Willa Ford - Lullaby Lyrics

Just cause I'm small, can't hurt you at all
I'm only a girl, what to do?
Let me sing my song for you
Not many can
resist my command
I know just how to get to you
Let me sing
my song for you

When you lay down late at night
I'm the siren you can't fight
I know you don't stand a chance
There is nothing you can do
Once I put my spell on you
When I sing my lullaby
When I sing for you my lullaby

Now that you see
It wasn't a dream
Reality got the best of you
Told ya boy, I will come after you
Now it's too late
Can't hesitate,
To hide this fate with deja vu
Watch out, boy, I'm coming for you

When you lay down late at night
I'm the siren you can't fight
I know you don't stand a chance, boy
There is nothing you can do
Once I put my spell on you
When I sing my lullaby
When I sing to you my lullaby

In your sleep
It's got you so deep,
My sweet melody
Has captured you (ooh)

Lullaby (No, no)
Lullaby (Lullabyy..)
When I sing for you my lullaby
Sing my lullaby..

When you lay down late at night
I'm the siren you can't fight.
I know you don't stand a chance, boy
There is nothing you can do
Once I put my spell on you
When I sing my lullaby

Sing my lullaby

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Willa Ford Lullaby Comments
  1. luiza ö

    17 december 2019 This song makes me miss that golden times very very very much. As a child i didnt pay attention to the credits, where the soundtrack is..... its só magical how this relates to pokemon!

  2. Brian Zamora

    about to be 2020, and im still coming back to this song XD

    Hits that bubblegum pop craving oh-so good..

  3. avionpiscean33

    This was my theme song growing up. That's a very scary thought.

  4. silvergbasp13

    This song skips like shit on my CD I have of this lol.

  5. Vladimir Makarov

    Who remember this movie back in the day

  6. Jamarius Walker

    Yo who da artist of this song? I wanna know!

  7. john johnson

    2019... This song still has me by the balls

  8. BurnMaster Three6Delta

    A surprisingly dark song

  9. david wong

    song is tight from andrew wong

  10. Lord Kermit

    what if this is what the move sing sounds like from a pokemon perspective

  11. Ms Olivia

    This was my favorite song on the WHOLE album

  12. Rae ofLyte

    In your sleep
    It's got you so deep,
    My sweet melody
    Has captured you for ever more...
    When I sing for you my lullaby
    Sing my lullaby...
    When you lay down late at night
    I'm the siren you can't fight
    I know you don't stand a chance
    There's nothing you can do
    Once I put my spell on you
    When I sing my lullaby...

  13. laly w

    De ella sake el apellido q me puse.jeje yo la eterna de fan de BSB. Solo para entendidos 😍

  14. Super Pro Gamer Maeson The Raccon

    My Favorite Pokémon

  15. Francisco Soto seves

    La canción que más me gustó, cuando escuché este álbum en esos años uff cuando yo era preadolescente, y de allí escuché el disco entero de willa ford

  16. Orioles1997

    Still one of my favorite songs at 26. <3

  17. NahTuSabes eh

    this few songs i dint skip off the yellow and blue CD

  18. Masterofvore TH

    I always saw this as the unofficial theme for Blue from Pokemon special

  19. Din Din


  20. Nimo Fa

    I remember this from the merited from the year 2000

  21. Caveman Quill

    Got my sharpie ready

  22. Toon Link

    I love the inclusion of all the late 90s R&B in this album.

  23. Maryann Soriano

    it was like Jigglypuff transformed into a human and started singing

    Viola Lockhart

    Maryann Soriano indeed

  24. JaCQuELiNe RoGuE

    I can't find this damn song on iTunes someone help


    No luck over here either :(

    Nero McCloud

    Google search youtube converter. paste the link from the url and click convert. It will download to your iTunes in 30 seconds.

  25. shadow king13

    This movie and this song in particular hit me hard as an elementary school kid. The movie had mewtwo (still my favorite Pokémon) who felt he didn’t belong anywhere and wanted to be alone 9 out of 10 times (and tbh i still feel like that 20-25 years later). Man it felt good to get that off my chest

  26. Rezzmari

    I thought Jigglypuff was a guy despite the very girly voice. XD

    King Nexus MOCs

    Why would you ever think that?

    Modern World

    @King Nexus MOCs Jigglypuff can be male.

  27. Adolfo Segura Can

    How can get the video of this song anyone?

