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Loretta, wrote a love letter to a stranger thought that he would change her life
Thought she would be his wife OH Loretta
Never ever meant him no danger, her love for him sustained her
Thought that he would change her life

Miss Loretta, a young girl, I never really met her,
A fun girl, a real go-getter, I heard a gold Jetta
A full with books & herb or so I'm told, hooked on my every word
Oh so bold, a love letter cleverly worded in a jacket pocket
Wrapped inside a platinum locket
In the shape of a heart with pictures of me
Had it inscribed, "no us, no him then no me
She fell in love with the Prince of Bel-Air
Fantasy was to see me & to be with me there
So she wrote a love letter to me & then she signed it Loretta
Said, "I gotta go get him, Will is my Soulmate"
We gotta be together how could we not be together
But wait if I send the letter I mean how will I be sure if they give it to him
What if they don't give it to him, that would ruin everything
I gotta take it to him myself


She packed all that she owned into the back of her Jetta,
her backpack, her cellphone & a love letter
Most of her stuff was done up with pictures of me on it with a phrase "It's gonna be" on it
Her mother begging her please come home & then Loretta resenting her
Leave me alone Ma! I won't leave my destiny unfulfilled
"You're just jealous be cause Daddy ain't as sweet as my Will",(click)
To the front gate at NBC, in June & July, backstage at MTV,
she would drive anyplace that they'd mention I'd be
Told herself, "strive for love & God eventually
he would give me to her & her to me, this was meant to be
14 months outside every event that I'd be at, she'd still keep missing me
& now she's getting high with more frequency now
rage rumbling inside got to be with me now
then she heard I married Jada, she took her love letter out & wrote down,
"PS - I hate her."


Kodak Center, where the Oscars is at, she's sleep getting woke up by the cops in the back
By a dumpster didn't even greet 'em with fear, grinning ear to ear, said "my husband meeting me here"
"You know him, he's nominated for his flick 'Ali' & it'll be hell to pay if you pick on me!"
"Don't put that stick on me!", "Hell no I'm not leaving, get your hands
off me. Don't make those things click on me"
Kicking & screaming, "You intervening, this is fate. Mister. What you mean that I ain't?"
"What you mean it seems like I ain't"
"Ooh, your like my Mom & our love is gonna survive ya'll hate. God gon' take me to my destiny."
"Ya'll only seeing one side of me, Will gon' see the rest of me, he gon' see the best of me."
'If I could only get him next to me, he gon' bring my blessings to me, I know it."


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Will Smith Loretta Comments
  1. Joey Triplicata

    #1 jam in 2020

  2. Guilherme Pires

    Uma música que eu nunca vou conseguir parar de escutar ! PORRA LORETTA !

  3. Amy Sumner

    Listening to this song in 2019 🤘🏻

  4. Karam Mahal

    This is such a sick tune!



  6. Dunzo Donalds

    simply beauty! This is a one of a kind beat that will slashed on!

  7. Bradley Spears

    My last comment was in 2015. Still bumping this in 2018.

  8. Kareem Walker

    One of my favorites from the album

  9. Tremiyah Googer


  10. Tremiyah Googer

    Still bumping in 2018😊

  11. Kimmy N

    just came here to say this track is boppin

  12. GOD

    Loretta is the female Stan

  13. Edward Gil

    "It's just you me and the music now, [Will]. I hope you hear it."

  14. unboricualoco

    this is like the female version of stan


    unboricualoco word I said the same thing

  15. Hidden Flower

    in my opinion. Loretta is the name of all these young girls who are obsessed with these celebrities. those girls who would post hate comments on the women who date these men. hating like they know em. shame. I never did all that when I were there age but then again, I was always taught never to idolize a celebrity cause they are only human. just saying

  16. Bradley Spears

    Still bumping this in 2015. One of my favorite songs.

  17. Visual Friendship TV

    What the fuck?! This is one of the greatest, deepest, most real songs ever made and it only has 75k views?

    Lukáš Miko

    +glasssofOJ i dont understant it too. :O

  18. Loretta Keen

    Loretta hey thats my name

    Sam Nicholson

    @Loretta Keen yo

  19. Loretta Underwood

    I didn't know he wrote a song about me....

    Patrick Silva

    You have the chance to be famous, wowow :P

    kruk savage

    hahaha he did.. and you l listened this back in 2007 and this is my favorite Will Smith's song


    Cause you was to busy stalking on some lifetime mess and he had a strong order of protection against you at this time even kept you from getting close to his music so you won't hear this song and try to get Jada

  20. liltaetae45able

    love this song this what hip-hop should sound like today in 2014

    Alvin Yakitori

    @Loominal shut up

  21. Shayne Martin

    Amazing song!

