Will Reagan & United Pursuit - Story Lyrics

All my life I've wanted you
Your eyes are on my now
The one you made
All my life I've wanted you
Your eyes are on me now
The one you made


I call you holy
You wrote my story
You laid your love before me
I call you holy
You wrote my story
You laid your love before me


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Will Reagan & United Pursuit Story Comments
  1. Child Of GOD

    OMG 😥 I am the only one seeing and understanding?!?
    (Hes eyes, he's so Hurt something is going on🤒🤕)
    I went to his concert oct 23 in Atlanta and was not himself different music,very cool and nice style 💯unique!😉 however far away from the worshippers as before!😓
    I'm wondering what happened to him (Reagan) that caused him this mess of soul wounds,
    I can see clearly that whatever the cause was it truly messed up his faith and he gave up on getting to know Jesus 😭!
    I wish I could help by giving him my testimonies (how hurt and wounded I was and How my journey to truly get to know Jesus in surrender and How "real" He is if he engages a true relationship out of Religion out of church system!
    Sad - sad to see how hurt he looks deep inside I can see in his eyes like half dead by hurting 😩 knowing that Jesus is 💯Real and the Healer!
    He has been delivering me from many things and helping me understand what's causing others to hurt us , how messed up can be traumas and wounds without seeing the truth +forgiving and see in my case how amazing Jesus can renew and transform us into a totally free new creation along with the Holy Spirit!!! ❤️
    I'm praying for you ,
    Don't give up on seeking the truth, Don't walk on the wrong path, you were in the right one before but to engage all his promises and the transformation you must to fully surrender your life to Jesus and pick up your cross and trust him letting God do his work on you!!!
    You won't regret if you do correctly not falling into religious "Jesus" Gospel of deceptions!!! But the True Jesus + Spirit of truth and the journey discovering your true identity and destiny!!!!
    You can be delivered and Jesus can remove every painful scar and wounds as if never existed before!!!
    He did to me ... I'm 95% complete it's a process that was very worthy to lay down my life to be transformed and empowered by God -Jesus-Holy Spirit 🕊🙏🏼
    It's truly 💯AMAZING!🙌🏼🤗
    God Bless you tremendously, praying for you with all my heart!!! ❤️

  2. Ana Bernardes

    Wow, thanks! A lot of things you said really helps me. God bless you, guys! 😊

  3. Omar García Pérez

    Last Friday, as I was listening to "Simple Gospel" Album back home from school, I was dreaming awake about living something like this here where live. I'm from Mexico and I'd love to see a group of Christians with such sense of community here in my country. I'm also inspired by The Last Reformation movement. It is unique. You guys are leading the way. I thank Jesus for your lives.

  4. Josh Osa

    The audio was a bit shady at first but it was well worth watching

  5. Tony Moriarty

    I love hearing about young Christians that have a passion to do something and are willing to pursue what God has for them!!! So grateful to your family and all the people God used to get you all where you are now!! Your music has touched my heart and my relationship with God is deeper because of it. God Bless

  6. darlene HOLMAN

    Love you guys. I can’t wait until you come back to Philadelphia! I was fortunate to attend one of your worship services. One of the sweetest experiences I’ve had in life!

  7. Scott and Penney Forbes

    We really appreciated this live stream. We live in an isolated area, more than 2 hours to a major city so live streams are invaluable.

  8. Providence Soapery 62959

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Dave Hanratty

    Hi thanks for sharing!

  10. InfinitySplitDa456

    Thanks for posting this

  11. Taiwo Osuntuyi

    Thanks so much for sharing!