William Beckett - Benny & Joon Lyrics

Spreading rumors in the hallways, like telephone,
Watered down with white noise, overblown,
Are they ever gonna just leave us alone?
Take a look at all the white coats in the room,
Staring at us sideways, like we’re Benny and Joon,
Yeah we saw that movie, too.

We know what they don’t know, o-o-o-o-o-oh,
We see what they can’t see, o-o-o-o-o-oh.
They say we’re crazy
I say well maybe that’s true,
But we know who we are now,
Just leave us alone. Hey!
Just leave us alone. Hey!

When I met you from the voices in my head,
It felt like a reaction from all the meds.
Now I don’t feel that depressed.
Well now they got me strapped down in the chair,
But as long as you’re beside me, babe, I don’t care.
Well I guess it’s been a really fucked-up year.

No, No, we know what they don’t know, o-o-o-o-o-oh,
We see what they can’t see, o-o-o-o-o-oh.
They say we’re crazy
Okay, well maybe that’s true,
But we know who we are now, in spite of all the flaws,
In spite of all the poison, chemicals and all.
We know who we are now, we know who we are now.
just leave us alone. Hey!
Just leave us alone. Hey!

Take a look at all the white coats in the room,
Staring at us sideways, like we’re Benny and Joon,

We know what they don’t know, o-o-o-o-o-oh,
We see what they can’t see, o-o-o-o-o-oh.
They say we’re crazy
Okay, well maybe that’s true,
But we know who we are now,
Just leave us alone. Hey!
Just leave us alone. Hey!
Just leave us alone, just leave us alone, just leave us alone.

Yeah we saw that movie, too.

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William Beckett Benny & Joon Comments
  1. purplefly 09

    I FRICKEN LOVE this song

  2. Squidny

    Yo is that one of the elders from the fine bros

  3. Dolly Mixture

    Have an open mind. William Beckett isn't the academy is... It's obviously not going to be the same style. If you don't like it don't listen to it and go listen to the academy Is...

  4. dani mercury

    perhaps some of you need to listen to some of his other stuff, instead of commenting shit like this. look, william changed up his style a bit! big deal! his taste in music can change just as much as ours can. i, for one, am a fan of both TAI and william's solo music, and i enjoy the fact that he gives us a lot of variety with his songs. think - if every one of their albums sounded exactly like almost here, wouldn't that be a bit boring? william's solo music is absolutely astonishing, and although this song isn't the best example, i recommend listening to songs like "just you wait" and "cracks in the ceiling" (if you want good lyrics), "dear life", "oh love", and "girl you shoulda been a drummer" (boppy melodies with an overall good lyrical message) and "stuck in love" and "compromising me" (personal faves). all in all, william is an amazing musician. no matter the style, that will never change.

    dani mercury

    psa: just you wait has made me cry several times

  5. Sam B

    My favourite thing is his reaction when she puts paint on his nose

  6. Fruit Loop

    Happy birthday william

  7. Grace Roth

    Great song, really, but there's just one thing bothering me. Why does the girl have to be in her underwear through almost all the video? Is this really necessary? Has it really come to the point where to have a girl in a music video it's almost expected for her to be in provocative clothing? That's saying something right there. If society has gotten to the point where a girl in the media is required to be in "sexy" or provocative clothing, where is it going to be in 20 years? Will there be nude women on television with no requirement for it not to be viewed by children? Could it actually get to the point where there could be real actual pornography on television to be viewed by everybody just as R rated movies are now?

    ouija bored

    Dear. Lord.

    It's one single video. In what universe are you living in? This happens in a very small fraction of music videos, if you count all music videos, that is, (assuming you do; I quote your own words), and to blow it up like this is very unnecessary. Did you notice that the man had his bare chest showing throughout the video, too?
    If it isn't because the video suggests these two have sexual relations with each other (which is the actual reason. Pretty simple reason.) it's some sort of art form, she's there for a reason, and that reason is the creator is glorifying her body, movements, grace, etc (The female body, in other words, is being glorified-- Not for its "sex appeal," but for its superiority in beauty, which is the current belief society holds, whether we're all conscious of it or not. Women, currently, hold more beauty than men). (Also she's getting paid for this, not being oppressed or some ridiculous thing like that.)

