Williams, Deniece - Never Say Never Lyrics

I don't wanna stay if we're gonna fight
Let's make up, baby, can't we set things right
Stop wasting time, make up your mind
Can't you feel what I'm feeling now

Never say never
You know never's such a long, long time
Never, never say never
You might wanna change your mind
Never say never
No, no, no, no, don't do it, don't do it, no, no
Never, never say never
'Cause love could change your mind

I said, I need you, baby, you said you had to go
Then you came hanging around my door
You know you hold the key just for my heart
If you stay, love can have a brand new start, baby

Never say never
You know never's such a long, long time
Never, never say never
You might wanna change your mind
Never say never
No, no, never, never, no, no, no
Don't do it, don't do it, baby, no, no
Never, never say never
Love could change your mind

Never say never
Oh, never's such a long, long time, whoa-whoa
Never, never say never
I tell you that love can change your mind
Never say never
No, no, no, no, no, never, no
Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, baby
Never, never say never
You might wanna change your mind, baby

Never say never
Never's such a long, long time
Like forever, baby, no
Never, never say never
You just might wanna change your mind
Never say never
Don't you say it, baby love
Don't do it, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Never, never say never
Love could change your mind...

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Williams, Deniece Never Say Never Comments
  1. upfrontbear74

    I got the UK 7 inch about 9 months ago but it's a different version to this, and nowhere near as good boo.

  2. Adrian Lyord

    What about the Guitar player? Is he Nathan East's Brother? He kinda looks like him?! It sounds like Howard Hewitt vocals on the track as well ?!

  3. Mahlon Thomas

    Amazing song

  4. Bob Cummings

    One of my fave tunes by her of all time!

  5. Children of the most high non-profit Rhame

    I was 6 yr old when this came out

  6. Aretha White

    Happy belated birthday 🎂 to you Denise Williams 🎈🎉 June 3rd 2019 from a huge fan of yours!!!😀👋😘😉!!!! Always will be!!!! Aretha White from Bunn NC love to you and your family have a blessed birthday ok!!!😀 Love and hugs to you!!!!💞💞🌹🌹🌹😉

  7. Lee Lee 1908 Russell

    ❤️ Deniece Williams Awww look at Jermaine Stewart 😢 RIP..

  8. Rico Robinson

    Is that Jody Watley? It would make sense if that is the case, since her and Jermaine Stewart were Soul Train partners.

  9. Aretha White

    Sweet voiced diva, Deniece Williams!!! Keep up the awesome 👍 work!!!

  10. Bob Cummings

    God to see Jermaine Stewart singing with her. RIP JS!

  11. Bob Cummings

    I can't say NEVER to Deniece! Still jam to her songs in 2018!

  12. Terry Sanders

    Looks like Sheila E on the drums.

    Rico Robinson

    After reading your comment, I'm about 90% sure it is. Good eye!

  13. Charles Dotson

    Great song by the legendary Deniece Williams that many people forget went to #6 on the R&B charts so it was a hit! Even the Saturday morning children's show Kids Incorporated did their version of the song

  14. Timmy Thomas jr

    I haven’t heard this song in ages

  15. Roosevelt McCarter

    Never Say Never from the lp: "Water Under The Bridge" (1987). Make sure that you Download this track from Amazon or iTunes.

  16. Robert Cummings

    Good 2 C Jermaine Stewart in this. He must love her! Who doesn't??

  17. Robert Cummings

    NEVER SAY NEVER when it comes to my girl Deniece! She is still so hot!

  18. Levern Thompson

    Always love number by Deniece

  19. Donna Means

    Two of the greatest artists ever. Jermaine Stewart's moves reminds me of MJ's- Smooooth! Rest In God's Arms, JS and MJ.

  20. Author G D Grace

    one of my favorites

  21. Melody Sanger


  22. Ronald Elston

    I can't stop jammin to this one wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! thanx Deniece!

  23. Jessica Hawkins

    I love her....

  24. Jessica Hawkins

    Beautiful voice Deniece Williams....

  25. Jessica Hawkins

    I love this song....