  28. Will Huey

    i had this album as a kid i got it for my birthday.

  29. ItsNoahScott

    Jiggly puff the most underrated Pokémon.

  30. Damn jiggly goin in on this hit

  31. cassbvtt

    This is so 2000 lmao I love it


    cassbvtt 1999

  32. worthlessfools1

    This song makes Jigglypuff sound like a demonic siren who puts people to death through her song.

    "When you lay down late at night,
    I'm the siren you can't fight.
    I KNOW you don't stand a chance...

    There is nothing you can do
    once I put my spell on you
    when I sing my lullaby..."

    If those aren't the words of a creepy silent killer, I don't know what is. Love this song.

    Alex Perez

    worthlessfools1 that is true. But in the end she was just a trickster


    Which explains why she got so mad. She was expecting to gain servants but instead got sleeping people.

    foxy miko

    worthlessfools1 more like a horny yandere


    worthlessfools1 This Mandah girl who is singing is Amanda Williford, who later changed her stage name to Willa Ford and had a hit song named "I Wanna Be Bad", so it fits 😈


    @foxy miko the yandere anthem

  33. Dillon Harp

    This jam had straight up sex appeal when I was a kid lmao

    Lance's Channel

    Dillon Harp I could listen to this eating a female snorlax out

  34. Goldie Ghost

    i re-bought this entire album just for this song. my computer doesn't even have a disc drive.

  35. tocopheryl acetate

    Wow this was my favorite song on this CD lol

  36. The Ascending Apothicon

    This is the song couples that enjoy Pokèmon fuck to 😂

  37. Nemo Fa

    from a member from.2000, I use to have that cd song

  38. Gen B-D

    My younger self used to call this song: the jigglypuff song


    Gen B-D still hahahah

    Cartman Angel Dragon

    Same here Lol xD

  39. Sapphire Valley

    *falls down asleep*


    Ivan Ramirez

    Sapphire Valley jigglypuff

  40. mercury a2000

    I googled pokemon lullaby expecting to find some fan made lullaby referencing pokemon.

    I am satisfied with what I got instead

  41. Tranquilino Padilla

    Lulla By Mandah

  42. Kylie Potter

    When I hit this after searching for a soft and sweet lullaby for a fanfic I'm writing I thought "Oh, must be something cute." and then I heard Jigglypuff....then the damn eargasam for this! I was like "Holy shit, that's good! Not what I expected, but GOOD."

  43. Blossom Fever

    Best song in the soundtrack

  44. Greg Poblete

    I forgot how tight this song is


    Straight slaps

  45. biblegirl

    This and the theme song have been in my head since I downloaded the app

    Joselyn Rivera

    What app?

  46. Chris Joseph

    it's willa ford but she went under the name mandah for this

    Oh Phoque

    Or as the Nick Carter fans at the time dubbed her ManDUUUUUH.

    Ms Olivia

    I always wondered who sung this

  47. Fery S.P

    I want to know her name.


    The singer's name is Mandah. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon:_The_First_Movie#Soundtrack

    Fery S.P

    +Josué Hernández thanks a lot ♡


    she actually goes by Willa Ford lol


    Mandah aka Amanda Williford aka Willa Ford

  48. Anthony Gant

    Does anyone know the chords to this song?

  49. Crystal Fa

    this is so anzeing and I think I m like the win the prizes for the big screaming ola fijina

  50. ShayLover 614

    The only problem with this soundtrack is, "Fly With Me" by 98o

    Ivan Ramirez

    ShayLover 614 are you sure shay??

    Princess Pikachu

    ShayLover 614 I'd say Brittany Spears Soda Pop was WORSE...

  51. Sora the Fire Dragon

    why is it that whenever I hear this song I picture Rosalina singing it?

    Sora the Fire Dragon

    And Rosalina holding them as she sings it oh that would be an awesome idea for an animation!!!!X3!

    Alec Perdeau

    @Sora the Fire Dragon send this idea to someone who could do it!

    Sora the Fire Dragon

    @Alec Perdeau maybe one of my friends on DA could

    Alec Perdeau

    @Sora the Fire Dragon I'm on DA as well. Just look for CannedMadMan66 if you are interested.

    Sharme Sciarra

    I thought I was the only one! 😅

  52. Travis Tyler

    I love how in the show jigglypuff basically was an invincible badass

    Lord Kermit

    im pretty sure jigglypuff makes a return ever single season atleast once


    Who drew on everyone's faces

  53. Ruled Out


  54. zxired’s backup

    Mew me meeeew!!!

