William Hung - Intro Lyrics

Hello, I am William Hung
You probably have seen me somewhere
Either from American Idol, the Internet, news, media
Wherever source you may know me from
I just want to say thank you for buying my album
And I wish all of you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do with your life

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William Hung Intro Comments
  1. Rick Smooth

    Makes me think alot you are legend

  2. Rick Smooth

    This man can sing

  3. John Smith

    William Hung beat the eagle


    "It's a fucking lovely place"

  5. Fox Mulder

    I wonder if he sings titanic...

  6. Fox Mulder

    More like hell🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  7. Fox Mulder

    Living the dream....

  8. SonnyGTA

    The record company had to use this shit midi version? You can download an ACTUAL instrumental for free!!

  9. HB D

    A masterpiece become more marvelous than ever. Bravo William, please return to your real fied: ¡Music!

  10. R zumada

    OMG I listened to this till the end!!! What's wrong with me!!!!!!

  11. Jared Hanamaikai

    this is ian richards boyfriend

  12. Cards with Coach


  13. Britten C.

    any bar band would be blessed to have him🤣🤣


    How did he not get a Grammy for this?

    YeeYaw420 Ayy


  15. Johnny Parker

    The audio quality and his vocal range is immaculate.......

  16. Johnny Appleseed

    pretty boys she calls friends

  17. Johnny Appleseed

    Fuck yeah this is FLY love it

  18. Grayson Zufferey

    Omg you kill me ahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha you're soooo fun ahahahahahajah

  19. Kryptec Myst

    The best artist ever! Great job!

  20. Lunch Please

    Took advantage of him.

  21. 99488 44345


    99488 44345

    please sir

  22. Guy Fieri

    As if the eagles covered this song


    William Hung killed this shit... We need to hear a new track feat. Ice J J Fish.. ASAP!

  24. Hat


  25. It Chu

    Pure beauty

  26. konafm

    ...."re-lass said the night man, we are ho gram to receive..."

  27. Marcela Couture

    Better than the original.

    john larson

    I Agree.

  28. Tony X

    They don't make talent like this anymore!

  29. Materia-Keeper93

    I like how the ending keyboard solo can't decide if it's doing the lower or higher harmony

  30. Materia-Keeper93

    I wonder if this guy ever did Bohemian Rhapsody

    Hugh Jass

    Or "Fuckin Hostile" by Pantera

  31. Papa Torr

    A favorite song from the West brought to its knees, by an underwhelming voice from the East. Kinda like a stock Miata, mediocre performance brings sports cars from the west to their knees through a million plus sales. Still, I smiled broadly, laughing within, enjoying the entire ride.
    Something not right about all this, like making out with your cousin, do I want to be caught listening to this cover?

  32. Johny Guitar

    Not enough bass

  33. RNN Res

    I find this deeply distressing

  34. Vivian

    This is legitimately better than The Eagles.

  35. onefoot7

    The Master...................hope hew opens for James Taylor soon

  36. J Magick

    2018 anyone?

  37. smodoemoe

    rice gum < william hung

  38. Nakky Dave

    I like the echo. In all honesty think
    this version may be better than Majek Fashek's

  39. Girth Brooks

    This song is so brilliant, absolutely no one can destroy it.

  40. Nikki Turner

    Listening in 2018


    Nikki Turner you are the realest person ever.

    avid reality

    @NickRamone0 listening 2019

  41. Wob Bob Jones

    This beat sounds kinda like a hip hop remix of it. Not bad.
    As for William.. I'm not saying he killed Glenn Fry with this song, but... I could be wrong.


    No, you are Wong.

  42. Mike Munn

    Is this Bobby Bouche now that's high quality h20

  43. iiLxmin

    I watch him when I’m sad bc he make some laugh c:


    ThePurpleFlowerNinja yay:3

  44. Antonio Coley

    Tiger Belly brought me here 03/26/18

  45. Steven Davis

    This could be heaven or this could be hell? I'll let you all decide. Having trouble rebooting my brain.

  46. Vladimir Tinkelman

    Masterpiece broski

  47. * Z

    This is a true reflection on the human condition.

  48. Scott Shingleton

    Awful but funny.

  49. Lee

    "She got the mercende-spends". I hear you man.

  50. rick smith

    I love the sound of this. It's like a dream on 11 hits of purple microdot. kinda has a roxy music sound but kinda mixed in with a techno 80's pop sound. The singing just fits.

  51. GinoThePufferfish

    This iz teh bezzt soonnggg evah

  52. lu Stuart

    Its by doing anything that u become anyone - continue bro!

  53. Cole Yaffee

    Best cover of hotel California I ever heard

    Hugh Jass

    The only cover that is far better than the original. Don Henley cover is such a joke compared to this masterpiece

  54. Creamith Manning

    William Hung is the embodiment of triumph...triumph of the will.