Wiley - Tinchy Stryder Freestyle Lyrics

[Tinchy Stryder & Wiley:]
They better watch this space (Watch this space man)
And it's Stryder (Hold tight Will, yeah)
Yeah (Yo)

[Tinchy Stryder:]
Let me introduce myself, I'm Stryds
No time for down falling or rise
I'm the talk on road
For some reason these labels ain't offering pies but
I'll still do what I do with the flow
Put pen to paper, and style to the flow
I'm Stryder, I'm the highlight of the show
If you're feeling this boy, let me know
I've got tracks I can bring to the table
Wiley said do it on your own, F labels
I had a little thing, all had a point
But on the other hand, it works with labels
So I went studio, laced down vocals
Repped E3, [?] with the locals
I'm not local, but I leave coco
I'm from here so please take note bro
Don't doubt me when I do this
It's my style they all wanna remix
Respect my own bars, no cat like Felix
I'm not tryna sound like the realist
There's a buzz 'round me, and I'm advising them to get their cheque books out
But it don't end with me, I've got a family and we're the next thing out (Next thing out)

And it's Strydes
And I'm repping Ruff Sqwad you know
Hold tight Will
They better watch this space I'm telling you
They better [?] now
They better [?] now
They better [?] now
It's Tinchy Stryder [?] right now

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Wiley Tinchy Stryder Freestyle Comments
  1. Anything Upload

    Ruff sqawd

  2. Jefferies

    Most under rated flow in grime

  3. Jefferies

    Like water

  4. Peter Dewhurst

    Mad to think ten years. Nostalgia ones

  5. Denzel Browne

    Sick beat fam

  6. ihceyno


  7. MannyBro

    The real tinchy!

  8. E91

    Tinchy spitting in the Renault Clio!!

  9. 8Kreator2

    This is the Tinchy Styder that I liked not this sweet boy shit!!! Spitting whilst driving is a serious skill!!!

  10. David Hewett

    Tincy u legg

  11. advliam

    Goes innn

  12. Modou Gassama

    Talent spitting while driving!

  13. Live and Unsigned

    Tinchy Stryder, Roll Deep, Tempa T, N-Dubz...
    July 23rd The O2 London

    London's biggest indoor festival! livefest . co . uk

  14. Nprince

    Tinchy was so good back in the days


    Sprays?! Shouldn't it be 'spits'? Anyway this boy has talent concentrating on driving down town roads and rapping. This is a great way to fail your test - looking at the camera and rapping while driving lol. Respec!

  16. HLCAKA


  17. nakawoopahkapooski

    The tune is Not Like Me instrumental

    The song after is 'Breakaway' by Tinchy

  18. Hunjie

    He can hardly see over the steering and still slews.

  19. Dee Deedz


  20. junior21231

    @shahedc08 What car is it mate ?

  21. martin dunhurst

    smacked dat corner at 0:37 sec ...lol....he drives like me

  22. Gou Derz

    why drive with ya hoood up

  23. Stefan2SERB

    @Stainluss easy bredrin
    tinchy is one of my favourite spitters from what ive heard of him eg: this freestyle, his verses on the still tippin remix, follow.

    but i need some other material, i love his flow its like liquid on those tracks, dont like a lot of his shit from wen he was bare young and his flow was poorer, but obviously hate his mainstream garbage...

    recommend me some tunes where his flow is up to this standard pls...

  24. A X

    what is the beat ??????????????

  25. yapira3d

    Get that hood down man, driving with no peripheral vision is bloody dangerous.

  26. 87_Michael

    @rudebwoi369 Breakaaway.

  27. Harry Hale

    booster seat?

  28. yazmatraz

    he's sik.....that was all the proof i needed to see if he cud spit

  29. rudebwoi369

    i remembered 'breakaway'

  30. rudebwoi369

    wots the tune dat comes in at the end?

  31. rudebwoi369

    too sik!

  32. Kris Morris

    thats awsome

  33. Novelist Music


  34. Life of Bev

    Take the hood off for fucks sake. suprised he ain't got his shades on as well.

