Will Hoge - You Make Me Happy Lyrics

You can read me baby, like an open book
Stop me dead in my tracks with only just one look
What you see in me in just some kind of, mystery
But there ain't no doubt about the chemistry

And after all these reckless years
What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger
Ooh and after all these years
We're the only ones I know
Standing here on our own
'cause you make me happy

You make me happy [7x]

Hey babe you're not too blind to see
Well this may not be the bridge and perfect family
But what we have in common is, more then enough
To keep us going when the times get rough

'cause when the lights go down
And when it comes to you and me girl
Ooh you turn me inside out
Still in love with you today
'cause you make me happy

You make me happy [7x]

I wouldn't have it any other way
Still in love with you today

'cause you make me happy
You make me happy

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Will Hoge You Make Me Happy Comments
  1. David Williams

    Bring this tv show back my favorite show till this day

  2. Don Howard

    Jami Gertz is just as beautiful now and just as talented as she was on Still Standing , The Lost Boys, and other movies and tv shows she's been on. I wish they would do a new Still Standing series showing how the characters are now. It was a wonderful show. I was so sad when it was canceled.

  3. dingle dangle

    Ill never forget that the youngest was yhought to have depression because she didnt know how to draw hands lol

  4. Strength In YOU

    Robert E. Lee has no time for Will Hoge.


  5. charmedfan7704

    The opening sounds exactly like Jackson Browne's Running on Empty.

  6. JonW1987

    Looking back, now, I can't look at Mark Addy without seeing King Robert Baratheon. Love this show, though. I always thought he was the funniest on the show, and the whole cast just has this nice chemistry.

  7. TexasTunesmith

    Where can you find a complete audio version of this song?! CD...mp3...etc?

  8. Heavenest St. Cyr

    1:11 is a sweet pic

  9. JonW1987

    The melody to the opening lyrics, "You can read me, baby, like an open book..." kind of reminds me of BTO.


    jw870206 Listen to the opening of Running on Empty by Jackson Browne. Extremely similar to the first 5 or 10 seconds of this song.

  10. Lacey Mae

    does anyone know where to get this song?

  11. Javier Warren

    i saw this show back in 2006 is on my20 Houston there replaced Fear Factor on UPN To MyNetworkTV station i was 5 back September 2006 10pm

  12. Jan Dierker

    Still standing up and turning my TV on to watch this awesome series!

  13. Game Rush 2004

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    Il███████████████████]. /▌
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \

  14. Failed Again

    Thank you so much for this!

  15. Baddy187

    Good song, even better sitcom. Good writing, I mean really good. Also the acting and actors are great.One of the best sitcoms ever.

    Gs Hsdx

    Baddy187 yes

    Victoria Williams

    One of the best sitcoms EVER

  16. TheX137

    Lauren, Judy & Linda are hot

    adana ali

    Lol Brian too


    I like judy most of all

  17. CC_11

    When it comes to you & me girl, you turn me inside out.

  18. Moosy89

    renee olstead ♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Thomas Müthing

    Love this show!

  20. Dustin Desalgne

    Boar bei dem Lied bekommt einfach geile Laune :D

  21. Jason Cromey

    Wow haha.. I Use to sing and do the dumbest dance to this song... But it was fun and funnier then ever loll. Great memories =) You Make Me Happy !

  22. WWEsammler14

    @FringeFan1993 bei 1:20 Linda aber auch *-*

  23. WWEsammler14

    @FringeFan1993 bei 1:20 Linda aber auch!!!

  24. WWEsammler14

    @cey934 meine auch!!!!!

  25. cey934

    Cause when the lights go down
    And when it comes to me and you girl
    Ooh you turn me inside out
    I'm still in love with you today
    cause you make me happy
    :D lieblingstelle.

  26. gobydick3

    Such a good song. Such a good show

  27. GinkgoPete

    @Jacqueiche Big Bang Theory und Two and a half men (bis auf die folgen mit ashton) sind SCHLECHT

  28. RoyalTS92

    ja... lies meinen kommentar nochmal =) ist schon ok... passiert.

  29. KiWo89


    Al Bundy ist nicht bei Still Standing xD das ist Bill Miller ^^ und Al Bundy ist bei eine schrecklich nette Familie xD

  30. RoyalTS92


  31. KiWo89


    Al Bundy ??? XDDD

  32. The_Liberator

    ich kann des Lied ned finden :( weiß jemand woher ich des bekommen kann?

  33. Caroline lts

    ich will die tabs für den song :/ ich liebe ihn

  34. PsychoSquid

    die hätten mal weiter drehen sollen.
    ist ne hammer serie
    bei dennen kann ich noch lachen
    bei two and a half men oder king of queens
    kaum bis wenig.

  35. TFussballer

    super song!!! Super Serie !!!!

  36. Jakob E

    @LetsStartABand1 Genau, vergessen wir einfach mal "The Fresh Prince", "How I Met Your Mother", "Two and a Half Men" und "Big Bang Theory"

  37. SirBolle

    gehts noch mit deinem verklatschten Menowin?!

  38. Sven Lichey

    Still Standing ist und bleibt die beste Sitcom die es gibt. Da lach ich mich ständig Kapput

  39. Zigarrenkalle

    @RoyalTS92:Wie? Wo kommt Al Bundy vor!? :-)

  40. HerrDrNintendo



  41. HerrDrNintendo


    Jetzt kommt still standing wieder! :D

  42. Mario Büchel

    Schade dass es das Lied nicht bei iTunes gibt:(

  43. RoyalTS92

    Mit Al Bundy der beste Sitcomvater allerzeiten =)

  44. Entenzauberer

    Ich liebe Still Standing :_:

  45. Caroline G

    sehr gut! :D