Willa Ford - Kiss Me Goodnight Lyrics

I see u everyday
watching me looking at me
i get so hot when u look
at me like that
why dont u

kiss me goodnight
and tell me i'm yours
kiss me and love me
and comfort me

I want u to hold me and tell
me all the things u love about me
oh boy i want u so bad i just want a kiss (a kiss baby)
u need me, i need u just

kiss me goodnight
and tell me i'm yous
kiss me and love and
comfort me (just 1 kiss)

oh baby i've been dreaming about
this for so long baby so long
I want this so bad baby so bad just one kiss, one kiss, one kiss

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Willa Ford Kiss Me Goodnight Comments
  1. Mrs G

    Man I love my mom. Showed me a the best.

  2. MetalMan Mike

    Top 100 ALL-TIME...OF EVERYTHING!!!!

  3. Adam Honesty and decency

    Zeitgeist captured.👍🏻

  4. bruce cooke

    hottest chic on the plant back in the day still love her 2020 & I know what I like

  5. Donna Smith

    Oh in palmerston north 2 days ago at Irish bar king Street

  6. synchromorph

    I would get into a fight with women who wanted to fuck me. Maybe it's a musician thing.

  7. james musisca

    another lady in kick ass rock

  8. james musisca

    she gets with me

  9. james musisca

    i didn't get laid

  10. Zorro Ze

    when music was fun

  11. Freddy Brenna

    Runaways….. But love Lita

  12. Agnaldo Reis

    Música boa, bom pra ouvir

  13. Rick B

    No question about it Lita was and is the sexiest woman in metal.

  14. Eliana navarro


  15. Donald Chase

    Lita Ford Joan Jett Pat benatar Stevie nicks all 4 are pretty damn hot

  16. Harry Cox

    But it is a big thing.....you would like it.

  17. John Gowan

    Magnificent voice effects of this song she’s beautiful and awesome singer

    Chester Swing Jr

    John Gowan - And she can shred a guitar!! I saw her a couple years at Gettysburg Bike fest. She's still beautiful, and still rocks!!!

  18. D Hill

    Oh Lita, this is my most favorite song!! I cranked the stereo in my Black '86 Mustang GT and belted your rock'in licks out of the T-Tops. Your music, I-94 and the rumble from the 5.0 tailpipes have left an indelible imprint on my soul! Thank you Lita & Rock on!!!

  19. oscarwildeghost

    Oh to be in my 20's again, what a f'ing party the 70's and 80's were....

    pamela campbell

    oscarwildeghost I was 14 when this came out lol

  20. Sands of Time

    Me shoveling and salting the snow.....

  21. Maria Wyatt

    Hi. About to rock this out in our band

  22. Eduardo ureña montoya

    Mi amor

  23. Keyonte Dollison

    Lita,Joan,Pat are sexy women and the whole lot world🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤

  24. Movie News


  25. NJV


  26. Luan Steenkamp


  27. King Trey


  28. Benny Rangel

    Song 🤗

  29. The Whip

    Fuck I miss the 80s

  30. Ks Young

    The first time I down loaded into the spank bank

  31. William White

    So HOT!!!

  32. xFLNx

    When Rock Music gets Sexy !!

  33. Sebastian Moreno

    Thank you Captain Marvel for introducing me this song! Now I want to hear Brie Larson cover this song.

  34. YPO6

    Great decade. Lita Ford, Sodom, Bon Jovi, Discharge, Whitesnake, Casiopea, Celtic Frost, Crumbsuckers, Michael Jackson, Electro Hippies, Jeff Lorber, Swans, Deviated Instinct
    and many others

  35. Rene Lagunas

    There should've been a "Playboy Music Channel"...

  36. Judas Knight

    If Lita Ford and loverboy got in a fight who would win?

  37. MetalMan Mike

    You think Lita ever watches this Video and thinks ....FUCK!! I WAS HOT....I know I sure do :)
    \m/ \m/ ROCK ON!!! ....Thanks for the memories Lita...You Rocked my World

  38. sebrina cooper


  39. Nathan Davies

    Classic memories of growing up to this kick ass song, the great days that would never end. God damn she is sooooooooooo sexy and very, very talented. Long live Lita!!!!

