William Murphy - Be Strong Lyrics

If they were to write about
The story of my life
They would have to mention you
With every page they'd write
There's another side to every story told
If I were the ocean
You would be the shore
And one without the other one
Would be needing something more
We are the shadow and the light

Always love me
(And) never leave me now
(And) now you are the other side of me
Always love me
(And) never leave me now
(And) now you are the other side of me

I have known the emptiness
Of feeling out of touch
And living life without you here
Would be living half as much
Cause I've a need that only you can fill
If love was mathematical
You'd understand the sum
To the heart's equation
Where one and one makes one
And lonely equals me minus you


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William Murphy Be Strong Comments
  1. ABBA’s Chosen

    Weeping may... endure for the night, you may have to cry sometimes.... it’s gonna be alright.

  2. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  3. Edwin Williams

    God never fails Be Strong said’s William H Murphy in his song.

  4. Rita Walker

    This is better than the reprise.

  5. Levaughn Flanders

    love this song. be strong in the power of His might

  6. Lucille Woodberry

    Although I am going trough I shall be strong...Hallelujah

  7. Kayla Whitworth

    love this song

  8. U Matter 24 Hour Learning Center

    Lord I thank you for placing this song in the Bishops ❤.

  9. Jarmier Owens

    Sometimes We Go Through Struggles And Hard Times and Everything We Have To Learn To Be Strong In The Lord

    Pamela Swinton


  10. Mike Drew

    love this song, Bishop is a true annointed worshipper and this so is powerful!!