William Beckett - A Million People Lyrics

You let me in and you're still getting dressed
You take the time to always look your best
There's a million people just like me
But there's no one I'd dare compare to you

We're at the show under the marquee
You light a smoke and then lean into me
There's a million people just like me
But there's no one I'd dare compare to you, no

Daunting daydream, haunting heartstrings
Love, am I tall enough to reach such heights
And walk that line without looking down?

Behind the wheel as you crack a smile
I'm trying hard to make it worth your while
There's a million people just like me
But there's no one I'd dare compare to you

And then at home, I know what's on your mind
You're staring hard across the room with that look in your eyes
And there's no one I'd dare compare to you

Daunting daydream, haunting heartstrings
Love, am I tall enough to reach such heights
And walk that line without looking down?
Thank you my dear for getting me the strength I fear
I would not find without you around

Daunting daydream, haunt my heartstrings
Love, am I tall enough to reach such heights
And walk that line without looking down?
Well, thank you my dear for getting me the strength I fear
I would not find without you around, oh no

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William Beckett A Million People Comments
  1. lowkey craving death

    i’m not even a william beckett fan but this is really good

  2. emo

    do y’all think any of the artists on the punk goes anything series are actually punk lmao

  3. Sarah Symczak

    Got goosebumps from this song <3

  4. Who

    This song is highkey beautiful

  5. Karl Kraus

    anyone else low key listening to this in summer?

  6. TheLordShinnok

    Nice video I grew up Catholic then turned Agnostic then became Atheist.


    Interesting. I grew up agnostic with parents who were, in any practical sense, atheists. I'm now Catholic.

  7. random name for a random girl

    My life is complete. All is right in my life when I hear this. The beauty shields me from any harm or negativity.

  8. richie st. oliver


  9. Maggie Gordon

    The chorus at my school sings this song every year.

  10. Walter Rodríguez


  11. liz pgh


  12. Lucas W.

    You need to listen to the version Flyleaf made to this song. I find their one even better


    Nope. William nailed this perfectly 💙

  13. Akasha C-Z

    I'm dying wow punk goes Christmas damn you guys really picked a good one 😂

  14. Laney Hexx

    I fell asleep crying to this last night, not only are the lyrics so calming and beautiful but William's voice works in complete harmony to them.

  15. Brynn Harris

    Listening in August, working on my Christmas playlist early xD

    Victoria Atienza


    Jane Doe

    Some other ones you should consider adding to your playlist are: White Christmas - Panic! at the Disco, All I Want For Christmas - My Chemical Romance, Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fallout Boy, and Sickly Sweet Holidays - Dallon Weekes.

    Victoria Atienza

    @Nadine R MCR's All I Want For Christmas is definitely in my Christmas Playlist. :) 

    Jane Doe

    @Victoria Atienza Nice *high fives*

    Victoria Atienza

    @Nadine R killjoys fo life!!!!

  16. Aven Brickner

    Is it weird that it's Easter tight now and I'm listening to this? :P


    Still listening in June. xD

  17. NicTheTrik

    People are complaining that this cd isn't "Punk" enough. Look at the title. Its called Punk GOES Christmas, not Christmas GOES Punk. These guys just wanted to sing songs that they've heard every christmas, without butchering them with heavier instruments and screaming. Plus its a christmas album i think its really good the way it is

  18. AtomicShadow64

    I hear bullshit.

  19. Anthony Montesinos

    si lo quieres escuchar subtitulado visita mi canal 

  20. bona straight

    fearless record is the best all the time , when album  Punk Goes everything ,
    but punk goes christmas now the video , so bad not like punk goes pop 5 before

  21. Buzzcock102

    Didn't realise this was Pop Goes Christmas....

  22. Cups N stuff

    This song is lovely :)

  23. hannah barnett

    I thought this was meant to be PUNK goes Christmas.
    Doesn't seem very 'punk' to me...

    zach lealiou

    i feel the same. i was disappointed kinda

    Laney Hexx

    It's called Punk Goes Christmas, not Christmas Goes Punk. It's supposed to sound Christmasy, not constant screaming and wild guitars, but Set It Off's song on this album sounds pretty punk to me.


    They limited the screaming and intense guitars. Most of the songs on this album are electronic and acoustic and softer stuff even from the heavy bands all the album like Crown The Empire when I saw the song I was like yep there's definitely will be screaming but found out there was not any. The most "Punk" songs on this album would have to be Man Overboard, All Time Low, Jarrod Alonge, Being As An Ocean, ISSUES, Yellow card, New Found Glory, and Set it Off. The Ready Set, Summer Set, Jason Lancaster, William Beckett, and This Wild Life aren't even close to Punk they're just plain Pop to me.

  24. Supergirl9909

    i love his voice.. but i really hate this song ugh
    im trying to like this but i cant :c im so sorry~


    It's not for everyone. Don't be sorry for your tastes.

  25. djbowles17

    i think it would sound better if it was a hard version with different vocal styles. like growls and screams and stuff. like they singings good and then the part thats repeated could be screamed. but thats just me


    Not at all. Plus, that's not even what genre this guy would ever sing. He was part of The Academy Is...

  26. SenpaiSam

    I've seen William Beckett three times live. His voice makes me so happy

  27. Jillian Isaak

    The first time i heard it i didn't read the lyrics and i thought he said a tail as big as a car... lol

  28. 4FRNT1337

    Program used?

  29. Evaluuna M

    Glad the  whole album isnt just whiny "ima be alone on Christmas omg cuz life revolves around dating someone" songs. Glad they covered well known Christmas songs that are actually songs about Christmas' true meaning..


    Christmas means different things to different people. There is no universal "true meaning" for everyone. Musicians tend to write from the heart, and they also tend to spend a lot of time away from families, or on the road in general where it makes having a relationship difficult. This is why you get "whiny" songs from many musicians. There is a place in music for covers and originals (whiny or otherwise) of any genre.

    Evaluuna M

    @The Hockey Pancake Yeah well just my opinion :P I wanna hear Christmas songs.. not whiny love songs with the word Christmas in them.  There's a difference. 

    Kaoru son

    Well except this Christmas.....

  30. Laura Cerulli

    Just amazing&getting the new CD.

  31. Supmikecheck

    William Beckett has always been a huge reason why I did music, He has one of the best voices around! Just wish I wasnt so trashed at warped tour when I met him lol

  32. xTremeDrago

    Wow good work

  33. nacho man sandy cabbage

    Lol wtf is this shit

  34. shdowfox17

    the academy is needs to come back already >.>

  35. Zamer Zamry

    i just really miss the academy is...

  36. tristananvilcaster

    One of the best songs on album

  37. Markie Brown

    This is...pretty terrible, actually. 

  38. Eva Thompson

    I learned this in choir

  39. Elodie Kidd

    This is a great song, beautiful lyric video too

  40. Stubz Turner

    OK, this was just amazing.

  41. Pontus Gajzler

    Courage my love*

  42. Pontus Gajzler

    Listen to the one done by Vourage my love.