Will Smith - Mr. Niceguy Lyrics


how ya doing
Good to see you
How ya momma and them

Mr. Niceguy relationship advice guy
Liked on the vices priceless smile
Look at the eyes got the look of a survivor
Husband, father
Dissed by Eminem but did it bother him?
But he classy Big Will just get another 20 mil
And walk right pass E.
I'm gonna nice guy why you all harassing me, huh
On the radio they be over exaggerating
So blahzay with they lies
They be aggravating me, agitating me
But they waiting and hating me
They be making me crazy but I be taking it patiently
People be messing with me testing me f-ing wit me
I wanna send a message to them
Teach em a lesson quickly
Publicly addressing me, disrespecting me heavily
They better be lucky the way my blessings effected me
But aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Calm down Willy
You don't wanna go drop the bomb now Willy
Keep a nice flow for your mom down in Philly
On the news you go if you blow and act silly, you know

(how you doing)
(good to see you)
Sometimes you all mistake nice for soft
So before I go off I just

Will's so nice I'd let him date my daughter
Like he was a white guy
He's not like the rest, he's a private flight guy
Why if I were gay on Friday night I'd
Larry Elder (uncle Tom)
You lucky I didn't make you the whole damn rhyme
Wendy Williams, you don't know me
I'm not your punching bag
You gonna blow me up girl you better leave me alone
Before I buy your radio station and send you home
Yo this is a warning shot over the bawl
Truth be told this ain't my style
You gotta understand some stuff a man can't allow
You better chill before you climb a tree you can't get down

OK, people dissing Will sat on a wall
People dissing Will had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put none of their careers together again
You get it


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Will Smith Mr. Niceguy Comments
  1. Chris Atkins

    That Wendy Williams diss is accurate asf today

  2. Ragemonkey

    Frickin dislike dude its not even sync

  3. popstarprincess123

    I thought I heard Larry Elder’s name before
    What did he say about him?

  4. jackpot1000grand

    Howd u fuck up editing this bad tho

  5. Trae Rayford

    A lot of y’all just use to cuss words n all tht other ignorant shyt...just cuz he ain’t using cuss words all of a sudden he lame ? Fuck outta here

  6. Unicorn Is Life

    Who wrote this!!? 😐

  7. MRBJT51

    I used to listen to Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff when I was in high school in the 80s and he was the bomb back then. It's just that his style has not changed. .. I'm sure that's the way he wants it though. Rap has evolved into something totally different. So, yes this is corny and it's an outdated style of rap but that's The Fres...I mean Will Smith - bubble gum all the way.

  8. Christina Santiago

    1:29-1:37 ❤❤


    She disrespected method man sick girl too. Shes going to get what's coming for her

  9. Black Panther

    Guys Em only said what he said in response to what Will said at the Grammys about rap, and Em himself told DJ Jazzy Jeff that he was just sticking up for Dre who got a bit offended by what Will said and that he hoped there were no hard feelings between them

  10. Exchange

    This is so boring, holy shit and your lyrics were SO off. And yes, Eminem actually did respond but very subtly in the Dr. Dre "Forgot About Dre" music video. Not swearing doesn't make him the best rapper ever idiots.

    James Berry

    Lol forgot about dre was 5 years before this

  11. Nikki Charnock

    far from soft this guy hes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. b p

    he is a gay guy

  13. Portal TAZ

    Thank God he is just an actor now

  14. baby chellz

    I have to say i kind of like this shit Will Showing his Strong arm

  15. Z-Dawg Fusco

    This is the most terrible lyrics video on youtube

    Craig Brannan

    I agree

    Daeja Cook

    Lol true


    1:47 is that Carlton rapping that part?

    Christina Santiago

    PLUM-LOCO RECORDS no that's Will


    PLUM-LOCO RECORDS That's Will, doing a rich white guy voice.


    @non-judgmental so in essence, Carlton.

  17. Paige Madison

    It's not RA it's RAP

  18. Hamzah Ali

    will low-key tips this shit lmao

  19. dddfffgggyyy

    Well as I've said about Bill Cosby acting like he was above vulgar comedy and all the while he was using bowdlerized language(darn, heck, filthin' fowl, she told everyone my parents weren't married) if you use a replacement for the word, it's the same as using the word. And Will said effing. So Will Smith gave up on his convictions because Eminem made fun of them. I think it's clear who was the victor. Also Eminem spent years getting flak for saying "fags" and will smith actually employed homophobia in this song, with no vulgarities. That's why context is so much more important than choice of words.

