Will Hoge - Someone Else's Baby Lyrics

I know ashes slowly burn
But every fool has a lesson that's hard to learn
It's a desperate plea but I must say
Oh God help me make it just one more day

There's a glass on the table beside my bed
Where I sleep with a bottle and I wake up dead
I got a hole in the bottom of both my shoes
Hey my step's been heavy since I heard the news

And I know just what you'll say
When I tell you that I'm sorry that I let you get away
Well you'll know I found out
That you're someone else's baby now

I see you when I walk down the street
Your smile's in the face of everyone I meet
Oh and it tears me up to know that he's touching you
And learning all the secrets that I once knew

Do you still leave your clothes piled on the floor
Maybe now you're different than you were before
You got a new way of walking and a different kiss
Oh to keep you together on a night like this

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Will Hoge Someone Else's Baby Comments
  1. caesar littles

    One of my favorite songs of all time. Perfect.

  2. Lloyd Redman

    Heard this Workin in loves travel stop and enjoyed every second of it. Never heard of the artist but kudos. Have to check out some other stuff.

  3. Art Brown

    A great song from one of my all-time favorite artists.

  4. Reem Unaola

    one of Wills best songs