    Christs Cragle

    Nathan Davies excellent guitarist

  40. Jennifer Russell

    Ummm is she wearing knee pads? Nothing says sexy like a good ole pair of knee pads!!!!! 🤷‍♀️

    Kristi Simonon

    Jennifer Russell her knees are naked in this video and she's sliding/crawling around on the floor. they're to prevent her knees from getting skinned up. that's not sexy.

  41. Rodger Morris

    I met Lita Ford in 1986 in Los Angeles and again in 2012. She was Hot then and still is today! The best of the best bar none!

  42. Nicholas Puderbaugh

    I love this song my favorite older song I could jam to this song for a longtime

  43. douglas hagan

    Ho to looking!!

  44. K Korman

    2020 anyone?

    Ermak Freeman

    старое лутше.

  45. gary cooper

    dam if for one night i could die the next day and be ssssoooooo hhhhhhhaaaaapppppy

  46. koolaid117

    30+ years later and still sooooo fucking hot!!!

  47. Sir Sim, Esquire

    It's 2020 peeps. We ready to bring back this good sh!t?! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  48. Chuckles_BOT_

    I saw her live over the summer, and she still has it. Her voice hasn't changed.

  49. Diego McTaylor


  50. Verutschkow

    It's only fair that this former Runaway got her own big hit, just like Joan Jett ..

  51. Mark Nicolau

    Lita Ford's music is like poison without cc deville or motley crue without vince neil

  52. dukeallen2001

    So hot...it makes me miss the 80s.

  53. Clóvis Samá Dias

    Wow, Randy Castillo on drums, RIP!

  54. Andy Vidito

    Not bad

  55. Summer of Kitty Love

    Such a top 40 poppy song for looking so metal!

  56. Lisa Longo

    she was just so hot .

  57. Ruben Martinez

    Just realized why loved the 80s, it was the MUSIC

    Nolan Randolph

    And lita ford! Damn!!

  58. Edward Kalima

    So Bad Ass you can't get any better than Her Hit Miss Lita

  59. Barry McCockiner

    Lita was just an amazonian goddess around this time around 1988 . She looked so much more California girl , model-esque , tanned , beach bodied femme fetale without the tattoos for sure . Her tattoos all over her body In the 90's really de-valued her natural beauty for me . Her bleach blonde mane , Leather Bra , and blue jeans outfit she would wear was mouth watering on her in her 80's videos . So many girls in my junior high and High 🏫 school would dress just like her in 1988 / 89 . Those were the days 😍😎😉🤔🙄😏😌😵😱😬😰😨😧😦🙃🤑😲😇🤠🤓💀☠️😈🤖🙈🙉🙊

  60. My Name

    Haha Lita talks about how she tried to have sex with Tony Iommi and he was so drugged up on coke he was impotent but she states she finally got him off


    off the drugs or off...nevermind lol

  61. eventvisionsinc

    We need a time machine , seriously nothing like the 80’s ❤️


    Right??? I say it all the time. *I soooooo MISS the 80's!*
    I guess we'll just have to keep coming to YouTube till we get one 😊


    Seen a cover band couple years ago outdoors,the waether was great the crowd was older they played this song it sounded just like this but better because of the massive sound from the speakers and for a moment I was back in the 80s

  62. Movie News

    I like the look to beeeeee...

  63. Brent Spencer

    Very sexy

  64. John Lopes

    To little listen to me cher Im not going to take that from you.

  65. Sin Sanity

    I find it hard to believe she didn't get laid at that party. Jesus. 😍

    Jeffrey Padgett

    The only way that happened was if it was a gay men's party

    Jeffrey Padgett

    The only way that happened was if she went to a gay men's party

  66. snarebare2

    When my daughter learn to talk....this was on her favorite songs.....all she sang in her diapers was “Kiss Me wanps” that all she sang and dance to your song....true love to your video

    Leeanne Cosier

    God love her 😁

  67. cruehead355

    Saw Lita open for Motley Crue in Monroe, La 1990. I got laid that night : )

  68. Anette Adams

    Aaaah man I lived this song and STILL do

  69. Robbie Robinson

    Excellent example of keyboards being used well in a rock song. All-around great ditty!

