William Singe - Wild Thoughts x Maria Maria Lyrics

Maria Maria
You remind me of a West Side Story
Growing up in Spanish Harlem
She's living the life just like a movie star
Maria Maria
She fell in love with East L.A.
To the sounds of the guitar, yeah, yeah
Played by Carlos Santana

I don't know if you could take it
Know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked
I wanna be your baby, baby, baby
Spinning and it's wet just like it came from Maytag
White girl wasted on that brown liquor
When I get like this I can't be around you
I'm too lit to dim down a notch
'Cause I could name some thangs that I'm gon' do

Wild, wild, wild
Wild, wild, wild thoughts
Wild, wild, wild
When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts
Wild, wild, wild
When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts

I heard that pussy for the taking
I heard it got these other niggas goin' crazy
Yeah, I treat you like a lady, lady
Fuck you 'til you're burned out, cremation
Make it cream, yeah, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang
Throw that ass back, bouquet, bouquet
Call me and I can get it juicy
Yeah I know you're gone off the D'ussé
Careful, mama, watch what you say
You talking to me like ya new bae
Girl, you talking like you tryna do things
Now that pipe got her running like she Usain, baby
You made me drown in it, ooh, touche, baby
I'm carrying that water, Bobby Boucher, baby
And you know I'mma slaughter like I'm Jason
Bust it, why you got it on safety?

White girl wasted on brown liquor
I probably shouldn't be around you
You looking like there's nothing that you won't do
That's when I told you
When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts

Wild, wild, wild
You remind me of a West Side Story
Wild, wild, wild thoughts
Growing up in Spanish Harlem
Wild, wild, wild
She's living the life just like a movie star
Wild, wild, wild thoughts

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  3. Angeline Evans

    Hes so amazing x

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    Holy shit!!! I just got goosebumps that was amazing

  5. Natália Luana 013

    Melhor que Rihanna

  6. Skyé

    He could literally get a girl pregnant just by singing. Damn.

  7. •Dirty South•

    Damn Rest In Peace💔

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    How the fuck could you dislike this?! 🔥

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    U r amazing ! <3

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    Why you gotta be so sexy tho😂 damn your looks just make the song more intense

  12. T kereopa

    I could watch this over and over on repeat...😍 Churr William keep up with the videos. 🙌

  13. annelyn bautista

    One of my favs! 🤍

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    IM PERUVIAN I LOVE IT!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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    Someone tell these fools gay buns aint cool.....wtf ya looking like bitches..hair,nails,piercings,,eye bras.....omg putas

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    Think I’m pregnant 😳

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    How old is this guy?

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    still at it ❤️

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    Why I no find ju before? Dayauumn man... Ur voice is magic

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    You made this song yours!!!!

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    Wow perfect your voice is amazingly good i love it! 😘💋❤😍

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    love how he hit them high notes... he deserves more subs like literally

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    Standing ovation! Bravo Yute!

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    Who got pregnant after waching this?

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    This comment section is getting so thirsty 💦😅

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    Amazing voice bro

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    Tbh if I met u bro it would be a life change to sing with you str8up Chris is the name by the way

  29. Rachel Bensch

    Can someone tell me what he’s singing at the end to the lyrics to Paris because I can’t find it on YouTube under Paris by William singe

  30. Suga Sweet

    * Jimin's jams have been found *

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    Your voice is incredibly,amazingly wonderfully awesome to listen to...very talented n wise man...love it!👌😁😘

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    Marry me❤️

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    oh im maria...
    and i love you voice..damn eargasm....

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    I still don't understand why this guy has so much natural steeze but it's ridiculous

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    Hey guys, anyone know the song at 3:10?? "out on the terrace..." x

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    I need to download this as mp3 to my phone NOW

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    Esta buena la rola, mucho flow... pero esta lejos del gran santana!

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    This is so amazing. I love the high pitch

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    Hi Stranger

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    *Will:* I don't know if you can take it

    *Me:* Take what?

    *Will:* know you wanna see me naked, naked, naked,
    *(does body roll thingy)*

    *Me:* 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

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    Lmao I saw you hit the mic screen

  50. Dan0402

    I like how alot of the comments are bout his lil dance move when he said the nakey nakey part, but the girls reactions pretty much was the same as my reaction when i saw Rihanna in the music video 😂😂😂

  51. Carlos Gonzalez

    You look like feggit I can sing better then you bitch nigga no bitches 😂 😂 you sound like a bitch

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    Yo Will! When are you going to release that cover of Paris?? Too fire man

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    day 731, still waiting for the cover to drop


    @CodeAlias 😵😵

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    Nice singing but everybody started hating on me xuz i commented something funny about armpit hair so guys plz dont hate it was just a joke btw dude you singing is on fire!!a new subscriber

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    William please man I hope Yuh get this man do not put that crystal salt lamp right next to your equipment man it will leak and bust all of your hard working you working through so far man . Seriously I am.not kidding. Stay blessed brotha. Jah bless man

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