit of help from Fred! If Fred wrote with him,he rarely put his name on it,like Kaw-Liga! Fred always gave full credit to the original songwriter;he did it for Gene Autry,Eddy Arnold,among others!

    Mary Plaidy

    Steve Endicott He wrote many of his songs alone but he co-authored many with other songwriters like Fred Rose and Gov. Jimmie Davis (Where the Old Red River Flows, Bayou Pon Pon, Forever's a Long, Long Time, I Heard That Lonesome Whistle).

    Gary Greer

    Larry Darnell Don't be fooled. Hank Williams Sr wrote more songs that were ALL HITS than he's given credit for. Research, then comment please. Thanks.

    Walter How

    @Mary Plaidy hi hello

  19. Charles Linch

    bad ass!

  20. alfie7of7

    For my dad,xxxx

  21. Steve Endicott

    Sorry to disappoint everyone but,contrary to popular belief,it was NOT written by an elderly old lady;the great song writer Fred Rose(Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain) wrote this beautiful masterpiece!

    Frank Kushak

    hank did not no fred rose when hank himself wrote blue eyes crying in the rain he was no more then 13 years old when he wrote it he met rose later on like 1947

    Steve Endicott

    @Frank: Hank Williams did not write Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain,Fred Rose wrote it and I never said anything about when Hank met Fred!

  22. wizgamez

    awsome sung

  23. Bob Harris

    The last 3 to 4 years of Hanks life, there were very few moments without pain. He had 2 ruptured discs in his spine.Find a person with just one and ask them how they feel. He also was born with Spina bifida occulta which is when part of the spine was exposed . He was partially sedated most of the time. His pain created problems in his married life and thruout his career. Biff Collie: D.J. Radio KFOX, Long Beach, CA. Jan. 1, l968. Each new years day Biff would have a 1 hr. show dedicated to Hank. I have '68-'69 copies. Biff passed away 1992.

    Bob Harris

    This is an overdubbed version and was part of a group of songs that were radio transcription for Johnnie Fair Syrup broadcast over KWKH, Shreveport, La. from Aug '48 to May '49. They were 15 min. Shows put on large discs to be played while he was on the road. I would listen to them each morning on my way to my base, Barksdale AFB, Bossier City, La.. Fred Rose wrote this song.

    Sylvia Freeman

    Feel like pain all the time.

  24. sybil gallant

    this guy must have been going through a lot of hurt all his life.he is my idol and he wil always be.too bad hw had to leave us all a  a young age. my the angels watch over him..i loved every song of hank Williams.maybe we will all meet again..

    Alwey Wong

    Sybil, many thought he was living a life of misery however Don Helms told me himself that this was not the case.

    sybil gallant

    well they said he had a lot of hurt  and have gone through  divorces  he gave up  and was sad.

    sybil gallant

    yes he must have it shows in his songs

  25. Sarah William Joseph


  26. buddyhooch88

    never thumbed down any hank songs but this is not grim enough for me im afraid


    God bless miss Vergie , as I understand , wrote this beautiful song. God bless Hank of course , he sang it so wonderfully .

  28. Elizabeth Long

    ..thank you

  29. alfie7of7

    For my dad..love you darling...."your girl"

  30. GerardusNL

    oh really? so fred rose and hank williams were your mother?

  31. Towelie MCtowel

    god is great

  32. Nerd Enthused

    60 YEARS never tire of Hank ,best ever.thanks for posting

  33. Eldred Mesher

    Hank Williams Sr. had a remarkable voice and will forever remain unbeaten. There was, and will forever be only one Great Hank Williams.

    Gary Greer


    Harry Jaco

    Eldred Mesher

  34. Anne Willis

    My mother wrote this song... thanks for posting!

  35. alfie7of7

    thanks Alan!!!!!

  36. bob spilchen

    I pray that someday I can shake his hand

  37. bob spilchen

    simply the best.

  38. oldschooldj buzz


  39. cowgirlo99

    Thanks for Posting! I remember this song growing up! Thanks:)

  40. Benedicto Wilson Porto

    How one can get tired of listening to his great (greatest) country singer??????????

  41. andre bisson

    Robert, I wish you well.

  42. Robert Smith

    thanks for posting that is just brilliant hank and his guitar is just amazing if i have a hard day ide listen to something like this never be another hank

  43. Storic1940

    I still have many Hank William's songs on old 78's - MGM. Recently bought all his songs in CD format. He was a very talented song writer as well as country singer.
    Thanks for sharing.

  44. Thomas Haverstock

    THERE IS ONLY ONE HANK Thomas Haverstock

    Sylvanus Lewis

    Thomas Havenoinkrstock Iinu

  45. Goodolcountrymusic1

    @QuibloGamingStudios they can still make cds just because he isn't alive anymore. they did the same thing with Keith Whitley. its usually greatest hits cds they do it with or recordins they found after he died or stuff he recorded before he died

  46. Sheriff Doodle

    hanks god

  47. shifter3479

    @buckbuck666 This song is older than Lady Gaga. It was written by Fred Rose. And I agree, Lady Gaga is a freak

  48. WendyKS93

    One of the most beautiful songs he ever sang.

  49. 2rockyj

    Does anyone know who actually wrote this song. It was perfect for Hank. I was told a elderly lady wrote it ???

    Donna Mutter

    2rockyj Fred Rose wrote this.

