William Michael Morgan - I Know Who He Is Lyrics

Please, Doc, put away your chart
You can save your heart-to-heart
I've got some memories in a deck of cards
That could use some shufflin' through
Looks like he's still wide awake
Looks like he still won't take
Those pills you put there yesterday
Huh, just stubborn as a mule

I don't wanna hear "He's goin' downhill"
What about "Thank God he's around still"
Lookin' right through me's
Not at all the way I see it
I don't mind at all rememberin' for him
He doesn't have to get why I adore him
He don't have to know me
I know who he is

My dad, my coach, my friend
The voice behind "Boy, where the hell you been?"
The lover of my mama through thick and thin
The best man I've ever known
All-time quarterback when us kids were in a bind
Cheek full of Redman in a duck blind
No offense, Doc, but if you don't mind
I'd like some time alone

I don't wanna hear "He's goin' downhill"
What about "Thank God he's around still"
Lookin' right through me's
Not at all the way I see it
I don't mind at all rememberin' for him
He doesn't have to get why I adore him
He don't have to know me
I know who he is

Full of pride, baby boy on his knee there
Full of life with a beer in a beach chair
Aw, he's a fixture
In my head full of pictures

I don't mind at all rememberin' for him
He doesn't have to get why I adore him
He don't have to know me
I know who he is
Aw, I know who he is
Yeah, I love who he is
Yeah I love, I love, I love who he is

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William Michael Morgan I Know Who He Is Comments
  1. leostavjr

    Thank you for this song.
    Grief- I've come to understand better since losing my Dad, 12/20/18.
    It ignores stages and steps.
    It doesn't care about the time line I want it on.
    It is different for each person because each person is uniquely created by God, and in truth, no two people handle grief exactly the same way.
    It is humbling.
    It can be merciless and crippling.
    It covers all time from the day you lose someone you Love-
    And every in between.
    Everything that happened
    And everything that could have been.
    And after losing someone we love, we can never ever be the same.

    Amber Garcia

    08/13/18......RIP daddy😥

  2. Karen Hurley

    This is such a beautiful touching song, tough to listen to without getting a little choked up. My Dad and I are VERY close, he's 82 and thankful his memory is still pretty good. I feel for those who are having to go through something like this.

  3. Paul Chapel

    Man this is a great song about life and loving your Dad.

  4. kelly harris

    Beutiful thats all i can say cause this is just Beutiful

  5. Fabio Gutierrez


  6. Debbie Smitherman

    Love your voice William. You have what it takes. So proud to be called a fan of you. You are a pleasure to listen to. God Bless. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  7. pauline galloway

    I love this song too and I love you and Presley so much darling and i can't wait to be with you and Presley to live here with us.i am so proud of you singing country western music by our songs too huni.love your girlfriend pauline from London uk xxx.

  8. AlzheimersSpeaks

    Absolutely beautiful. If you are ever interested on coming on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio to share your story I'd love to have you on. www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com Lori

  9. Rhonda Bland

    This is a good song! It's the first REAL Country song I have heard in a L O N G Time!

  10. classie60

    Incredible song. Both beautiful and sad.

  11. Whitney Sellers

    Amazing Job! I feel that way with my Grandpa!

  12. Tara Maney

    Lord have mercy...

  13. marty parrish

    WOW! What an unbelievable song! My new favorite tune! Thanks for posting...It's like this song was written for my dad...

  14. Stone Crabtree

    hey william look at my last name

  15. Alyssa

    Wow I am in love

  16. dirtracker47

    Country Music is making a rebirth and is alive and well after it was murdered by nashville, just ask George Strait and Alan Jackson, Eric Church, and William Michael Morgan, Thank You!!!!

  17. dirtracker47

    Great song, Well Done WMM, excellent music, can i ask what tuning yall are using?? thanks

  18. Janet Jones

    Good job, WMM!! Keep up the classic/traditional country music and you will always have fans. Not everybody likes pop or new country. 😘

  19. Nichol Stebbins

    This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard...