  35. lewisbirtles

    Hes a fucking shitead x

  36. тесн

    Love this shit.

  37. Charlie Lincoln

    I wish this music would sell. such a shame that these grime artists have to switch up their style to sell records. i respect them for doing it tho.....got to make a living

  38. ballalife07

    its the Ruff Sqwaud - Mandem instrumental without the voice sayin "mandem"

  39. Andy Pike

    Mainstrem gets the p's guys, thats why they all gone to it,

  40. King Raymond The 1st

    hes spiting making love songs cause its gonna make him money spitting lyke he use to ent gonna make him alot of money cus not every likes mc

  41. тесн

    drive by spraying the bars wicked.

  42. David Strawbridge

    chek my vid, striblo - tn - 10sion - pricks

  43. savvs


  44. watchmyskillz

    hes alri

  45. tubefreakmuva

    lol suk out hater.... cant do fuk all

  46. Mercurious Dalvidinius

    where can I get a coat with a hood that will neither stay up nor down? number 1 = masterpeice tho

  47. 00turner00

    some sick shit

  48. bob john

    ermm media converter and enter link and convert to mp3 :D

  49. Mark Allen

    I bet 5.0 pull him over all the time, cos he's young looking and small and probably driving some allright car.

  50. Nyesha Henry

    His Dank!!
    And Dizz Iz Wicked Barceee
    Hiisss Fresshh

  51. Jraybay

    it wad ok I never said it was a dope freestyle but he is driving while freestyling. respect.

  52. 2007TypeR

    hahaha shutup serious. ain't nothin special fix up.

  53. Jraybay

    that is crazy. it takes alot to drive without saying anything. and he is spittin while drving.omg that is ridiculous lol

  54. marcus bradley

    Big Still!!!!!

  55. thinkbig56

    stryders 2 sik

  56. juber hussain

    ALL ABT E3

  57. Jamster946

    Thats some serious multi-tasking

  58. scruffo2

    while driving lol

  59. GetDefinedUK

    kk thanks for that mate...hve a nice day :)

  60. GetDefinedUK


  61. Dyais

    where's ur seating belt son?

  62. Cee Brolly

    strrideerrr iz mmaaaad manz drving and spittting barz hes even looking at the camera nah hes sikkk booop

  63. Dick Springer

    hold tight strides but he looks like he cba nd his voice sounds unusually lazy

  64. LadeeRapunzel

    u no wot yh y da fuk beg lyk u ppl no tinchy stryder init i mean serious u lot r waste blud aint gt nuffin betta 2 do da 2 go around writin shit ass comments n try 2 suk tinchy stryders diik get a life n grow up sheesh

  65. toes11

    im talkin 2 dat dickhed dizzle3000 not strydz, strydz is sik

  66. Noc T

    yeh but hes doin well out of the uk mcs, hes been on many videos and hes well known n making decent money so why shud he shut up?? u are a tool

  67. toes11

    haha shut up m8 ure makin yaself look lyk a fool

  68. Nprince

    Still making paper so it dont matter G

    who care when you get MONEY

  69. toes11

    get him here nd i wil.... waste

  70. toes11

    if hes 20-21 den hes seriously un-developed

  71. jrjr18181

    yh drives lyk a bad man, yh yh, repin londres..!!!

  72. jrjr18181

    lol i want his coat its boom lol, seriosly its sick

  73. Over Power

    how old is this guy hes whipping and looks like a younger

  74. martin dunhurst

    dis is friggin show
    dont care!!

  75. martin dunhurst

    lloll hater
    everybody line up, stick 2 the left

  76. Exo Rem

    Stryders shower sometimes got merked by Earz do

  77. martin dunhurst

    s all about whippin it nowdayzzz

    fuk bus an train

  78. Jaden Blake

    where can i get this jacket?

  79. Antony Humphrey

    sick beat man
    sick barz sfe x
    ps wear ur seat belt do u want to make more music lol

  80. Riri Travels

    Yo, Mainstream Money.

  81. Kelly Lve

    tinch iz keeepin it bigg