Will Young - Evergreen Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Eyes, like a sunrise
Like a rainfall
Down my soul
And I wonder,
I wonder why you look at me like that
What you're thinking,
What's behind
Don't tell me, but it feels like love


I'm gonna take this moment
and make it last forever
I'm gonna give my heart away
and pray we'll stay together
'Cause you're the one good reason
You're the only girl that I need
'Cause you're more beautiful than I have ever seen
I'm gonna take this night
and make it Evergreen

[Verse 2]

Touch, like an angel
Like velvet to my skin
And I wonder,
Wonder why you wanna stay the night
What you're dreaming
What's behind
Don't tell me, but it feels like love


(Don't tell me, but it feels like love)
[Chorus to end]

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Will Young Evergreen Comments
  1. Nikolas Gilmore

    Who listen 2020?

  2. heather quigley

    Love this guy never made a bad record,love this record

  3. Bobo Mo

    who's the original westlife or this one


    Westlife. However, this is the better version

  4. Andrew Keeton

    He is a tremendous singer and entertainer. That is all that matters, disappointed in other comments.

  5. Anna Mitford

    Pure and beautiful xxx

  6. robert catterall

    To the only woman I have ever loved she knows who she is..... miss you darlin ......

  7. wiserkid7

    I feel, things were tough on him. Today an artist, can come out as gay, and be praised, but everyone always doubted him. I, for one, loved this song! And respect him for the person he is, not by his sexuality!

  8. james gray

    The best winners song ever

  9. Raj Uniyal

    I heard this song first time as a westlife song... so is it before them or after them....

    Joben Mendoza

    Westlife is the original

  10. Federica fiffa

    Quanto lo amavo e continuerò a farlo.... Ogni sua canzone mi fa venire i brividi ❤

  11. Wayne Moore

    Neur is that you

  12. Rosielauren1

    Love this x

  13. Theresa Carmody

    This song is so gorgeous

  14. Anton 20

    Beautiful voice!

  15. MrSeph9999

    why they are not making this kind of music anymore?
    year 2002

  16. Maureen Ashton

    Shows Wills pure heart and soul

  17. Maureen Ashton

    Fabulous. Such a pure, clear, beautiful voice that goes to my heart and shows his pure heart and dojo.

  18. heather quigley

    Beautiful song ,back in my dark days

  19. lee hollebon

    I love this song

  20. fina FJ

    Where is he now. .Will Young

  21. Jade Keating King

    Cant stop crying. 😢😢

  22. Tajia Joel

    2019 wow😘😍💖💝

  23. Wannarat Suntiamorntut

    I still love this song "evergreen"

  24. Duncan038

    Will Young , great voice , good bloke , glad to see he is still around and doing new music. Love this song - either by Westlife , Will or Gareth Gates.

  25. Veronika F

    Romantic and nice

  26. Arif Amin


  27. carol boyle

    I walked down the aisle 15yrs ago to this song

  28. Ruben Maximux Gonzalez

    We love u in Dallas, Texas. I love you Will and u make me have reason to live everyday!! I remember being in love when I hear your music. I'm alone now ; months ,maybe a year has gone by and I will never forget how your music made my moments in love so much better. I remember what matters most; thank to you Will.

  29. Mirai Sakura

    I found this song in my english book today in class lol
    It's nice,i don't regret searching for it

  30. Mathew Davies

    Loving this song still xxx

  31. MrnintendoSEGAfan1

    This was my birth song

  32. Maureen Howard

    Love love love this!!💕💕😍❤️💕😍

  33. Lucy Scott

    This was my sisters frunul song I can’t spell

  34. Simply Jesse

    I was confused before until now. Is Westlife the original or Will Young??

    Pauline Morgan

    Will Young

    Justin Patton

    Westlife was the original release. Will recorded it as a final song for pop idol.
    I know he don't think a lot of this song though.


    Westlife was the original release in 2001, but there's no music video of this song.

    Joben Mendoza

    Westlife is the original. It is include in their album world of our own. But they release it as a single only in the Philippines.

  35. Bella 94

    Oh I wish I could go back.

  36. Steven Harris

    Jess always welcome and Rachel

  37. Steven Harris

    Feelings, words cant describe how i feel get me back to the real me please 💕

  38. Emma Flynn

    I dedicate this song to the most beautiful girl in the world, my girlfriend, my fiance, my wife and my best friend. I love you - and whenever you need a reminder, come back to this song and read the first comment

  39. al farel

    2019 anyone lol

  40. Sarah Duncan

    My mum and dad's wedding song 💜

  41. monika dunns

    who's still listening to this beautiful song in August 2019 ? Will does have a very smooth and beautiful voice. this takes me back down memory lane.


    Same here,I remember watching those shows with my daughters

    Toppey Thank you . Turvay so much


    Toppey Thank you . Turvay so much


  42. janice hatcher

    When talent shows had real TALENT ❤️

  43. MB Guttersnipe

    A great song. His second album is amazing.

  44. Purple Rain

    I love this song. We picked it for our first dance when we married in 2002, we are still together and very happy 😊

  45. Precious One

    2019 and I still love this song🎶♥️

  46. sunny _ cookies2695

    Love this song XX this was my cousin song two she dead now god rip her she was out went her hubby the day haven't fun the sponge was planning she was singing along he an her nest might the car was going fuming band in to a allow car it was to let to save her rip that y i play this songs for her before I go to sleep.her hubby he went he new family now
    You still he No1 frist wife no matter want you come 1 he play you songs to we'll are still thinking off you babe xxx😇 you went the angle now

  47. moff42

    Pop idol winner my son would have been on this one but sadly he lost his life the day before his application form came in but hey he will be singing up in heaven god bless u son

  48. Angela Gatenby

    Love this song

  49. Надилка Милка

    Прекрасная песня как и сам исполнитель.

