William Hung - Inspirational Thoughts: Be Yourself Lyrics

It doesn't matter if it's children, adults
Uh, maybe even seniors
All these people just like me and they like me for my real self
It's great to be myself and have people respect me for who I am
And I wish more people in the entertainment industry can be who they are
It makes life happier for everyone in the world

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William Hung Inspirational Thoughts: Be Yourself Comments
  1. Gil Edwards

    Before Sound Cloud mumble rappers, there was William Hung

  2. trustful88

    Natural comedian.

  3. SAEuropean Patriot

    I LOVE this guy. He is hilarious. He music is always good to put on for a laugh. He deserves to sell a million albums.

  4. Adam Honesty and decency

    Is there an audience?

    Farhad Hamsada

    I'm wondering the same thing lol

  5. Goldine Saintil

    Much love

  6. snoopy1702

    I love him from the first time he came on American Idol, his inner values are so positive.

  7. Andrew Comments

    He is beloved and must be protected at all costs.

  8. Brittany Roncone

    Him mocking Simon is hysterical

  9. 2 stroke Dinger

    Them producers knew they struck gold with him lol

  10. Ben Benita

    You DEFINITELY made the right choice....living in Courage!!! YOU are an inspiration, what I like to call an "Expander", someone who EXPANDS people's thinking, someone who inspires and shows others that things are possible!!! Don't ever stop doing what you do!!! We Love You!!!

  11. Robert Chavez

    Best motivational speech I've heard in a long time .... Way 2 be yourself William Hung

  12. Tim O'donnell

    Wow!! This is very inspirational stuff. I hope you're doing a lot more talks around the place William because this was great!! 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

  13. laur fromthegrove

    Yessss! "Never give up on yourself."

  14. Pirooz Pejman

    Good for you boooooy. You deserve it smart man!

  15. Abdullah Habib


  16. Mitchell Cullen

    legends never die!!!

  17. rickoshay

    Will Hung is an inspiration. His attitude is why people love him. If there were more people like him the world would be a much better place! We can all learn from him.

  18. Wayne Beckett

    I think he has a Touch of Asperger maybe?


    The way it's thrown around...20-25% of humanity are Asperger's

  19. Crystal H. Vo

    What a pleasure of seeing you in my Toastmaster club last night. I am happy and inspired about your journey. Best of wishes, my friend!

  20. zachary Raider

    This guy is really cool.

  21. Chilin Drina

    The Pablo Picasso of song

  22. Poor Bryan

    He can actually sing

  23. Phack Em

    Pablo Francisco brought me here

  24. N8 DoubleYou

    1:02 Dr.Disrespect? The two time... 1994, 1995.... Blockbuster Video game championship..... regional.... 6th runner up.

    Cruiser Brewser

    N8 DoubleYou dr dr dr dr... dis dis dis... respeeeeect!!!

  25. Beanie Sandals

    He's like the Asian version of Tommy Wiseau.


    That title goes to another Asian, James Nguyen with his masterpiece Birdemic


    Oh hi Chang...


    More like Tommy Wiseau is the Eastern Block William Hung.

    Courtney Butzko

    His film would be called 房间, or Fángjiân, which is Chinese for The Room lol

  26. aaron E

    I laughed for 10mins and realized I just lost 10mins of my life I can’t get back

    Sjooke Kolkman

    You won 10 minutes of laughter..no loss there

  27. Jerry Liu

    This dude...


    Jerry Liu saw this video cause of your post, this is really good tbh, thanks for sharing 😌

  28. judgedread Ng

    well done William ,u created williamholic

  29. psyburNETik

    she bangs she bangs! lol

  30. Tony Lopez

    Well said

  31. Mitch Anderson

    His so encouraging lol! His so interesting to listen to 💖

  32. Austin L

    This video deserves way more likes and comments

  33. GreenAndMeat paw

    He is still the nice sweet polite guy. And very successful . What a man ! Hope he makes one more album

  34. shubox

    you know you brought smiles to my face :)

  35. Brendan Dube

    the dislikes were his parents and Simon

    Jacob Radochonski

    Brendan Dube and me.

  36. Robert Marx

    His English has gotten better

    Farhad Hamsada

    I agree! Lol

  37. Adam Coppola

    Good for him for trying to inspire others, he's always had such a great attitude and never gave up. When William and I randomly met at a Marist College alumni event in Los Angeles last year, he mentioned he was starting to do motivational speaking...I had no idea he'd be doing a TED talk! Great stuff, we can all learn something here.

  38. Lee Pink

    He is so funny and real. Just be yourself at all times I guess.

  39. We4redev0

    William Hung is like a ray of sunshine. His positivity is infectious and something to be commended. Plus look at that swagger...his suit is sharp! Good for you, William <3

  40. Eli Nelson

    William is a legend. Living proof that it's all about the mindset.

  41. coty batterson

    He's absolutely right he was made fun of ruthlessly and all he wanted was to make people happy im glad he considers himself successful even if others do not I wish the best of luck.


    He got successful because he was so bad. Yes he had a brief career doing what he loves and probably became rich doing it, but there can only be one worst singer. I'm glad he saw the whole thing in a positive attitude. But for the other hundreds and thousands of mediocre singers who isn't as bad as Hung, this attitude won't get you to achieve the dream.

  42. coty batterson

    How did I get here and why am I still listening.

  43. JMAN

    Bobby Lee's stand-up has really improved.

    Aamir Iqbal

    ahahahaha bobby would be PIIIISSED

  44. BlueDaniel

    This guy's attitude is not fake. You can tell from his smile.

    OG Bobby Knuckles

    BlueDaniel it’s because he’s got a form of autism. Usually they’re more inclined to be innocent and sincere.

  45. stormwhistle

    IThanks for the inspiration

  46. BBB

    I'm just wondering what William is doing for a living now. I would love to see more of him on the media.


    Wikipedia shows that he's a technical crime analyst for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

    Jacob Radochonski

    BBB he’s a Champion by choice bruh!

  47. Matteo Gagliardi

    Please make another album William! I love your work! I often listen to your version of the songs you sing rather than the originals!

  48. Teacuptea

    Love him he is so well spoken sweet & inspirational.. I use to sing to him as a young kid and dance. My sister had your album.

  49. Danielle Fuhrman

    Great talk William!!! And you look good too!!

  50. Poonisclungeman

    William personal messaged me on snapchat and sent me this video. Very proud.


    what else did he send you?

  51. Winnie Anderson

    Love William and his story. It really is something we can all relate to. Every one of us has had a dream that others thought we were crazy to even wish for. We've all had things we thought were failures. But what if our greatest opportunity was hidden in what others see and define as failure? We'll never know if we don't take that chance. Great job William. Thanks for being brave and continuing to inspire us.


    You taught us how to enjoy life no matter who we are

    Jacob Radochonski

    I’m not inspired by this

    Robert Chavez

    It's not WHAT you do , But WHO you are that Determines your SUCCESS