Wiley - Sometimes I... Lyrics

(Sometimes I, Sometimes I, Sometimes I) Eski, boy, yo
Volume 1, yo, listen (I can't stand this scary feeling)

Push, push, push, but you can't carry weight
I carry the whole estate, through the sleet and rain, it's bait
Can't take when a wasteman aims to think he's a spitter but the hood don't rate him
At the start I had turntables and crates and dubplates
[?] my mate for real
Let me see me roll around with the fakes
Getting chased by the jakes in whips that're bait
Don't lie, fake cars
But I make stars, out of artists
You can see ahead quite far, well
We're getting big, the haters get closer
Cheat on your girl, that's one more scar
Beef on the road, that's not needed
But it's down there where you will get most of the scars
It's 'round here, if you bred, you will get parred
I've been through the wars of a life, I'm scarred

(Sometimes I)
Crazy (Sometimes I)
Big up Eski, look (Sometimes I)
Yeah cause (I can't stand this scary feeling)

I got too much talent, how could you forget that
Boy Better Know I rep that
And if it's on, then get that
'Cause when I burst off shots, I be licking off headbacks
I'm fully qualified in this ting, my CV you can check that
I take grands off a neckback
Diss me, forget that
I'll address that
Don't go ever make the mistake of fucking with the team, 'cause I will correct that
Step back quick, I will get that clip and, burst off shots at your red hat
No time for set backs
And yeah I was hot before, I got shot before
It just made me a little more raw
And now I know the meaning of get back
So now when I go out of town I stay strapped up

Yeah, yeah (Sometimes I) Movement (Yeah, yeah)
Scorcher (Sometimes I)
Oi I'm simply the- (Haha) hah (Yeah, woo, Sometimes I)
Oi listen (Pow), let me break it down (I can't stand this scary feeling)
(Yeah, yeah)

I ain't no G in the making (Nope)
I've been there, I've done that
So nowadays streets I be making
Anything I own ain't easily taken
This kid 'ere ain't easily shaken
Ice cold, white gold, I like the cold
I keep frozen, I'm freezing, I'm shaking
P's I've been chasing, I'm breezing, you're waiting
Poster boy this, magazines with my face in (Stay black)
Stay there, keep dreaming your faith in
Look this here's like a dream I'm awaken
They say real recognises real
So if you don't feel me, believe me you're faking (Faking)
I'm steamed, on the way, make P's
That's the theme for the day, this song fills my team and away
So go ahead and keep on chasing
I'm on the street, you keep on raving

(Sometimes I, Sometimes I, Sometimes I, I can't stand this scary feeling)

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