  22. NatNat

    Great job Will Smith! Great song! 

  23. Netic The Writer

    yo Loretta hard will smith is very underated

  24. Kontact Music

    both top comments are EXACTLY the same... o.O

  25. mhmed ahmed


  26. GrubGlut

    No he wasn't! This particular album? Yes, but not his musical career as a whole. For example: He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper was the second album with Jazzy Jeff and it went TRIPLE platinum. another album with Jeff, Homebase. also went platinum! Then after he split up with Jeff he released Big Willie Style, with 4 singles, 2 of them won an emmy award. I actually know what I'm talking about, smartass.

  27. ItsMrJActual

    Hes underrated in music smartass. His move career is going great but his music career wasunderrated

  28. KING9747

    2012 & I Still Listen To This Album . Will Smith Over Lil Wayne , Drake , Etc Any Day

  29. Vicy131

    I love this song soo much!

  30. Declan Dundas

    will smith is an incredible rapper , all his songs are just CLASS

  31. GrubGlut

    dude he won several emmy awards and had several #1 hits. He's not underrated at all.

  32. GrubGlut

    no he's not

  33. Aaron Hagan

    @beautifulXangel13 im not a younging younging andITS TRUE

  34. Reeka Crites

    @aaronnum13 ok youngin! do u see how long ago tht comment was haha i dont got my answer.... but thx

  35. Aaron Hagan

    @beautifulXangel13 he said its a true story dummy

  36. T.C.Skillz

    @killingdj0 Haha exactly. He's great, I wish he'd make another CD.

  37. ItsMrJActual

    @TCSkillz3310 Atleast he shows you do not have to say fuck 200 times a sentence or get whores next touching you to make a good song


    Well I do, so fuck him and fuck you too

  38. ApparitionTV

    one of will's incredible songs. so real

  39. Daniel King

    @TCSkillz3310 i agree

  40. sowhat

    @kylietzzz you never know. that is also possible and is done sometimes in movies or whatever, things being presented as if they were a true story when in fact they are complete fantasy. for example in some movies in the end they say stuff like so and so ended up in jail and got out after 3 years and lives now with his family for instance when in fact that person doesn't even exist. but i don't know about this one

  41. sowhat

    @Raimundo97 it might be too awesome to have a music video cuz they might not be able to make a representative one and they might make one that would ruin the whole package therefore maybe it's better like that :)

  42. Kylie Douglas

    @beautifulXangel13 Well, probably. Why would he say it was if it wasn't?

  43. KesslSprouts

    damn will is so talented ALL OVER!!!! i love his voice, and his sincerity. man. . . .if only he had more AHMAZING songs like this!!!!!

  44. Raimundo97


  45. Raimundo97


    Dunzo Donalds

    Much truth! Best Will song, but he has a lot of great ones.

  46. Adrian Avendano

    @beautifulXangel13 along with a song about a real life stalker ("Loretta")

  47. Loretta Jay Alderton

    oops forgot to say its cos my name is Loretta,Lol

  48. Loretta Jay Alderton

    Obviously I like Lol

  49. PhatPat

    I love this song so much, makes me serious and sad every time i hear it though

  50. E68E71

    the 1 dislike is loretta

  51. Craig Hampton

    man will smith is one of a kind i miss the early 90's watching fresh prince

  52. animeirules4ever

    love. this. song! :D

  53. Kram808

    So I assume if your a obsessed fan a guy is called a "stan" an a girl is called "Loretta"

  54. Dracule 'gimme the loot' Mihawk

    @beautifulXangel13 it is.

  55. dkong242003

    almost as good as eminem's stan, wow

  56. animeirules4ever

    @Mikel604 yup XD haha

  57. animeirules4ever

    dude i love this song!! its sooo sad XD:( i wish it had a happy ending sighs well go will!

  58. Van tRoyal

    I made a mistake this is the best song on this album real music with a message behind it Will rocks.

  59. Reeka Crites

    @DaKoolAidKrew lol I know but some rappers just say it is

  60. Chonkah

    i love will smith, hope he decides to do more stuff and glad that jaden is following his ddadys footsteps, hes gunna be a mini will (:

  61. dirtyviet

    BEST Song on this Album...

  62. akio ali

    @beautifulXangel13 that would be col

  63. Uwawe

    Lovely song man.. sad, but lovely.

  64. Chad R M

    yeah but i doubt he used the real name

  65. Matheus Guerra

    I love will smith and hes songs

  66. T.C.Skillz

    An awesome song, Will Smith is an underrated rapper.

  67. Reeka Crites

    doesn neone now if this song is REALLY base on his tru story

  68. Diazination

    and then?
    wanna put a ring an him huh? XD


    never forgot ever