Will Smith - If U Can't Dance (Slide) Lyrics


Yo! If you can't dance, it's cool to get up now
Usually, ya'll stand off on the side,
You know you're a little embarrassed or whatever
But this one of those joints for everybody,
So get on up but keep it simple


If you can't dance then this is your jam, baby, left to right all night
Slide that's all you gotta do... You can't dance then this is your jam, baby
Left to right all night, slide, that's all you gotta do
Now we all know the boy at the club, all liquored up,
Boy with the bub tryin' to pick 'em up, wack dancing,
'Wooking pa nub', shirt too bright, pants too tight
Boy settle down
Now I ain't just messing with you
I got better things to do
I'm trying to help, I got a lesson for you
I know you do the best you could do
Wanna get next to Boo, then the less you do the better
Cause women equate dance with sex
They gon' see you & be like, 'Next'!
But you gon' be like, 'hold up Ma' ('Next!')
But she gon' be like, uh huh, ('Next!')
Now looka-here, rule #1, know ya name,
if it ain't Usher, Justin or Hammer, then we can touch ya
Rule #2, never do a dance you can't do, why stupid,
Cause you can't do it


So I'm up in my spot in Miami the other night, right
& this Dude's out on the floor OD-ing, just way 'over-dancing'
So his Mommy wanna holla at me
She thought my name was Billy, I told her it was Willie
She said she watch my TV show & I was very silly
Told her I was from Philly she looked at me said, 'Really?'
& judging from her t-shirt, I could tell that she was chilly
So I gave her my sweater, she said her name was Etta
She said she come from Cuba and she just had bought a Jetta
She said she was glad I met her, let's go somewhere together
She said she'd ride in my car cause she knew my car was better
The conversation cookin', attention getting' tookin'
My Spidey senses tinglin', I felt somebody lookin'
Now who this brotha lookin', & now he runnin', bookin'
I'm mad I'm like a fisherman, I almost had my hook in
I figured I should get up & quickly clear my head up,
Cause Etta got a man & I'm feelin' kinda set-up
Now Dude was really fed up & yo, he wouldn't let up
Homey if I hit you, you might never ever get up
Now he was not a dancer, plus he wasn't handsome
Comin' like Mel Gibson, like I had his girl for ransom
Yo, Pedro wanna go out side, yo amigo, tranquillo... slide


Now rule #3 is easy, please remember that you ain't on "Beat Street"
Sweet feet, you ain't tryin' to win no TV, another dude did a move
No need to out do it
Rule #4, out on the floor, don't be doing moves that don't nobody do no more
Draw too much attention to be adventurous out on the floor
There's a reason that don't nobody do 'em no more, you feel me?
This may be hilarious, but Rule #5 is serious, it's a shame that we have
to discuss
That there's no lip biting or pelvic thrusts
I mean you think that move will put the sting on her,
you too close, tryin' to put a ring on her?
You don't know that girl, don't cling on her & don't put your thing on


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Will Smith If U Can't Dance (Slide) Comments
  1. antrite08

    That second verse tho! Damn Big Will!

  2. Regan Skye

    that "wookin pa nub" reference lmao god i've missed this song

  3. Moss

    Never thought I’d hear “Wookin pa nub” in a rap song, but here we are.

  4. Visual Friendship TV

    This song was basically made for me haha.

    Also this Beat is fucking fire.

  5. Karen Mcgaughey

    The lyrics in this song are unreal :)

  6. liltaetae45able

    this the song for all the people u can't dance

  7. Nikki Thomas

    Love this song sooo much. 

  8. Karen Mcgaughey

    the hammer line is the best

  9. MyNameIsSladeWilson

    lolol I like Will I just quoted Em because of what the comment said about him swearing.

  10. Shelley Neal

    I love him to Love you Will!

  11. MyNameIsSladeWilson

    "Will Smith don't gotta cuss to sell records, well I do- So fuck him and fuck you too"

  12. Julio Perez

    will smith is really amazing!!

  13. David McKissick

    i may have misinterpreted it but when i say those same words i mean its just that bad

  14. Sam

    my spidy sense is tingling ...

  15. Sam

    Best song of childhood. I remmeber rapping to it too . :)

  16. Miguel Pastor

    I love how will always tells a story and it ain't ever about him on drugs or about sex or how hardcore he is. :)

  17. jcerby03

    @sirofsoccer: ha at least you honest with yourself.lol

  18. David McKissick

    @grumpyclouds93 than dont comment about it and leave

  19. miamiwaffles

    @kylietzzz i think some would go homo for him <3

  20. miamiwaffles

    you can't touch me =(

  21. the shadow rider

    will smith is better the rappers of today XD

  22. the shadow rider

    will smith is better then alot of rappers today

  23. Andy Kay

    better than all the party starter songs with stupid dances we here now a days

  24. MrVee24 Matabudul

    Big love big will.

  25. Kylie Douglas

    @BallinNFallin1 You don't have to be gay to love Will Smith like a gay kid would <3 He's just that cool.

  26. Bruce Aranguiz

    vote Up * respecttttt

  27. DJ Rexboogie

    @BAranguiz He Got that flow from Roxanne Roxanne by U.T.F.O. but he did kill it.

  28. Viola Valentine

    1 Person didn't Even know How To Slide /:

  29. b cass

    will smith is so pimpin !

  30. Rockda Sam

    The one guy that disliked it can't slide.

  31. Rockda Sam

    @14BrookeS Raping?

  32. Fluffyunicorn

    One person can't dance :-D

  33. cylon74


  34. Jim

    Anyone else think that the line at around 1:50 "Judging from her t-shirt, I could tell that she was chilly" is a little suggestive for Will Smith?

    BTW, I Love it.

  35. CockyR4

    Damn, one guy CAN dance.

  36. sa1402

    @narutofreak70 me too.

  37. Ryan Quintana

    there is one person i have to kill

  38. Ryan Quintana

    there is 1 person i gotta kill

  39. Van tRoyal

    If Will made a new album i'll be first in line to get my copy.

  40. Matthew Perry

    @BallinNFallin1 and he doesnt have to rhyme, that means people this for his LYRICS, that why people should like hip hop. Not for the beat.

  41. MrDtech283

    will smith is considered 2 be a rap legend!!!

  42. dean ward

    i love this song. i have it dedicated to my brother because for sure HE CANT DANCE!!

  43. miamiwaffles

    my name justin and that messed up -.-

  44. dasgibsnicht


  45. MattFromPhilly

    @3:[email protected]:27=WIN

  46. MattFromPhilly

    Big Willy!!!! PHILLY baby!!

  47. Parker Sdao-Compardo

    GO WILL SMITH, this song is awsome

  48. Bruce Aranguiz

    1:42 - 2:30

  49. Y M

    nicole from pcd is the girl singing :)
    go nicole you are amazing!

  50. blubertube

    And don't put your thing on her.

  51. Julian Marc

    ya amigo, tranquilo, bestiaa¡¡¡¡ aprende español

  52. Steven


  53. pidromonz

    is there a video for this song?



  55. jjst33

    "There's no lip bitin' or pelvic thrusts. I mean, you think that move will put a sting on her? You're too close - tryna put a ring on her?"
    Haha haha, absolutely hilarious, man.