  70. Mooch Kawasaki

    love this song !!

  71. Paul Carlozzi


  72. Paul Carlozzi


  73. Ku Rules


  74. Brett Koeshall

    A very sexy Lita Ford.

  75. Which Doctor

    Was watching Captain Marvel and the music was awesome including this track during the Karaoke bar memory recall scene! Great times!

  76. Svftkookie

    Every time it gets to the chorus i always hear my dad’s voice singing it (when he’s not) for example i have earphones on right now and i can just hear him. It’s just a nice moment to have ♥️

  77. Jack Sherwood

    If you remember the 80s, you weren't there!😛

  78. bigmaxy07

    I liked her torn jeans look the best

  79. New Music from Cole Son, Singer Songwriter

    Sex Bomb! True Rock Star!

  80. Chairman Meow

    Nirvana erased this genre from earth in one day

    My Name

    And Kurt Cobain erased his brains in one shot

    Chairman Meow

    My Name yeah that was fast.

  81. ben rios

    Captain marvel brought me here lita Ford kiss me deadly

  82. Queen of Nevers

    Everyone: mullet can't be sexy
    Lita: Hold my hair-spray.

  83. Chris Ranz

    Oh yes Lita Ford great vocals terrific guitar player great stage presence plus she's pretty to look at if you agree give me a hoot y'all have a great morning Happy New Year and by all means God bless the eighties

  84. Aaron Danforth

    1st Female Guitarist that Rocked..... I wanna be in a Nursing Home with this Music.....

  85. Fleetwood Mac

    Geiles Lied.....

  86. Tara


  87. Dillan Versai

    What a great song!!!! I've liked a lot of different genres of music over the years, but I keep coming back to the 80s hairbands and hard rock ... the hooks, rifts, I can never get enough of it!!!!

  88. Reper1483

    Face it folks Lita Ford is the essential Sex Kitten Poster Babe of The 80s! The Best part is not only did she have the sexapeal, but she wrote and preformed her own music better than anyone else and still is doing same today!

  89. Jackie Flores

    This is when leotards were beautifully cool! I will always be an 80's girl!

  90. Hans Cramon

    When december is full of all that CHRISTMAS-CRAB i listen to this song and I feel happy again!!!

  91. Donald Chase

    Lord Kurt i'hear ya.

  92. David Faas


    #LitaFord It's Tuesday December 24th 2019 And Just to say You Were a gorgeous woman back then And What a Phenomenal Song #KissMeDeadly And great #guitarplaying that Was #80sRock #80sNostalgia Sincerely Always, Dave Minnesota

  93. Gokulesh dj GKspace

    Sexy and femenine..learn girls how is like a real woman...

  94. Retro Man

    Hmm..so sexy and what a talent..they cannot compare today.

  95. Tommi Leikoski

    Lita Ford did not get laid? Yeah right...

  96. Emilio José Brea Valtierra

    Lita forever

  97. JRA dawg

    Still sexy …. 12/20/2019

  98. zac jacobs

    Lita...thank you!!!! Always had a crush on you. Now I'm doing good with my STAR. She gets a little jealous about my crush. Lol.

  99. Brian Jensen

    kick the world in the ass till it gets back to the 80s.

  100. Victor R.

    ( Cocaine sniff )at 21 seconds! How come no one ever mentions that. I noticed that first time I saw video and I was 14! LOL

    Leeanne Cosier

    Still can't here that

    Victor R.

    @Leeanne Cosier it's a clear quick sniff as she lowers her head to the floor at 21 seconds. Its not only.audible but visual.


    Dude I totally here that. Never noticed that before. Party like a rock star. Lol 😂🤘🙂

    Victor R.

    @ArizMo2015 yup. Lita has admitted: when it comes to drugs I've done everything and anything! Lol, but, she is over that know.