    Also, it's probably a good thing that female bodies (and men, but apparently you don't observe that for some reason) are being shown more in this way. Not that they're scantily dressed, but they're scantily dressed and still portrayed in a positive way-- Not really in an overly sexual or negative way. Only people who want to see them as such would see that, and that's their fault (ie you see it as negative/sexual even though she's not portrayed negatively/sexual in any way, excluding the fact that these two characters are in a relationship that includes sexual acts, which isn't directly sexual towards either one of them, not the male or female.) And so people see that and are influenced, subconsciously taking in that the human body is a good, positive, happy thing, and sex isn't bad, or nakedness (not public nakedness, but you get the gist, I assume) isn't bad.

    You are not interpreting art correctly at all-- And it's such a shame, you know; the female form, and, in my opinion, the human form in general, is very beautiful, from the movements of it all to the shape.
    You fucking blew this out of the water. What fucking nonsense you spout, not even knowing how men are often portrayed provocatively as well... Art or not.
    Unless you're watching porn, or some sort of sexual situation, 99 times out of 100, it's not for sex appeal, it's for the art of the human form.

  8. Baela

    Why is William so underrated? It honestly angers me that he seriously doesn't get the attention he deserves. He's so talented.

  9. Travis Larson

    Good tune! he looks like a mix between Orlando Bloom and Ben Gibbard :)

  10. Maddy Perella

    If he saw that movie too, he would know that Benny and Joon are siblings...

    Mohak Bhatt

    +Maddy Perella (WHOAmaddy) ...ok? I mean his lyrics concerning that reference didnt contradict that?

    Audie Lee

    Yesss! They’re together in the song, but the characters are brother and sister

  11. descendingoncewhile

    william reminds me so much of Shaun diviney from short stack

  12. belle

    can't believe that beckett has 30 years old..he looks like 21 on this video, such a dork and chubby

  13. zoecola


  14. Mark Galvez

    he's just like the guy on the walking dead, the son of deanna. i mean they do look a lot like each other lol

    dani mercury


  15. smilyface38

    I'm just not that into this.........sigh

  16. Amorcomouna

    Oh my
    I saw Bill on Saturday and he played this and it was AMAZING
    I met him afterwards and I'm in denial
    He is the loveliest person, he was so unbelievable nice and funny
    I can't believe it

  17. Valeria Rojas

    I just miss so much the old William Beckett :c

    Charlotte Parker

    I like his old stuff/style and his new stuff.. I'll always adore this man. <3

  18. crissy s.

    Mr. Rubik's Cube. No one knows what I'm talking about. Lol..


    Actually... I do :)

  19. Venessa Harris

    Bringing back the leg bandana! #oldschoolTAI

    Amber Hagood

    Aww I just noticed that! :')

  20. xLif30nMars

    Aaaahh I see him tomorrow! ;u;

  21. Anthony Jenkins

    I'm addicted to this song. So happy I stumbled upon this amazing artist. Cant wait to see him next week in Pittsburgh!!!!

  22. ouija bored

    This guy sort of reminds me of an 80's guy. Just sort of. Anyway, he's awesome! :D

  23. Skwarlogirlcfc

    just heard of this dude and already I think I have a new fav. singer

  24. Amorcomouna

    Such a good song, can't wait to see him in April! :D

  25. Kathie Hart

    He's such a sweetheart :3 I'm glad I got the chance to meet him

  26. Dante Virgil

    I love the Benny and Joon movie!!!

  27. kllyjrd

    I bet she had sex with him

    Charlotte Parker

    Um, he's got a wife and daughter you know..


    @Charlotte Parker The comment is facetious, I am not that familiar with the artist but the later part of your comment may not mean anything. 

    ouija bored

    @kllyjrd Bananas.

  28. Meg Power

    Saw him play this live last night <3 he was amazing!

  29. jumavipe

    he is cute :D
    but i miss the academy is... style

  30. missmerrie

    But, why is he so hot?

  31. Mia Bostic

    I like it

  32. Marisa Grant

    He still does this at every concert

  33. Carla

    Aaahhhhhhh <3.<3 William, You're the best!!! :*

  34. Red

    i love the little twist!

  35. Angelica Fuller

    Yes, he's saying 'they're staring at us sideways,' or giving them that look that says, "you're insane," They're looking at us like we're crazy, like the lovers, Sam and Joon, from the movie, Benny and Joon. They even reenacted some of the parts from the movie, like the sailing through the air with a broom on a wheeled piece of furniture. X3 Soooo sweeeeet!!!

  36. MrJALISCO1001

    Hey William what happened to that chick from About a Girl? hahaha

  37. Joselyn Hernandez

    the best song :3

  38. arashi191

    Absolutely addicted to this song!!!