  50. 2rockyj

    @jogga123 He"s so smooth with his voice!!! It just seems to roll out with no effort. He is the best.

  51. Serop Pasha

    everytime i listen to HW, all the time, i always somehow end up sayin..."goddammit hank!" lol....u know?, this man speaks directly to me...

  52. LemurInBlack

    @ribrass S.S..Sh... Shut... up.

  53. LemurInBlack

    It's a shame that this song is really gay. Trailer Trash.

  54. Orbie Olsson

    What a terrific song. Thank you Hank!

  55. bluez1981

    i first heard this great song on an old record as a duet with mr. jerry lee lewis and his sister linda gail

  56. twinPaula12

    No one can sing a song so well and so soulful as Hank can.
    His voice is unforgettable and I could listen to him sing all day.
    He never recorded a song I didn't like. This old song has been one of my favorites for many years. There will never be another Hank Williams - God threw away the pattern when he made Hank. Thank you for posting this treasure. - Paula

  57. jpcfit

    The best of all time...

  58. jpcfit

    Whatever praise is written in tribute to Hank Williams, it isn't enough. This song is a good example...

  59. ootooshohnuh

    man this brings back a bunch of memorys
    wado for posting

  60. Griffith Harland

    "I bought two tapes of Hanks for two English Pounds, Just ($8-00)... with all his Hits. In 1998.. Yet you think you have commercial-rights. You poor idiots!

  61. hankandlefty

    Don actually backed Patsy with the old Console Grande too. The sound is more full because the recording studio had better acoustics than the old Tulane Hotel that Hank had to record in. Don also started using an amp with better reverb. He went to the pedal steel around 1959 and that's what you saw on the Wilburn Brothers shows and others in the 60s.

  62. hankandlefty

    This was an overdud but that is Don Helms on his Gibson Console Grande without pedals. Don did a great job on this and the overdub kept with the Hank Williams style.

  63. hankandlefty

    Fred Rose is credited with writing this.

  64. Carol Mears

    These days this song has never rang so so true.
    Thanks for posting.

  65. MarcyC48

    Amen to that ,brother! God threw away the mold when He made Hank that's fer sertain!

  66. Unkle Nothin

    if you like this you should hear Wayne the the train Hancock,he keeps it alive.

  67. Rodney Hatchett

    A great lyricist,with the perfect voice to moan those sad old songs he wrote. There won't be another like him.

  68. SteveGaines

    Comparing TODAY"S country music singers to Hank Williams is like comparing a Soap Opera star to an Old Testament Prophet...

  69. arbeia76

    hank williams is really underestimated. godfather of country!

  70. gringotroller

    Hank Williams in my opinion is underrated songwriting wise, I have yet to see anyone top is songwriting skills. Simple yet genius. 'Ramblin Man' is one of his darker songs, but one of my favs. 'I saw the light' also another great (even if you are non-religious) and 'howlin at the moon' again proves his songwriting ability. These are just a few of the many greats.

  71. Jesper Bech

    He had a penetrating psychological gaze, far deeper than most trained psychologists today, it is really quite amazing that such a simple boy can say in a few words what it is that makes and breaks relationships, based on different spiritual outlooks - the righteous are hated by the wicked, etc., it's the wisdom of Solomon almost!! Can anybody recommend some more grade A Hank Williams stuff?? I'm all ears.

  72. Jesper Bech

    Hank Williams has a deep, deep soul for such a simple country boy, he saw it right, got it right. Amazing, so rare.

  73. Jesper Bech

    What are the most important Hank Williams recordings in your opinion? There was a show on him on tv tonight and I'd like to learn more, this song is certainly great.

  74. joan blacquier

    beautifull song, one of my many favorites by hank williams
    thanks for sharing this

  75. Jonathan Smith

    steel guitar playing is done by none other than don helms

  76. GilL ty

    wow great song.
    i needed to hear that :)

  77. NewWorldJacobite

    My father has the same CD, and I have to say it all sounds great. Very few songs can I think of that Hank did that I didn't like.

  78. joan blacquier

    beautifull video, a true legend love this song
    love to hear anything by hank williams
    thanks for taking the time to post this so we can enjoy it

  79. jtls8

    Don`t know how I overlooked this one?

  80. mike verdetto

    allan this is a great song for my steel guitar thank a lot pal.he was great

  81. AlanPaladin

    how true, i've posted a few others off of some of the albums because of that. many might not even heard them before. they are kind of old. all the real ones were done before stereo. none of them were ever hits, but i think they are good songs :)

  82. daktariusa

    Boy, this brings back memories. I got the album the lonesome sound of Hank Williams long ago and remember playing it when I was 13. Some of Hanks overdubbed works are not as so bastardized as some try to make them out to be. Hank playing this as a demo alone is very good, but there is a place for the overdubbed one. This one is remarkable. Thanks for putting it out there. You can't find it anywhere, unless you have the original.

  83. gatoriffic

    This is one of his best songs I've ever heard. Wonder why it's not on most of his collections?

  84. 1xstew

    Fantastic can;t stop playing it ! I'm a musician myself and learning this one to add to my repertoire? Thanks Alan. Hope to be downloading some of my own songs and videos soon on u tube . . watch this space . .

  85. hankandlefty

    This is probably the best overdubed version of Hank's. Don Helms' steel playing just got better and smoother.