  20. Laquan Lee

    how is it that will is the only person fucking with em and he dont even rap....lmao that's crazy.... I'm from the D and im a major fan of em but the truth is will money too long, his flow is definitely hard and what he saying is all facts.

    brandon ay

    well will is a rapper before being an actor , he use to have granny's and all , and him and em are atually friends irl , that's why the diss was kinda soft ompare to the laddy elder or wendy williams one

    Koldraiyne DownSkayle

    Mr. Lee Will Smith was a rapper before everything. The Rapping got him the tv show, which led to all of this.

  21. Super Steel

    I smell some Eminem hate Brewing.. heeere we go again!!!

    brandon ay

    it's just for fun , em and will are friends actually , it's just to be part of the dissing game you know , actually i think that this song looks very much like em songs ( his shady's one ). the wendy williams one was quite serious though

  22. brandon ay

    actually this is a very eminem like song , peticulary the lyrics and the way he raps them

    Hass C

    brandon ay Eminem and will sound similar in certain songs like "mrs Loretta" and "stan" maybe one is stealing songs from the other?

    Alex Lopez

    @Hass C and I wonder who that could be?....... Will Smith started around 86' BTW. Anyways I doubt any of them are stealing from one another.
    Just sayin'

  23. JayDee

    omfg how fucked up were u when u synced the music to the lyrics......

  24. Monkey of the King

    Stop Williamzard !

  25. Bkkersey93

    Eminem is crap! Can he rap? Yes. Are his lyrics good? Hell no!


    +Brendan D Says the fucking brainless jackass who listens to Fetty Wap. Go fuck yourself with a chainsaw. "Bruh".

    Luke McShane

    Eminem is one of, if not the greatest lyricists of all time...


    @Luke McShane I disagree strongly but we can agree to disagree.

  26. Infidel14?

    The rhymes are okay, but the vocals on the hook were horrible.

  27. timekeeper20ARC

    Today I learned Will Smith is the only person to handle eminem in a diss. Em got wrecked.


    +WindblownSquash agree. Eminem got destroyed in this


    +WindblownSquash lol yes.

    Luke McShane

    I love Will a lot, but he really didn't destroy Em, sure Will's a better actor, but when it comes to rap, there isn't any competition.


    What? Lmao no he didn't he just said that he shouldn't have dissed him because he didn't do anything. That's not getting "wrecked".


    How so? he said it bothered him, but he went on with his life

  28. Steven Cortes

    This song is by far one of the best since he is the only guy to have dissed eminem on a trcak without em responding and without saying a curse word who else do you know that can do that.


    +Steven Cortes tue tho

    Aloka Baller

    Steven Cortes preach

  29. john paul

    the chorus sounds like nate dogg...

    Owen Crawford

    u have clearly never heard nate

  30. FaTDeLi

    terrible job on the lyrics mate.

    Nicholas Chan

    @Aloka Baller well for a lyric video to be this out of sync it certainly was bad

    Aloka Baller

    Wait r u guys dissing will Smith’s lyrics or the guys attempt at making lyrics for the vido

    Nicholas Chan

    @Aloka Baller the guys attempt fam lol although im a Stan but I gotta admit Em overdid that and I never knew Will rapped this good

    Aloka Baller

    I thought u guys were dissing will Smith the guy didn’t make the video good at all

    Nicholas Chan

    @Aloka Baller no hahaha will Smith did an awesome job I was taking about but who did the lyrics

  31. Johnathan Tate

    Kbettz will was an actor before or during his singing carrer fresh prince of bel air

    Yonandjess Macintyre

    Johnathan Tate will Smith was a rapper before he ever acted

  32. [KYS]

    This sucks. Couldn't even listen to more than five minutes.

  33. ItsameAlex

    the wendy Williams diss is more interesting than the Eminem diss

  34. Shaula Nik

    I still prefer will smith's clean rap to any so called "goat" rapper/lyricist, swear words make them all sound immature and classless to me, no matter how deep a song's content.


    +MrIrishinferno88 No you're a moron. Go swallow battery acid.


