William Singe - Come & See Me Lyrics

Doesn't make sense now
Shit be looking over, shit is gettin' intense now
All these suits and all, but I got 'em bangin' heads now
And I'm so caught up in this work, you say I'm starting to forget right now

(Oh no)
It's 2 A.M. in New York,
I hit your phone like I'm just sitting in the studio with my schoolboy
(Did you know I was tryna get to you baby)
I'll call an Uber if you coming through
Just say you're coming through baby
She said You never make time for me, only when you got time for me that ain't fair
And boy I'm in my dreams right now, so I ain't really tryna leave

And she says
Come and see me for once
Come and see me for once
You don't ever come to me
Boy, you don't ever come to me

Girl there ain't no cruel intentions
I guess I gotta lose to get it, but I want your loving
Just come over
Oh we don't have to fight no more
Good loving when you're through that door
You gon' scream my name (I'm the one to blame)
Give me all your pain

All your sex I want that too
Ain't no tank, keep your loving for the next dude
But I'll keep it coming like them runners in the set too
Cocaine lust got you feeling like you're special
And you are (Yeah, you are)
Don't get it twisted, like a dread lock, girl you know you need extensions
All this time that we dedicate to us but this music got me praying I'm the one

(All she talking 'bout is)
Come and see me for once
Come and see me for once
You don't ever come to me (You don't ever come to me)
You don't ever come to me

Why we gotta do this right now?
This ain't how it's meant to go down
Cause I want you, girl I want you
So come and see me, I'm right here and it's your turn
(Cause I want you, girl I want you)

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William Singe Come & See Me Comments
  1. Shy Rose

    Still listening in 2020. I love him ♥️💯

  2. Wnnta 89

    yeeeeeeah baaada this how we do it in aotearoa/ new zealand

  3. jokes79


  4. Omar Talford

    This guy needs a record deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michelle Howard

    One of my faves

  6. Mario Hernandez

    I love his voice.

  7. The Golden Exprezzion

    I keep tryna subscribe more than once n he need to be signed

  8. Aa boggie

    He look like photo and kinda sound like him

  9. I_am H0PE

    His falsetto is everything

  10. 榊原美優

    kileed it where r u

  11. Hindiyana

    Wtf i wasnt expecting anything... but dude's voice is fire

  12. Pamela Siedelmann

    Where is William Singe? Why is he not making videos anymore???

  13. Lungile Madi

    Its amazing!!!! But Party is still Party on this track!!!

  14. Shy Rose

    William Singe This cover was on my mind, I had to come back for this throwback 🙌🏽

  15. Ex2L

    Still here for ya in 2019.

    AWAS 1969

    Feb 19...……………….

  16. Rosa Staples

    This is ass

  17. ebenseman

    This is passion 👌 will always adds style, soul in every songs he made, over all good vibe mate...

  18. Tyrique -

    Ha can you do xxxtentacion changes and Post Malone Better now and also paranoid by Post Malone too

  19. KamiYo

    Anybody who dislikes this is a hater... simply

  20. Elsa Marie


  21. En Y Ce monde

    I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. clvudiortiz

    killed bro

  23. sad girl

    I love you so much, Brazil here❤️🇧🇷

  24. Jaime Zapien

    You took my woman ...fucker

  25. Carlee Daniels

    Ayyyyy now 💞💞💞💞

  26. Sahi W

    I’m still here 2018 🔥

  27. Monique Medina

    😍🔥 no words

  28. Michael Spencer Jr


  29. Gearry Andreas

    2018 ??

  30. Wellington silva

    Nice very good

  31. Angélica Moura

    Apaixonada!!! ❤❤❤

  32. Sadie Trego

    Him Alex and Connor I love these guys 🌹😍 awww

  33. Sadie Trego

    He’s so sexy 😍😘❤️🌹

  34. Geez

    U might have no idea how many times did i replay it.

