Wiley - He Ain't The One Lyrics

It's the 2nd Phaze (2nd Phaze)
Yeah, yeah
I suppose...
I suppose that...
I suppose that you...
He ain't the one, nah
They always question (Is he the one? Is he? Is he?), he ain't the one, nah
Yeah (Yo)
Eskiboy (Eskiboy)
Yo, yo

I suppose you think oracle is wrong (He ain't the one, nah)
Things just happen to him all the time (He ain't the one, nah)
It's true, he walked out on XL
They had him second to Dizzee, he didn't like it
All that indirect, chatter
I suppose you think that Eskiboy ain't the one (He ain't the one, nah)
If only I could show you but I can't (He ain't the one, nah)
The day will surely come and you will understand who he is
You don't believe he is, just watch him prove him wrong
I suppose I'm gonna have to start a label (He ain't the one, nah)
It's time to put my paper on the label (He ain't the one, nah)
Igloo Recordings I'm gonna do it
Master P way, it's better, more leeway
Laid back E3 way
I suppose the pressure's on (He ain't the one, nah)
You can feel the power in his songs (He ain't the one, nah)
People on the streets know the deal
They're just waiting for the 2nd Phaze to drop
Trust me the 2nd Phaze will drop (Yeah)

I suppose it just wasn't meant to be (He ain't the one, nah)
He's the only one who doesn't seem to care (He ain't the one, nah)
Wiley turning up to things is rare
He knows he he has to be somewhere but he don't care, I saw him sitting on the block
I suppose you got the wrong end of the stick (He ain't the one, nah)
Just 'cause you seen the boy slip (He ain't the one, nah)
Nobody can't make me do shit, he ain't the one nah
Check his attitude, 'cause his attitude stinks
I suppose you need dough to get by (He ain't the one, nah)
You might catch me looking in the sky (He ain't the one, nah)
I'm not blind, I know the world is a lie (He ain't the one, nah)
It's mad how one survives on pies (He ain't the one, nah)
I suppose I should've done this from before (He ain't the one, nah)
He had it locked, he couldn't even see the floor (He ain't the one, nah)
I guess you witness the power when he's on tour (He ain't the one, nah)
I've never been nothing but so sure, that he's the one
I'm the one

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Wiley He Ain't The One Comments
  1. Little Traveller

    Still looking for that big hit but it’s not happening. One tip, go back to 60’s and 70’s hit and do a cover

  2. Josh Seymour

    Dappy needs. More on this vid then he has he always produces fire

  3. Claire Pickering

    I like this song really catchy

  4. ProfessorRummy

    The CHORUS is EVERYTHING...female vocalist is amazing!!

  5. D D

    Poor unnamed female vocalist must have a back ache carrying these bums lol

  6. MXTXX

    Tory just sent these man a voice note from Canada

  7. Triks Henry

    I ts wow

  8. Manny Ox

    Hypocrisy is accusing your fellow musician of starting grime and moving on to do pop, meanwhile you doing a record that's nothing like grime.

  9. Khadione Reid

    Does anyone know where I can find the track suit the caucasian dancer is wearing? I love it!

  10. asheek keerodhur

    He is da boss who is stormy

  11. refused

    respects to dappy, man been doing the melody ting since time. #yinyang

  12. Liam McCourt

    No need for Dappy here, pure autotune. Will.i.am territory. Great tune tho

  13. XOXO XM

    Why is Tory Lanez here ???

  14. Kiran

    Tory killed it but the man needs to start making appearances in these fire features 😭😭 this song deserves waaaay more recognition 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. JHSHOW


  16. A Y

    Ok so why is he not feeling Ed Shereen but puts out pop shit like this ??

  17. Jackie Treehorn

    Wiley is the goat

  18. Eve Avery

    That sounds so much like Anne Marie....

  19. bonnie holt

    Cannot stop listening to this? I'm addicted

  20. unknown penny

    Wasn't going to bother listening to this as I can't stand dappy

  21. Robin Mabberley

    My favourite song!!!😍

  22. one two

    whose here after they noticed own it is a copy of my one

  23. one two

    whose here after they noticed own it is a copy of my one

  24. Lewis Chege

    Kenyans hapa kuna moto

  25. Peter Harness

    Main stream pop ........

  26. Fatal Parsley

    Why he dressed like he bout to go on bop island.

  27. Daniel

    Who’s here because of the Stormzy and Wiley beef


    Only reason Wiley is doing this, it worked for Chip and Bugzy. This is not grime so what is his point with this beef.

    kiely 456

    seuny he’s Wiley he doesn’t need an excuse lol


    @kiely 456 good point 😊

  28. Leo Mars

    The dancers reminded me of the Power Rangers! Love it!!! XX

  29. LA ONU

    the best song!

  30. YTG Paliston


  31. Muganga Eric

    did anybody notice that the hook has 2 different female vocalists ?