    @blake kersey blow me


    Your a dumbass then, words only have meaning if you think they do or put such idea's on them.
    Fuck is just a word, as much as a word as any other. Doesn't mean your immature, or classless or whatever. It's how you use it, that can make you classless. And that goes for any word really.

    James Berry

    Grow up

    Kid Gravity

    @Peter Agliata go listen to "You Saw My Blinker". He called a woman "bitch" several times.

  35. Da Mayn

    he didn't really diss him, just addressed something

    Ben Jamin'

    @Da Mayn which makes him more of a man


    +Ben Jamin' Exactly.

    MR LCS

    He did he said that he made more money then em.

  36. Logan Wilkins

    whoever did the timing of this song sucks fat dick by the way

  37. yazmeen barnes

    I like this song. I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Both Eminem and Will Smith are good rappers, you shouldn't care them to each when they both have different styles from each other. I don't really think they are comparable in the first place.

  38. najib babana el alaoui

    (will dont gout the gats  to sale raccords will i do so fuck him and fuck you too ) thats what Emenim saed soo dont blame will for respounding to him


    In the “Forgot About Dre” music video (skip to 2:21), Eminem is asked about his role in someone’s house getting burnt down and he responds with “All I know is I was upstairs, listening to my Will Smith CD…” implying that no one who listens to Will Smith could be a criminal. 

    Btw, the line you were trying to say is: Will don't have to cuss to sell records, well I do. So fuck, him and fuck you too. 


    @MrBeatboxmasta actually its: Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records


    @Fredrik Fordelsen technically no thats where he says his name


    @Fredrik Fordelsen sooo?

  39. najib babana el alaoui

    its juste a respounde eminem started this on his song PLz stend up lisent what he sead

  40. Rapis Mydrug

    but em is just a better rapper that whats it all about

  41. Withdreday

    Worst fanbase on the web by a mile, and I actually like Em too.

  42. ohdog jones

    "lucky the way my blessing affect me"that was eminem told simply "dont "

  43. Norman Garay

    this song is retarded.... and he is NOT even better than eminem o.o

  44. Carlo Brooklyn

    So? I didnt came to listen to eminem.

  45. Destroyer Of Nations

    I love Will Smith, he's a great performer, but he he's not even near Eminem's level.

    A.W. Rachnid

    Yes he is he's so good lyrically that he doesn't even need to cuss. I like to see Em try that

    James Berry

    So em shouldn't have dissed him then. Will had every right to respond and did so nicely

    brandon ayong

    Wilson Brown eminem has much more lyrical talent than will sorry , if you see eminem as just a curse guy you obviously don't know his discography very well

    Shady - Music & Gaming

    @A.W. Rachnid listen to 97 Bonnie and Clyde or we made you


    @Shady - Music & Gaming 97 bonnie and clyde is bit of a rip off of will smiths just the 2 of us.

  46. Dragon's Roar

    When did I say LL Cool J will or would diss Em? I love how you just took what I said out of context instead. I also like you took "one of" out of "one of the fathers of hip hop" MEANING MORE THEN ONE, meaning NOT THE ONLY ONE. And if you actually want to get technical with this, hip hop and rap can actually be traced back to Africa and is much older then even DJ Kool Herc.

  47. CGT

    'fathers of hip hop' omg listen to your self...the father of hip hop was DJ Kool Herc. And LL Cool J would never diss em...they respect each other too much? LL is very good...Ice Cube is better however

  48. petty crimes

    Ok, so to be a fan I have to ignore all that person's flaws? Being a fan means I can't say anything bad about that person? Well, I guess I'm not a fan then. I'll rephrase, i've been an Eminem fan in the past, but not so much anymore.

  49. Dragon's Roar

    My research ifs fine, I gave two reason why EM made it. You focused only on one of them. Probably because you know it can't argued, or I like em and he is a good lyricist I just don't ride his dick like 90% of his fan do. Just like I don't ride will smiths dick for being an amazing lyricist and being one of the fathers of hip hop.I can mention several names of people who are better then Eminem; LL cool j and KRS one being two em wouldn't dare diss because they could slaughter him.