  26. Serious One

    Oh, wow. I forgot all about this song, but I played it a lot. On vinyl!

  27. Melody Sanger


  28. Pastor Randy G, Newman

    The Awesome eighties Miss Deniece Williams and Jermaine Stewart, The summer of 1987 classic music,

  29. Melody Sanger


  30. Ahmed Koten

    Stefanie Mills and Denise should come back and do a Whitney tribute together...

  31. Vernon Small

    Great video, I remember it from 1987, and yes J, Stewart, We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off, did not know when he passed away !  I love Niecey ! 

  32. Mike Stone 3000

    Yeah, that guy on Bass is Nathan East...and the Assisting Male Singer is the late, great Jermaine Stewart!!

    The Notorious B.E.V.

    @Mike Stone hello and nice to see you.

    Mike Stone 3000

    Hey Beverly!! <3

    The Notorious B.E.V.

    Hey Mike so nice to see you and thank you.


    Who appears in the video in this section: https://youtu.be/4pW_z0UoSvk?t=144

  33. KristiLuvNC


  34. Shillese Hazelwood

    You have all of my favorites

  35. Danata Dillard

    Yes!!! I knew I didnt make up this song(take that sis....lol). I haven't seen this video in years.

  36. shockerfandave

    I just heard this for the first time since 1987. What memories this brings back. Thanks for posting.

  37. Daevon Hunter


  38. Author G D Grace

    Jermaine Steward!

    Aretha White

    To Author GD Grace, don't you mean Jermaine Stewart? You spelled it wrong dude!!! But we knew what you meant that's ok!!! Peace out for now, I'll holla at you!!! From Aretha W in Bunn NC!!!

  39. Cedric HARRIS

    that song was from "Footloose" :)

  40. jak855

    Oops! Thanks for the correction. I had a little 80's retro-brain-burp there. Great to hear some of these old tunes though. ;)

  41. enriquetheprofessor

    actually, "Lets Hear it For the Boy" is from the motion picture, FOOTLOOSE.

  42. Author G D Grace

    Author G D Grace says: "Water Under The Bridge" by Denice Williams. Fortunately, for me, I always walked to the beat of my own drum. This CD yielded wonderful singles.... my choice... I am grateful for it. RIP, Jermaine Steward...

  43. petercox9

    oh my god, someone else is a fool for water under the bridge. i loved that song along with don't blame it on my heart. i had the cd of water under the bridge and i foolishly gave it away. deniece williams is so under-rated. why will no one just state the obvious: deniece williams was the precursor to whitney houston. it takes nothing away from whitney to say that, but deniece williams voice is a work of art and her range is undeniable. deniece just didn't have a clive davis behind her.

  44. jak855

    Most people know her for "Let's Hear It For The Boys" from the Top Gun movie, but there's SO much more to appreciate. This song was always a favorite, jazzy number. Nice video.


    You mean Footloose LOL

  45. Jonathan Williams

    Whoever reads this, PLEASE im begging you , if you have the album, post the song "Water under the bridge!!" Its my lifestory!!!

  46. knmlover

    LOVE this jam! It takes me back. By the way, great butt on the guy @ 3:26 lol...

  47. Azula1001

    these are all the views?! I'd think it'd be more than that. she's a classic

  48. geishacutie

    Where are all of Deniece Williams's songs and videos? Why is there only one video on here?

  49. Fbaise1

    Who is the young lady on the drums?

  50. aquaman22

    Is it from "Water Under the Bridge".

    Roosevelt McCarter

    aquaman22 Yes it is.

  51. SupaHead1977

    do anybody know from off what album is this song off of???

    Bob Davis

    "Water Under The Bridge" album

  52. Surge

    this the jam

  53. jaybrank

    Love this song! Deniece Williams is one of the greatest female R&B singers. That natural vibrato in her voice is legnedary. Glad to see Jermaine Stewart in this video too (RIP).

  54. Azeem Ben Ysreal

    @jwg5412 I miss him to he was a great artist.

  55. MDC1970

    This is such a great song!! Deniece Williams is an incomparable artist!

  56. Author G D Grace

    love this. RIP Jermaine Steward....