Williams, Hank - Sundown And Sorrow Lyrics

Sundown and sorrow have found me
Memories are makin' me blue
Here with the shadows around me
I can't forget lovin' you

Nothing but daydreams to haunt me
Dreams that will never come true
It's hard to know you don't want me
I just can't help lovin' you

Forever, so long I've been yearnin'
Wondering what I could do
Deep in my heart, there's a burnin'
I just can't help lovin' you

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Williams, Hank Sundown And Sorrow Comments
  1. Robert FRanklin

    the best singer ever lived

  2. John Jurkewicz

    It So Great

  3. Ryan Dornan Music

    absolute treasure i'd never heard before today

  4. Glenn Johnson

    Glenn Johnson One of the many fine recordings of Hank.Top marks!!

  5. hbensor

    Hank could really connect with the soul he was born with this gift.

  6. Bluey Cheeks

    Sweet video, great pics!!

  7. Wade Raney

    The great Hank!!

  8. Dona Herndon

    Never be another Hank Williams.

  9. Remembering 1992

    Life at its best is a meaningless tragedy.

  10. Robert Smith

    This ranks among the best recordings of hank, it is so clear, hank the angel from above.

  11. sybil gallant

    this song is old

  12. Because Reasons

    Am I the only one still listening?

    Because Reasons

    Glad to hear it.

  13. Bob Harris

    Shreveport radio recordings Aug '48-May '49. KWKH. Wrote by Pee Wee King/J.L Frank.

    Bob Harris

    @Glenn Doran -Glenn, sorry, just now saw your comment. No, I don't show that he ever recorded or even sung this song again on any of his shows, which is strange. U-TUBE does not show he ever recorded it again.

    Bob Harris

    @Glenn Doran -Glenn, saw where you viewed my comment. Here is some information you may like. Hank Williams had a morning radio show over KWKH, Shreveport, La. Aug. 1948 to May 1949, sponsered by Johnnie Fair Syrup. They would put his shows on a large disch to be played if he was on tour. They were 15 min. shows, and would play two of them. I have one of the discs and it is pretty interesting. I was in the Air Force stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, La. at the time, and would listen to the show each morning going to the base. When he went to the Opry in 1948, Red Sovine took over the slot. The book I have by Colin Escott on Hank' s Auto Biography detail's these songs and shows, on these recordings it shows 33 songs, but Hank did not write any of them. Most of the songs are in a song book he would sell over the air. Many songs he would record at home, him and his guitar, but were overdubbed upon his death. When Fred Rose hired Hank, he meant for him to write songs for Molly O'Day, but found out later Hank was a pretty good singer, so when Hank starting recording for Stirling Records in 1946, he later went under contract to MGM, where as he starting writing his own songs. The rest is history. Fred Rose was also a great song writer, and Hank recorded many of his songs. There are many, many songs that Hank sung and recorded that I have never heard. These songs are on U-Tube under unreleased songs, which are many.
    When they overdubbed, upon his death, they put a band with many of the songs, but many were him and his guitar. Tho there are many songs in his songbook, most of them were never recorded, or he never sung on his shows, however, many were overdubbed, as these were songs found upon his death, that he had recorded on his home recorder. Some were left, just him and his guitar. This is a long account of his songs, I know, but wanted to let you know that there are many of his songs out there listed under unrealeased songs that you can bring up on U-TUBE. Hope this helps.

    Glenn Doran

    Bob this is some great information, thank you ! I particularly like the part about working on the air force base and hearing the shows... that really brings it to life.
    I have managed to accumulate many of the various radio recordings over the years but this particular song has always stood out to me. The original undubbed version must be out there somewhere so I shall have to wait for it to find me :-)
    Thanks again !


    +Bob Harris not to mention the fact that some we will never ever hear him sing...at the scene of his death, they found a notebook in his pocket I think that he had been writing songs in. Some of them were sung by other singers but most of them were either incomplete or scrapped.

    Bob Harris

    @Everyone -One song, or part of, found upon his death, is as follows; "We met, we lived, and dear we loved, Then came that fatal day, that love that felt so dear fades far away, to night we both are all alone, and here 's all I can say, I love you still and always will, but that's the price we have to pay.
    Notice here a line that is used in another song, "I love you still", You Win Again.

  14. james powell

    Great song

  15. westernwinchester70

    Totally underrated song by Hank! Such a gem through and through!

  16. Chance Watkins

    Great song. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! :)

  17. 3Bcol

    Love this song. Thank you much for posting

  18. livemummys

    Great Video with lots of good pics.

    Thanks for Sharing :)

  19. S C

    pee wee king was the first to record this song as hank probably heard it along the way and was one of his favorite tunes.

  20. TheFarmerfitz

    first time hearing this song... it's a number 1 in my book....