  50. CGT

    You are obviously some sort of fanboy, so I'll give you some time. Will made some good songs, and was a good rapper. But he's nowhere near Eminem. But Will Smith is also a great actor. He should make a new song, i would deffo buy it. But he's not on the same level

  51. CGT

    So he got popularity for being white? Sure, but being white can only last as a gimick for so long, you need skill. Thtas why Vanilla Ice is not respected, he's just popular for a song and being white. Eminem is the biggest selling artist of the decade,you dont get that just by being white. Do your reseasrch before you spout bull

  52. Dragon's Roar

    Last time I checked popularity doesn't mean skilled. The reason em got so popular was because he was a white guy sponsored by dr dre. Do your research, before dre came alone, no one would give em the time of the day.

    kevin bailey

    That’s because racism.. telling people to do their research doesn’t make you any more well scholarly on the subject Dre even said a lot of people stopped fucking with him over signing a white boy that white boy just happened to have serious skills so that ignited Dre’s career all over again. Aftermath was damn near dead till Em came

  53. Dragon's Roar

    Will smith isn't a rapper? Do you know anything about him?

  54. Dragon's Roar

    I suggest you actually listen to the other songs by the fresh prince if you think EM is better then will. Everything you just said; is the fresh princess.

  55. petty crimes

    Please, nothing I said about Eminem reflects poorly on my character. How does it make sense to say I shouldn't judge someone I don't know, while you judge me? And trust me you know nothing about me. If you did, you'd know that I'm actually a fan of Em's (not an obsessed fan who feels compelled to defend him), but enough of a fan to write a term paper on his song "I Am" for my music class. I've enjoyed Em's music, I just don't put him on the same level as Will who raps about more positive things

  56. rabbit13

    I will take that as a compliment. If thats my problem, trust me i have none. what u call tacky digs is reality, it makes helpless people feel that they are not the only ones having troubles, his songs help people get out of depression. Will Smith is great but putting Em wont make you any better. it completely shows your character and trust me you sound worst that you made Eminem sound. you dont even know him, how the fuck can you judge him like thatlearn complete history about Eminem b4 judging

  57. petty crimes

    If Eminem is your role model, you're the one with the problem.

  58. rabbit13

    Eminem sing about reality, seems like you got a problem.

    Nice For What

    Eminem raps about getting. Fu ked by his step dad

  59. rabbit13

    No, No and Never.

  60. Ben Issac

    Dude Will has great music. stop kissing Em ass. If u wanna kiss Em ass go to Ems page... I love Em but dam his not God.

  61. eXc SePhI

    are you mad ? Will smith isn't a rapper, seriously he is such a great actor but he really suxx at RAP

  62. eXc SePhI

    This guy used to be one of my favorite actor but i just learned that he don't like eminem and attacks him fews times .... However will smith copy "Just the two of us" of Em, wtf !!!! will smith stay as an actor, you aren't a good rapper

  63. James Keeley

    This is shit!

  64. petty crimes

    I can't stand these Eminem fans who go on every rap page saying Eminem is the best ever. Yes, Em is a great rapper, lyricist and he's funny as hell, but alot of his rap is full of tacky digs at his mom and ex, crude language, and unnecessary cheap shots. Which makes Em a great rapper, not so great a human being. I have more respect for Will than I ever will for Eminem. BTW, I think this is a great song. People often mistake kindness for weakness.

    Hass C

    petty crimes hes a little whinnner and just raps about mom issues hes an adult now its time to let go

    brandon ayong

    Hass C well eminem has not rap badly about his mum in like 10 years he obviously turned that page so i don't even know why pepole are still bringing that up

  65. Croatian_Sensation11


  66. Astral Belt

    Eminem is not God. Please get your brain unwashed, thank you.

  67. 1sexyProspect

    You better leave me alone, before I buy your radio station and send you home... #BOSS

  68. CGT

    Who is more popular in the music industry? Smith went bankrupt and HAD to go into acting.

  69. Michael

    Listen to all Eminem's albums, and his verse on That's All She Wrote by T.I. and My Life by 50 Cent. I'm sorry but Will is shit compared to Em. Here I'll even send you a link to one of his best songs


    Nice For What

    T. I bodied Eminem on that song and all my life garbage

  70. Kobey Valentine

    Listen to Almost Famous by Eminem

  71. Mike Carroll

    i'm a eminem fan and will smith. but u got to think your going to hate will after he diss em when em diss him first that dont mean u have to hate him.

  72. threee6

    Will accepted an award and in his acceptance speech he said "i have never had to cuss or swear to sell music" on Eminems next album he did the line "will smith dont have to cuss in his records, well i do, so fuck him and fuck you to" and it carried on from there.....

