Will Smith - Afro Angel Lyrics

(Ooh, Ohh)
Here I stand before you - brown.
Color of the mountains
Colossal as the earth
Wrapped so deliciously within my own joy and misery
Feathers of my wings paralyzed by the distance of my mind
Here I stand before you, the color of the night
Frozen by the potential of me
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh) An Afro Angel

Afro Angel off your pedestal from perchin above
You on the prowl now, downtown, searchin for love
In all the wrong places, outside your radio stations
Hopin he with new hit single, is tryin to mingle
Today, he is in your town, puttin it down
You in the car with your friends, followin my limo around
Puttin a bug in my boy's ear, your "S" is for free
You'll do anything for Omar or Phil, bring you to me
And then me, hypnotized by the devil as well
Hold out my hand as an invitation into my hotel
No need to RSVP, place your hand in my palm
As all your girlfriends getting jealous, damn she landed the bomb
Willing to trade your spirit for some crass, whack wage
Something small, something simple as a pass back stage
But now I lay me, down to creep
And I - pray the Lord my soul to keep

Afro Angel, born against the world
You don't have to sell your soul and throw away your pride
Afro Angel, sent from heaven above
Never forget that you are loved
You know that you are loved

Lil Bobby got a gun now, age fifteen
Destined to spend his life inside a cage it seems
Rage inside, pride, been denied respect
He can't take it though he gotta earn it
But he ain't learned that yet
Out on the town, reckless abandon he's been bullied before
But now he straps, and no more
Attitude high
Flexin on every guy that walk by
But don't start pal
Cuz if the gun came from the whiz, Cowardly Lion, got heart now
Let's pull it on a stranger
Ahh, fun for the crew
Surprised when he realized, damn dude got one too
Smile's upside down now, games ain't so cute
Bobby's a deer in a headlights
Pump, drop it or I'll shoot
Then like a sniper, cleanin his rifle, Bobby disobeys his commands
One shot rings out [gunshot] then only the stranger stands
Could of sworn Bobby's blood formed the shape of an angel's wings
But for what?

Afro Angel, born against the world
You don't have to sell your soul and throw away your pride
Afro Angel, sent from heaven above
Never forget that you are loved
You know that you are loved

Back in high school, Tamika was the sweetest, the bomb
Hot to death, though in tenth grade a teenage mom
Knocked up by some thug named Russ in the drug game
But had the cutest kid you ever seen
Then all the pressure from her mom
She stepped to Russ
Told him it's either them drugs or us
Either them thugs or us
The ultimatum, either continue bein a thug in the world
Or start lovin your girl
And say God, bear me witness, no doubt, lovin ya dear
But to go from $50 Gees a week to $30 Gees a year
That ain't happenin
I guess he wasn't that strong
He came back the next week, and the whole family was gone
Yo they straight moved away, without as little as a word
Well, needless to say, Russ was a little perturbed
Then in a fury put the pressure on her girlfriend Shawn
And like a clumsy chef she spilled the beans on where they had gone

Upstate Schenectady,
Tamika answered the door
It was the last person she expected to be
They just stared
He said you love me for me?
You can do without the cars, vacations, and jewelry?
Down with me?
Through life's stress and strife
She said, Yeah, He said in that case
Would you please be my wife?
Then like a sign from the sky, the baby cried
Like an angel sings
I love y'all more than anything

Afro Angel, born against the world
You don't have to sell your soul and throw away your pride
Afro Angel, sent from heaven above
Never forget that you are loved
You know that you are loved


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Will Smith Afro Angel Comments
  1. antrite08

    Anyone heard a rap song like this on the radio don't worry i'll wait!


    No question this was one of the best songs on Willennium. See, people back in the day and today pay attention to Will's hot hits like Miami, I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson, Summertime, Boom! Shake the Room, and other hits. But on every solo album or album he did with Jazz, there's songs like Afro Angel, that let you know that Will can get the party started as well get SUPER deep on yo ass.


    PREACH!!! Couldn't have said it any better! Love songs like this is hands down one of my favorite songs from him another one is Shadow Dreams from Code Red I wish there where more songs like this in hip hop no wait i guess i should say today's hip hop lol

  3. Iron Fossil

    "But for what?" even got to me at 12 years old. I continued to question just how black and white the world was and as an adult gathered everything's really just shades of grey. I like to think this track planted the seed.

  4. Carpet Bomb

    Why isn't this on spotify

    E K

    The Moon jus ran into The same issue. Smh

    Emmanuel D.

    Same here, the rest of the album is on there but not this song for some reason...


    I know! I'm so glad I have the physical CD. Just for this song

    Bruno Galan

    I'm wondering The same. Why there is The Full album, but not this one? 🤔

    Juan David Ortiz

    Carpet Bomb if you look into will Smith’s willenium album it will be there but it’s like is unavailable

  5. DrinkMoWater

    Glad I played this on the xbox360 when I played games .. So meaningful


    I used to play it on my Sony Playstation 1.

  6. Lorell Brown

    The lyrics in this song is so meaningful and the poem at the beginning from Jada Classic!

  7. Tam Tam

    I was named after this song. my name is Tamika but it's spelled tameeka seems my parents had amazing taste in music

  8. Xilo Channel

    That was so offensive that as of march 23rd 2016 there was an oreo advertisement before this song. SMH. They still hating YEARS after.


    As of August 6 2017 this still funny .. The ads tripping

    Xilo Channel

    no doubt. This is his best song.

  9. Zy Remo

    his flow is like spoken word

  10. Errico de Falco

    Che classe! 💪

  11. Tally's Vlog

    I hope my song will inspire you as well - "Beauty of the Duty"

  12. Logan Hate

    Este debe ser el mejor track de Will como rapper

  13. The Hoy Family

    Dope song


    @grhtwist Hi ,I'm translating rap songs on my YT channel and I can I ask you someting? can you help me and explain to me the whole fist verse? I mean I understand all but I cant catch the context of a few lines. will you please help me?


    12345rnbTłumaczeniaRapuPL Basically he's rapping about a woman who's looking to have sex with a hot rapper, who happens to be Will, and is willing to do anything to be in bed with him. And Will is just as guilty because he's willing to lay in bed with the girl he don't even know. They're looking for love in the wrong places, in Will's eyes, even though he's participating in what he sees as wrong, as well.

  14. derpyORLY1337

    one of my all-time favorite songs


    and still in 2019