Williams, Hank - Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love Lyrics

Swing wide your gate of love, open wide up your heart
I knew when I first met you that you'd be my sweetheart
Swing wide your gate of love and please don't let me fall
I know you're gonna love me after all

Swing wide the gate and leave it open
Towards the center of your heart I'll be bound
And I'll mend the heart that has been broken
I'm not the kind of guy to let you down

So, swing wide your gate of love, open it for me
For you are the one I want, my darlin', can't you see
Make up your mind to like me and to be my turtledove
I love you, so swing wide your gate of love

[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat last verse]

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Williams, Hank Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love Comments
  1. Phoenix Rampart

    What a gorgeous voice.

  2. Michael Boyce

    This Album now only available as a Mp3 Download on Google Play and Amazon.

    Michael Boyce

    The Mp3 Download runs slower in beat than this one,sadly.

  3. James Smith

    Its hard for me to believe this is Hank Williams singing these songs off this particular album. Sounds to much like Ernest Tubb.

    Michael Boyce

    Looks like Ol' Hank influenced Ernie!

    Blarnie marcella gaudet

    I remember when i was 3 or 4 years old my dad taught me this song. Priceless

  4. birdsbestfriend

    Better STEEL work here by Don Helms!!

  5. JustMeDee

    Do you have the one by Hank Sr think it is called Between Heaven and Hell? It was on here at one time but seems to have disappeared. I can only find the Jr version.

    Steve Lucas

    It wasn't written yet

  6. AlanPaladin

    I have been wondering if anyone else might post it Myself. (Blue Eyes) I had hoped someone would. I'm a little leary of posting to many of Hank's Songs, I don't want to offend any Record Company's and have them come down hard on Me. Perhaps I'll take a chance and post it later. Alan

    Michael Boyce

    Universal Music may want to challange it,as they have taken off many a poster's entry,saying copyrights exist,but they've left Hank's,for the most part,alone,due to the tracks being PD.

  7. gatoriffic

    any chance it'll show up on a video?

  8. AlanPaladin

    I bought it brand new, on a new (Hank Release) cassette tape, back in 1992 or 1993. The name of the cassette is - There's Nothing as Sweet as My Baby.

  9. gatoriffic

    Alan Paladin I need your help!!! I'm dying to find a copy of Hank singin "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain" You seem to have the biggest collection. Do you know where it is? I can only find imposters :)

    Michael Boyce

    It's on the "Unforgettable Hank Williams" Lp.