  20. Joe Doe

    My grandpa had dementia and suffered multiple minor strokes. It left him paralysed to where he was unable to formulate words most of the time and could hardly stand. He was the one I looked up to as a kid. I miss him so much.

  21. Sarah Bitsui

    I just love his voice, Im always listening to his music. His music and voice takes me away.

  22. Carmo Alisso

    muito boua mano parabéns

  23. Jenn Jackson

    I have worked with alzheimer's and dementia patients for years. This song brought out all the feelings.

  24. Mr. Speedy

    I believe Eric Church wrote this song about his own Grandfather that had Altzheimer's. Great Video!

    Kira Willingham

    leave me alone

    Mr. Speedy

    @Kira Willingham ?

  25. Debbie Davis

    loved this song, awesome voice. Unless you have had a family/friend that's had Alzheimer's, you may not understand how devastating it can be. God bless you William Michael Morgan!

  26. James HOOKS

    awesome song

  27. Lindsay Fortin

    He's got a brilliant accent

  28. Michael Chaparro

    Pure Love.. I Love this❤

  29. Alice Bartlett

    Awesome job with this song William. Eric Church is a helluva song writer!!

  30. Patrick Taylor

    thanks canada

  31. Jacqueline O'Boyle

    Thank God real country still exists!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! Love love love!!! :-)

  32. rlk

    Wow, what a beautiful song! Greetings and hugs from a southerner brazilian fan, WMM.

  33. Koeau Umi

    such a great song,I worked at a dementia care unit and this song described what families and their love ones go through everyday..♡♡♡

  34. Mary Elizabeth Tessier

    My new favorite song, love you William ❤️

    Kira Willingham

    Mary Elizabeth Tessier leave me alone all of you

  35. Karen Teeter

    this is amazing and so is this artist William Michael Morgan I love you

  36. Dwight Jones

    To the two lost souls that gave this a thumbs down, you should get your heads checked.

  37. Connie Garcia

    Beautiful song! Real Country music!! Very touching!

  38. Brenda Walker

    Awesome music. love it thanks

  39. Jeanette Netzel

    Wow what a great voice William, I certainly will be following your music. Went through this with my Mom! Heartbreaking!! Have also hear a couple of your other songs ..... Keep them coming.

  40. Lindsey Ellis

    Love this song. My great grandma has dementia. And I'm grateful we still have her. Even though there's moments where she'll take one step forward then two back.

    Kira Willingham

    did you get. my message

  41. NicolettaLura

    Love this!

  42. Jeremiah Nayosan

    great song

  43. Amanda Holdwick

    this song is great. makes me think of my grandpa he is going through dementia, I'm glad he is still around. I love you grandpa

  44. Keisha Whatever

    Man so good...😢

  45. Rex Fowler

    This was written by Eric Church,look up Eric Church Alzheimers


    Look up Casey Beathard. He wrote this song and many hits with Eric Church and others. That has to be him accompanying William Michael Morgan in this video. William Michael Morgan's voice soothes the heartbreaking hope ...

    Luke Riddle

    thats not casey in the video

    Mostyn Moreno

    It is producer Jimmy Ritchey playing guitar

  46. Delilah Foos

    Ugh. Yes 💚

  47. Larry Gauld

    William, That's fantastic!! Great song...Larry

  48. Annelie Jordaan

    This guy has the most amazing voice.

  49. Yourockman666

    Yes. Great song. You did it again. You will have a great career. Great song

  50. vianey medina

    Listened to this song 4 times, cried all 4

  51. Christopher Peninger

    wow.. just wow!!!😂👍

  52. MaryAnn Arnold

    Amazon job William. I'm always going to support you. Keep up the amazing work. You're going to go far.❤

    MaryAnn Arnold


  53. Ben Torres

    Just gonna tip my hat to you on that

  54. TamiML

    great song and love the voice....