Will Smith - Wave Em Off Lyrics

From a distance, you can witness the glow from my entourage
Gravitate towards the ambiance
see me & my men on CNN, then the birth of the inevitable hate begin
cause hate is the chld to greatness
the glue between Neo & the Smiths in the matrix, yin to the yang
It just must be, ask anybody with a Grammy or an MVP

I said stop, get out, I don't need this hate around me
All your negativity might drown me I just try to go hard, doing my job
Stop, get out - the whole world loves me cause I do what I do
& I don't like the energy coming from you Trying to play me soft, wave em off


(I just wave em off, yeah) I ain't concerned with your hatin' that don't slow down my paper makin
(wave em off, yeah) While the whole world recognize, you looking at me with your crooked eyes
(wave em off yeah) Love me, I paved the way, boys we can't behave this way come on
(wave em off, yeah)While the whole world recognize, you looking at me with your crooked eyes
Coming of age I invaded nations, on stage, I seen Haitian & Asian faces
No vacations just more locations, I go places, so chasing my vocation
So demonstrating the way to be patient with life's test, through my IRS situations
My guess is my dedication don't phase ya, a public sensation, in private you hatin'
Why? That's so last year, that's so not sexy, but I shall not let the hate stress me
I got bigger fish to fry & I could stand on my wallet, probably kiss the sky
When I close my eyes, I wish that I could change how you get pissed when I do things you can't deny
Truth is, Great do need Hate to survive, so I...


Block 'em out, ignore 'em (wave em off)
Don't pay these jokers no mind (wave em off)
They just all mad cause they in the coat section of the hate train & they can't get off
Still flaming boy, stand clear of the hatin' is the best defense Tryin to exceed excellence
Same way hope comes with fear, yo,
Greatness lives here, then 'hateness' lives here, Trust!


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Will Smith Wave Em Off Comments
  1. nicola riley

    Love this song

  2. Twenty One Panicking Victims

    Man, will Smith speaks the truth when, in his songs. He doesn't sugarcoat shit. He says it the way it is.

  3. Stacey Turner

    I love this song

  4. Joisu121

    this track is dope!!! One of my favorite rappers for sure. smart!

  5. 01bigmark

    @cleptomon Yeah me too..... cuz he is an excellent rapper.

  6. 01bigmark

    @Steveooooooooo Ur right theres no one else like him. Everyone either swagger jacks someone elses style or is following whatever trend out. There are very few real MC's in hiphop today. All old school cats are not relevant anymore and u got the new young guys taken over who have no real talent. Will Smith did pave the way for so many rappers and actors period. He was one of the first to act and rap..... no one gives him his props. He is original others aren't and ppl wonder why hiphop is dying.

  7. 01bigmark

    @cleptomon I still have this album, but its all scratched up..... I wanna get me a new copy cuz I love this album..... all the songs on this album should of been hits..... but ppl are ignorant and don't know what real hiphop is..... I love Will Smiths movies..... they're always excellent, yet so is his music. I don't care if he doesn't curse like everyone else..... thats what I love most about him that he's not afraid to be different..... I really hope with he comes with some fire again soon.

  8. The All American Conservative

    ay yo will! :D!

  9. Parker Sdao-Compardo

    this song is made by will smith witch means......the song is awsome, no question about it!!

  10. MyogiDcuo

    get it big willie

  11. muffinman514

    love it!

  12. Fred Swanstrum

    amazing song