  32. mad apna

    Bigup tunes fire

  33. Kerry Muspratt

    I love this song

  34. Dare Devil

    4 months and only 3.9 million views ??? This INDUSTY is just fucked up !!!!! Deseves much more respect than that !!!

  35. Steamz Moneymove

    Up 🔥🔥🔥☝

  36. Asma Begum

    Why is the female vocalist not listed in the record she’s So amazing

  37. gladys mwita

    I bet the girl is KOFFEE

  38. Dame P Lady

    Got u on repeat

  39. Dame P Lady


  40. Daniel Mathews

    https://youtu.be/Kbcp4-yQ8GE check this artist called 0151 ...Tory and 0151 should Calab would be crazy

  41. Jocelyn Callaghan

    Dappy straight legend 💯💯🔥🔥

  42. The2nd dan

    r those the houses from kingsmen?

  43. gracies vlogs gracie

    This is my go 2 song 😍😍

  44. Bonface Sikuku

    Almost end of 2019 am here listening fireee my one

  45. GanjaBlazer

    Come on Wiley this is shit

  46. Hayleymay Vanstone


  47. Stephen Martin

    GVO 😎

  48. Oh No

    Dappy is mad underrated.

  49. Ethan Mackenzie

    I know Wiley doesn’t need to prove himself in the grime scene, but to see him talk about not selling out anymore but making this music (which is just blatant hit chasing) at the same time is pretty hypocritical. Tory Lanez killed it though I can say that.

  50. Dayne

    Man..., Wiley is making some proper shit lately

  51. Pedro Guerra

    The girl made the music

  52. _zxra._

    Wiley turned up for a video shoot, but wheres Tory Lanez..?

  53. Woyo 99

    Merci Téléfoot 🙂

  54. bubz75

    Wet video

  55. Stream Alive

    Tory should just stick to this style!

  56. UadrSianaA

    Does anyone know a YouTube channel or songs by the female vocalist? x--x

  57. john Jones

    Dappy? What? Is this a joke?

  58. M D

    The lady brought fire to this track she deffo should be mentioned in the title

  59. paul tress

    this has to be the lowest point in wileys cREER, THIS IS piss poor.....am shocked he would do this....suppose money talks

  60. Tiabrnrd

    Dappys verse was the best but credits to Wiley

  61. Peach Glow Reyah

    happy the satanist

  62. Aishling

    The girl sounds like Jorja Smith.
    Wiley sounds like a plastic yardie next to kranium 😂🙈

  63. Miesha l

    Sounds like stefflon don for the female vocals???

  64. Jerome Reid

    This sounds like the Afro to jaden Icon

  65. rory macpherson

    Oh look its Da-Auto-Tune-ppy

  66. rory macpherson

    Love Wiley. But this tune is Shite. Hes ovo tried to jump on the Afro Beat Hype. Hope he got paid well. His Bloodclart morning tune is way better.

  67. Kakuru Nashwel



  68. Kakuru Nashwel




  69. yy xx

    Dfuk is wiley on recently, this guy turning mad goofy

  70. MrRealEstate Boston

    The female singer 👩‍🎤 IG is probably Sinead Harnett check her out on BBC Xtra https://youtu.be/bpbB453osoU


  71. Ms Summer 07

    Who is the girl singing the hook?

  72. i love drill Muzik


  73. *love & Peace is never guaranteed

    What a joyful song💃

  74. sherwood smallidge

    hope you guys paid vybes cartell for that track you know you stole his flow

  75. crazyjimmy 20

    3.2 mill banger lads up beat completely different man I miss the old days watching them videos from the boxed up chats with everyone spitting bars

  76. lewis mccain

    This jam is 🔥

  77. chrissy williams

    Shit in general apart from chorus reminds me of lethal bizzle track 😕

  78. Brenda Coimbra


  79. Really From the Endz

    The lyrics tho lolol Wiley subscribers this is not his real channel he has a new one

  80. nadine sorzano

    The voice on the chorus is tory lanez..

  81. Thanks N Please.!

    I swear Wiley dont look like he has aged since i met him a decade ago

  82. Sean Michael


  83. Luis Thomassiny

    Who’s the male dancer in pink?

  84. Spryzen _77

    Wiley went to my school

  85. ScottY Boi

    Ghost write hook up

  86. mollymeee03

    This is actually my fave song I swear to goooooddddd

  87. Bot Marley

    Go back to grime -_-

  88. HypeTalkOnline

    Wiley coming with the Anthems 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Desi Pardesi

    3 mil views IS THAT ITTTT !!!!! this tune deserves a lot more

  90. Av b

    These words are sick great work to good music friends

  91. Normani en español


  92. J67

    Why does this sound so different from Spotify ?

  93. Edmond Chege

    The vocals from the girl are liiiiiiiiitttt