  39. rose/rose

    They've been together for ages! like since before TAI shot the About a Girl video so if she had a problem with this kind of thing I'm sure she would've said something by now

  40. Shiloh Beazel

    Joon has a severe mental illness and Benny is constantly embarrassed of her... so they're looking at them like they're insane?? I'm sorry but the analogy just doesn't work here

  41. jgjtsngh


  42. yeerrmmoomm

    He's not insisting him and the girl are Benny and Joon, he's saying people are giving them looks as if they were Benny and Joon. <3

  43. Brian Labuda

    Oh Equal Vision... What happened to you?

  44. david maung

    Wow. This sucks! How is this the same guy who sang on the Academy Is... Almost Here record (their only good one but one of my all time faves)?! And how is this garbage on equal vision records? I guess I'm getting old.

  45. Jake McCoy


  46. Lochlan Watt

    What the fuck happened to Equal Vision

  47. Luis Lamf

    Bro seriously u are like one of the best musician ever im so proud of u #FanNumberOne

  48. Maha C

    does anyone know the name of the actress in the music video?

  49. Deathsshado

    Amazing song. Shame it was not made when that movie was in production because it would make the perfect outro tune.

  50. C Q

    Amazing energy throughout this song. Let's keep this hit song going. SHARE it wirh your friends and everyone you know!!

  51. Chickenjuggle

    I wonder what his girlfriend thought of this.

  52. grim vester

    God is this man gorgeous.

  53. Mercedes Marie

    He's like that in person too. I met him at Warped Tour and he was really kind of awkward and didn't say much. I think he might have social anxiety or something. He's super nice though. And amazing live!

  54. Kodamas

    Even I like this

  55. Lauren Orr

    <3_<3 I am in love with this song and video

  56. Alli Elizabeth

    I wonder how many times he kicked the camera filming at 1:44

  57. ANDRS

    he needs his long hair back!

  58. Carla

    He's mine!!! Love the video and song!!

  59. AletheAce

    He must have had fun shooting this music video.

  60. Emily Rose

    I can't even handle how precious this is.

  61. Andrea Garduño

    He is mine!!!

  62. mkultra84

    Nahhh that don't sound like The Who at all ....... nope.... not at all...

  63. beth popocatl

    artist, blonde, light eyes...reminds me of someone

  64. Errin Ward

    William Eugene Beckett you need to keep your eyes on the road

  65. Fernanda Estay Turra

    Benny & Joon? I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  66. candiamusic

    a great song =D

  67. JN Panda

    oh,how I love this guy but I'll never meet him 'cause I'm brazilian :/

  68. Brooklyn Baine

    so much love for william as a person and an artist <3 undoubtedly one of the kindest dudes in the music industry; i've been lucky enough to meet him and even talk to him on a few different occasions, and he's simply the best-- a truly genuine person through and through. i am /so/ glad he is getting to do his own solo stuff. this man deserves so much exposure, and i hope more people can discover his new quirky, poppy, catchy sound! this song is simply adorable and so is the video!

  69. Capipi

    Looks even younger!

  70. AleenaTheAwesome

    The song's great, but his moves are so awkward :s It might be part of the video, but he looks so spacey and jerky.

  71. Shiloh Beazel

    Benny and Joon were brother and sister, so the analogy is a little incest-y. It would have been more accurate if he called it 'Sam and Joon' or something. B&J is my favorite movies ever, though, if you like the song you should totally watch it

  72. Alice Cavalcante

    not gonna make fun over this :') <3

  73. ThatChickClaire

    I love him so much i could cry omg

  74. Anita Wilson

    ****My sister was the makeup artist for this video shoot. Check her out on facebook and like her page. Mel Wilson, Makeup Artist

  75. Leigha Skorich

    it was amazing seeing this live at warped tour. I absolutely love it! :D

  76. bic

    People need to realize that William is on solo career now, and it's natural to his music to change a little. Anyway, William is wonderful and everything he does is amazing.

  77. Victória Agostinho

    Love love love it! Will there, pretty please, be a making of?

  78. Jeremy Zapata Music

    "The lack of creative input from his former bandmates is very apparent," Well, he's a solo artist after all. Don't like it? don't comment. This was an awesome video. Awesome song. Can't wait for the album!

  79. Ethan Laymon

    People are going to hate this because its not what they're used to from William. But I like it. :)

  80. ashleymguzman

    Sounds great :)

  81. SirFunchalot

    song kinda sucks, the lack of creative input from his former bandmates is very apparent

  82. Christian Garcia


  83. Ashley Jolly

    They did such a great job on the video. Love it. ^.^

  84. s. kimber

    Anything Mr William Beckett does, I just love!

  85. Royalty

    second :)

  86. mister kadou

    First ;)