  35. eve naomi

    My baby😍

  36. jUjU


  37. KhaliyaRenee

    He was on America’s got talent if he go on there now he would win

  38. Love_And_Pain_15

    1:51 omg 😩😍

  39. Nova Kid to OpZ

    He missed a part.

  40. Jess

    I feeeeeelt every word in that song

  41. Guada Flores

    Allllll you haters ...man Im sure Will loves yall ....Keeping it real, this boys ill!!!!!

  42. Riccardo D'apice

    more better than original, sorry for PND & drake

  43. Christinaaaaa

    Sounds so sexy 😋

  44. Wendy Simpson

    I love this

  45. adrian aragon

    how to be you idol ?

  46. thobeka mkhize

    liquid Gold.......

  47. Arcane Hydra

    how do you make your tracks? what do you use cause i've been looking for something that I can use to loop patterns like you do and I can't find anything.

  48. Kadeem5603

    Why haven't anyone put him on yet. I think they're afraid of him

  49. juliane s

    okay but Will and jean jackets? Im so here for it

  50. juliane s

    who are those ppl who dislike his covers?!

  51. Mamie williams


  52. Diane Constantino


  53. this user no longer exists

    Okay but y'all are crazy if you think he uses auto tune, the man just has talent 😂 that's all.

  54. EnzoPZ Watch

    too good

  55. Vikas Kataria

    I don't like any youtuber like every other are doing
    B4 you i used to like Conor.
    And now who is Conor?
    Mane you are the boss.
    Do havana in your style if you can I wu lov dat.
    U lov dat

  56. pogi.god4

    Nun is gonna even compare to the original buh this is fire

  57. jwwwoorkk Studios

    This is beautiful!! You all should check out my cover on my channel :).

  58. NNSArt

    I love it.

  59. Fransez Noir

    Bruh, sing Thong Song by Sisqo!!!

  60. Roderick Bradley

    a star is born...

  61. Colton Wuorio

    Authentic musical talent

  62. Wayup Rui


  63. Ok Then

    So come n see me
    I'm right here and it's your turn..
    //Look at himm so danm hot😍

  64. J H

    Loveee the style. Wish i could collab with you

  65. Kevatchi Ralzin

    Best Talent is Slept on 👑💯👍 Keep it up Brotha, never lose faith

  66. Nikhil S

    2:27 & 2:32-2:35


  67. jewelharrington2284

    I love you William

  68. Jasmine Johnson

    This is pure ⭐️🔥

  69. Justin Scott

    Collab wit DVSN and Tone Stith

  70. Vincit Noche

    Absolutely perfect. Though it's an old song, I'd love to see you do The Zone by The Weeknd and Drake.

  71. Martel Green

    I sing to

  72. Alonso V1400


  73. marque edwards

    awesome... I hope my girl never meets this guy...

  74. Marcus Wilkerson

    Im 52 year old black male this youngsta voice will get those panties dropped for you.



  76. Nikki Boo

    Omgggg 👄💦💦💦

  77. Audra White


  78. Kiara Louise Carael

    Cover of Marvin's room by drake would be awesome 😍😍

  79. renee weaver

    awesome job!

  80. Jacob Donez

    One of the few times the original is better

  81. Viviana Vargas


  82. Bella_the_Cookie ÙvÚ

    Your amazing at singing

  83. Caramel Complexion

    It's amazing how he can completely change his accent❤❤❤

  84. Riley Lewis

    y u sound like chris brown

  85. Curtis Nick

    Let's do some work bro I rap a killa

  86. Kendra Sutton

    I love this version

  87. Og. Narutoshppuden

    fr William can sing


    still in love w this cover a year later

  89. Jenna Riggs

    do jealous by labrinth omg pls

  90. Osnapits ZaNah

    I'll come and see you😍😍

  91. Jaime McQueen

    Every new song that comes out, I check to see if he has a cover! Truly blessed !!

  92. Amy Beard

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, how have I only found this angel.

  93. Aracely Gonzalez

    um, things are gettin' intense now