    Youngster Julia

    @Ultimate Mew do I know you...?

  55. Gilberto Banuelos

    I need this song!!!

    zxired’s backup

    Meew mew! ( Me Too!!!)

    Luís Miranda


    Luís Miranda

    No need login or register

  56. BeastModeOnZ

    The only Pokemon to have a song dedicated to it only jiggly puff

    Shade Silverstun

    +NaruXhinaX Gamer70 In the soundtrack, yes but they game out with a Slowpoke song recently. It's so amazing and it's got Reggae beats to it!

    Princess Pikachu

    NaruXhinaX Gamer70 two songs. There was another one on the Pokemon movie 3 soundtrack as well. It's called Song of Jigglypuff!


    Pikachu and Magikarp have songs as well.

  57. Sorry2Say22

    Is this from jigglypuff's perspective?


    gonna go with yes


    +MetaSonic543 This is what she thinks she is singing.

    Alec Perdeau

    Is there an Ursuring shitting in the woods right now?


    I dunno, but their known to go into the liquor tent.

    Jack Knight

    Pokemonster 699 YES!!!!! Hahahaha

  58. The Grey Mortal

    I'll play this when I play Jigglypuff in Smash.

    Youngster Julia

    @Isamu Oki OH MY YES!

  59. TBoneTony

    However my favorite pokemon soundtrack was the second pokemon movie, Pokemon 2000 the power of one. that CD had some of the best songs that reflected the movie as well as the pokemon series at the time. Even having Wierd Al Yankovic sing the Polkamon song in his own style of Poke Rap.

    As well as some really amazing songs like Donna Summer's Power of One as well as other people singing songs like Dreams, With all your heart, the Extra Mile, Flying Without Wings. They were all awesome songs.

    Kinda wished the First movie soundtrack had better songs, but I know that at least the first movie had Lullaby that perhaps what saved this album from me trading it back. 

  60. TBoneTony

    I love this song, all the other songs other than the last few really sucked and felt it did not really resemble the pokemon series or did not really reflect the movie that well.

    But this song, and the last few like if only tears could bring you back and brother my brother, really made the soundtrack worth it.

    Even now, I love this Lullaby song, I think of jigglypuff singing it. and it is sure is allot different from the anime version of it. 

  61. noelliepollie



    I still have my copy of the album!

    Alex Savage

    same. 31 and still remember when I saw this in the theater and the ancient mew card you got when you saw it.

    shadow king13

    Alex Savage oh yeah I remember those I wonder how much those are worth today?🤔

    new philmz

    Then why are you listening on youtube?

    Viola Lockhart

    I fucked up the cassette cuz I would play it so much

  62. Eric Lee LeBeau

    This song is so fucking good. After 11 years I listen to the whole album again. And at my 21 years old I can say this is the best song of the album (Besides Pokemon theme)

  63. NunezBobby1

    Why is this spam?

  64. Cucks Watch Blacked Videos!

    The girl who sings this is Willa Ford.

    She used to be "Mandah" but changed it on her brief singing career.

  65. viktorija bunny

    best pokemon movie o.e x333

  66. Mooli Na

    I agree :D

  67. MrDeadlyBootz

    I know these songs are so damn hard to find it's frustrating, but totally worth it haha

  68. Mooli Na

    I've been searching for this song for awhile now and finally found !!

  69. Luna Stardust

    lol. xD

  70. Parvati48

    I'm trying to figure out how those lyrics could possibly mean that... O.o

  71. Klaine101KB

    I've always loved this song, its always been my favourite on the CD :D

  72. Merialiies

    Been lookin for this song since YouTube got started thanx for puttin it up :)

  73. haffiti2000

    who da fuk is mini moni

  74. Rebear

    i cant believe they stole from mini moni with this song... mini moni sang this song first but they called it crazy about you

    Steven Paul-Smith

    They sound nothing alike at all. And this movie came out before that song

  75. Xanthia Geist

    My favorite song ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Music 4U

    i miss this album..i bought a tape of this in 2000 and was one of those albums i used to play a lot back in those days..this is one of my favorite tracks on the album..

  77. Righteousclaim

    *Falls asleep and wakes up with black marker drawings on face*


    **hands you a mirror**

  78. Erin Willems

    This whole album just screams 90s nostalgia.


    So true!