  50. Força e Fé

    Amo esse cara!!😍

  51. Halifah Bt Abdul Hamid Kak Long

    Who watching this in 2019 ?😁

    Loraine Hill

    I am simply the best

    pamela heath

    I am and will be in 2020 plus all his other great songs - he has a fantastic unique voice which you recognise as soon as he sings the first words x

  52. FilanEgan Westlife

    Westlife brought me here..this song is didicated to thier philippines fans and only realeased as a single😘😘and top one on chart😘nice version by will young😘😘😘wow😗😗


    By the way, this is winning song of Will Young when he won the title of "British Idol" early 2000's (along with Kelly Clarkson, she won the title of the 1st American Idol winner at the same year).

  53. Kucing Kelabu

    I like westlife and gareth version more....but this is good too

  54. Wayne Murray

    He won pop idle when he sang, light my fire 🔥

  55. Summer Tummer

    He was blind in his audition. How did he go black here?

  56. Toni Copperthwaite

    For the most amazing woman the prettiest and most caring woman I've ever met

  57. Eileen Smith

    For the most amazing most prettiest loving caring woman i have ever met

  58. shadow boy 2004

    I remember when it first came out it was the best but now it's not so yeah I in joyed the last but of willie young my favourite singer

  59. Ancel Londres

    Evergreen" is a pop song, co-written by Jörgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger, and originally recorded by Irish boy band Westlife. The song appears on their album World of Our Own, and was released as a single only in the Philippines, where it reached number one.[1] It was composed in the traditional verse–chorus form in C major, with Filan and Feehily's vocal ranging from the chords of F#3 to B4.[2]

    to those who are confused who sang it originally..

  60. Lana Rivéra Chen

    Almost as good as westlife's version! Both are the best!

    Mika Miks

    Lana Rivéra Chen of Borneo wait, there’s a West life version???😮

    Lana Rivéra Chen

    @Mika Miks yes it is.. Try listen to them..

  61. Ronald Paul Evans

    its a great song but am not a bum bandit thats all

  62. Ronald Paul Evans

    Am no bum bandit but will ace

  63. Ronald Paul Evans

    My mother loved this guy RIP mum

  64. John McGovern

    Good job Will Young! I see agape love not terrible love emanating from you!

  65. Ric Rok

    Nice song Will

  66. Andrea Morgan

    Total agree

  67. qingqing Yan


  68. The boltonian explorer

    Awesome I still sing this song to day I mix my version between will and Gareth but I add a twist to make it my own version

  69. Marian Hanson Confidence Coach

    I remember when he won Pop Idol, well deserved! I bought his album. He’s like Sam Smith he has a quality voice that’s unmistakable!

  70. Paulo Jorge Pereira Basilio

    Beutifull music🎶

  71. Maryam Utaifa

    originally a Westlife song ...an alright cover

    Maryam Utaifa

    Chris James lol okay ..google !!

    Katnis Everdeen

    Original is westlife..

  72. Shiree Abrahim

    he is 39 but he is turning 40 in 2019

  73. Nicolè Bradley

    When singers could actually sing 🎤

  74. Kealan Mould

    Kealan Mould

  75. Aldrin Abad

    Westlife cover is more better! Anyway good...JUNE 2019 ANYONE??



    Ancel Londres

    Evergreen" is a pop song, co-written by Jörgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger, and originally recorded by Irish boy band Westlife. The song appears on their album World of Our Own, and was released as a single only in the Philippines, where it reached number one.[1] It was composed in the traditional verse–chorus form in C major, with Filan and Feehily's vocal ranging from the chords of F#3 to B4.[2]

  76. Rebekka Stefánsdóttir

    Great singer

  77. mikz Ramos

    Ist person ever revive the song of westlife....great

  78. S P

    Willow Park by Stephen Pearmine on Amazon now. By the way this song's great.

  79. Aldren Culagbang

    Wow,!nice songs for me

  80. Becki Tawn

    2019 and still loving this song

  81. Hitcher177

    Still sounds as good today, as all those years ago.  A true hit and a special voice.

  82. Y209 AEX

    Why is he singing about girls? we all know that 180 degree angle's a lie :/

  83. kathryn shaw

    love this song x

  84. Iphone max

    It was also revived by westlife

    Ancel Londres

    westlife did it first

    Joben Mendoza

    Nope, westlife was the original

  85. Iphone max

    May 3 2019 my idol. I love you

  86. Gregory Shufelt

    great voice. handsome man.

  87. Leah Thorburn

    Me and my husband have been together 18years now and it feels like This was our song, Mabye not as long as 18 but not far away x

  88. Minenhle Mkabayi


  89. Elaine Ferguson

    So much better than west life!

    Toppey Thank you . Turvay so much

    Any boy wil do

    Toppey Thank you . Turvay so much

    Any boy band will

  90. Siarraa C

    Wish songs these days are as beautiful as this song.. My all time favorite😍💕

  91. The Ginger Pig

    Jamie Mitchell brought me here 😫

  92. Anthony Anthony

    Hester Cornelius Johannes this is still for you

  93. Jonathan Lenthang

    This is really good.
    Ok one question, Who sang it first, him or westlife??


    I'll give it to westlife