    James Berry

    Sounds like Em is a lil jealous

    brandon ayong

    dude how can eminem be jealous of will smith from a rap point of view? Come on man i like will but his career is not even comparable to eminem's carreer


    James Berry He didn't really say anything. I took that line as a joke. "Will Smith doesn't have to cussed to sell records...well I do, f him and f you too." I thought Will was going to find that verse funny but you Em thought so too

    Alex Lopez

    @brandon ayong Career?..... I think you needs to do some research bruh cause when you mention career his movie career is part of his career and Will leaves Marshall in the dust. Dont forget that wiil had a great music career too. If he would've stayed in it and not do the movies instead it would've been lot better for Will. Yall tend to forget that will sold records too and by doing it doing him and not biting what others was doing which to me speaks more volumns when it comes to originality and respect. Not saying em ain't original or not respect but other rappers are not what they claim to say they are but will kept it real and 💯 always. Everything he ever said was just true in his music.
    Y'all be sleepin.
    Sorry but career wise Will Smith career was bigger than Eminems.
    "Career" like you said.


    @Alex Lopez We're talking about rap here dude. Eminem's rap career is at another level above Will Smith's rap career

  73. ChrisToTheTopher

    Why did he diss Em (GOD) ?

  74. Adonis Blackmon

    Lyrics are so behind lol . But real hip - hop heads know it already.

  75. LaBellaVita0112

    Then yeah, I guess Eminem's a good lyricist. Even though I think his lyrics are tasteless and cheap as hell, but whatever. The dude can rap, not gonna deny that.

  76. Staffan Meriä

    I never said "deep." I said that he's a good lyricist. A wordsmith.

    jacob bottlee

    A will smith

  77. LaBellaVita0112

    Haha what do you mean? Please don't make me laugh by telling me that you think Eminem's lyrics are deep? Eminem is talented as hell and his lyrics are pretty tight but I wouldn't say they're GOOD lyrics, if that's what you mean.

  78. LaBellaVita0112

    So "blahzay"? Lol...I think you mean "blase" haha.
    But yeah, will forever respect Will over Eminem. Eminem may be talented, but he's a tasteless cheap shot.

  79. Thiago Aldair

    Hahaha Good joke mate!!!

  80. basel sadek

    dont wanna cuss yet ???
    or he's watching his mouth cause his joe schome son is awake
    fail g
    slim shady 4life ....bitch

  81. Broke My Crayon



  82. xXKiDCuDi1

    What eminem said was pretty mean and will deserved to diss him

  83. TheRawdogent

    i agree shadowi but only idiots who dont know music would think otherwise

  84. Declan Dundas

    HA m8 , that crappy rap guy , whats his name eminem yeah thats right hes CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I REPEAT CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP , you need to stay off the crack m8

  85. Declan Dundas

    m8, its true face it , eminem cany rap

  86. Staffan Meriä

    clearly you don't know lyricism...


    ur delusional, not taking anything from will smith but no, thats not the case at all.

  88. Dante112

    no he is just being very correct will smith didnt ven said one word childs uses 24/7 nowadays in his diss. so excue me but that makesh im a little bit better to be honest and i listen to allot of eminems song.

  89. Mesith11

    this guy claims to be a nice guy but in the movies he's acting like the bad boy. I think you should stick to your career as an actor and let Em be the greatest at what he do.

  90. Drew

    Did you just say that? Please tell me that was sarcasm or a joke?

  91. Shadowi Movementz

    LOL this song is slow and nice yet so offending...Eminem might be very good but compared to Will, Eminem is just a King standing next to a GOD (will).

  92. Withdreday

    In a time where rap is considered shit though, so no. And em hasn't made a great album in a whole decade. You can keep that Relapse/Recovery disaster. And let's not even mention Encore...

  93. SinisterShady

    + 10000

  94. Sean Boyle

    As much as I like eminem.. Who's career is more successful now em? ;)


    eminem... will smith hasn't had a successful movie out since 2008...


    In the hiphop world? Definitely Em's. If you compare money will smith earned as an actor, then it isnt fair at all. I'd say Em definitely had more of an impact on hiphop.

  95. basstedson

    not intended in a bad way cheers for the video

  96. basstedson

    "here's a warning shot over the bough"