Wiley - Earth Sign Freestyle Lyrics


How could you think I was a backup
Why would you take away the jack up
This ting done, don't make me crack up
This is the end of year wrap-up
I don't intend of standing in line
I work the works singing my stack up
I know when I be in challenge
I turn into a savage when I take my hat off
Back up, back on track it's ill will
Put my life on the line, I still will
I speak my heart of mind, I'm still real
I got the wickedest ting from Mill Hill
When I turn up the volume, people say chill
I tell a don I ain't got no chill
Eat dessert before I eat the meal
Everybody with more
I won't conform
Been like this since I was born
I'm a Capricorn
I'm an earth sign, with the fire in the background
Cooking up a [?]
Standing with my laptop, minding my business, 'til the break of dawn
I'm the original iceberg sweater
My verse better
My verse go out and bring back chedder
My verses mean the world to my fans
My verses they preacher my brothers in the can
I ain't there, I'm popping
You want me to quit, but I ain't stopping
If you know me that news ain't shocking
Hit the studio few days and I lock it
I come thru' body popping
This tings going off, like tings going off
All this stuff and nobodies clocking
Fans are looking for the grime that nobodies dropping
That's why I'm there in the wings with the famsdem plotting

I don't care what you say
I'm the hunted, you're the prey
I'm the August, you're the May
I'm the needle, you're the hay
I don't care what you say
I'm the hunted, you're the prey
I'm the August, you're the May
I'm the needle, you're the hay

Buy a land then I build on it
Put my life, put my sword, put my shield on it
I'm out here in the field with it
I spend bills and mills on it
And I'm real with it
I've got grands connected to my brands flexing
And they know so they gotta deal with it (Deal with it)
You could be a star in the game but really you gotta have a meal for it (Hands on)
You know how many times I was covered in read
Trust, I ain't alive I'm dead
You know how many times I proved I was a vet (Proved it)
Revenge ain't working on me, you will lose your bet
Came back different, came back ready
Came back with the fire in my heart like Teddy
When I come around them man get edgy
I got the lucky chance, they got Reggie
We got the one's that when we open the packet smells like fruits and berries (Smell that)
I am the vinyl man
Test press man
I can't forget about Terry's (You can't forget that)
Freestyle on Roman Road market
You can't brush me under the carpet (Nah cuz)
Freestyle on Roman Road market
So you can't brush me under the carpet
Live in the past, but I work in the future
I make the wickedest grime you ain't use to
Jump in the whip, press turbo booster
I wake up the same time as I used to
Live in the summer, but I work in the winter
Talk the turtles like Splinter
Here's what I'm into
Grimey, on this ting, I'm a spontaneous thinker

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Wiley Earth Sign Freestyle Comments
  1. Phobs DSR

    I come thru body popping.. This tings going off, that tings popping off, all this stuff and nobodies clocking’.. Fans are looking for the Grime that nobodies dropping.. Thats why I’m there in da wings with da plans and plotting’! Don!!!


    Blasted this for months true legend no matter what anyone says love from Glasgow he's been killing it from 1 double 94

  3. Джи

    so good song

  4. Lurgi Lurg

    This beat made me slap my nans dentures up out her mouth

  5. Nawaz Hemmuth

    Flip Life Media....what is this tune called? So f sickkk

  6. Arch Enemy

    On the flip side, due to wiley wiling out over the duo, he's put 2 good tracks in rapid succession, turning negative into positive!

  7. Tapor E

    "Taught the turtles like splinter"

  8. Luke Wood

    Never top Wiley and especially how he’s acting now like the old days am telling you now that he’s got pure fire lined up just you wait!!

  9. rafal1944

    Wiley is universe speaking to us. Respect from Poland 👊🇵🇱🖤💥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Steven Murray

    I’m an Earth Sign with the Fire in the back ground... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Steven Murray

    Fukin Hell fam..


    Mill Hill? lol

  13. Kai Malcolm

    Chip wud of bodied this

  14. C W

    Wiley must write bars in his sleep Sounds just like06 Keep'n it official


    damn, wiley killed it with this 1

  16. jules tray

    You can’t brush me under the carpet 😂😂😂 🥶

  17. Jean Doherty


  18. Oliver Lewis

    Alright, nobody is resurrecting Garage and Dubstep can stay buried. Please Lord, let Wiley lead the rebirth of Grime.

  19. Kai Malcolm

    taught the turtles like splinter! wiley went in

  20. Chris Yiacoumi

    Wiley is sick love this beat

  21. Ronnie TRILLZ

    Flip the table was louder than this but this goes hard

  22. 93listen'er S.C

    Good bar spontaneous thinker

  23. Mx21h Town

    The Godfather schooling them yet again

  24. xXGomuGomuXx

    this is hard. wish it was mixed down better tho

  25. Rat Egg

    🔥🔥🔥 👑

  26. Luke Goodwin

    Always rated Wiley since early 2000s I don't mind Skepta and dizzee but I'll put him above them anyday

    Craig Popham

    Fuck skepta bro.. he's sold his soul. Wearing Womens clothes and taking it up the ass is his game nowa days.


    Believing made up rumours to hate on a man you clearly used to like ?


    That's a real sell out Craig , at least skeota sold himself for money you sold yourself for free collection idiot.

    Paul Vater

    they all bow before devilman

  27. RavenUK

    Wiley's flow is too much!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Bj Star

    This tune is such a banger it’s making me want to start flipping tables 😈

  29. Sam Burton-King

    Shit beat tho. Weird ass percussion, horn samples taken right from Splice, crappy dubstep noises and no bounce to it whatsoever. This mans living in the past

  30. Raymondo Bloncè

    1:16 Your bang on there man, wtf going on?

  31. Saqib Ahmed

    Levels!, the godfather had to let them know!

  32. T K1

    Rhyming “worn” “born”I’m a Capricorn”, this isn’t it. I’m sorry but all our old uk legends lyrically ain’t good fam.

    Keys 808


    T K1

    Daniel Chalmers it’s the truth

    T K1

    Keys 808 truth hurts.

    Nawaz Hemmuth

    Do a diss reply then and show us how its done then T K 1....

    T K1

    Nawaz Hemmuth have no reason to do a diss track, he just can’t rap good, as many of our “legends” can’t just rhyme dead words and have a good beat.

  33. 1878ask

    Wake up the same time as a rooster haha

  34. Lion Kaya

    Flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Modern Decay

    Earth sign with the fire in the background. Original Godfather.

  36. Carl Carl

    Gwarn Wiley mek dem kno you still the Don inna dis ting. Boom shot to ah bwoy hed.

  37. Dan Shearing

    Taught the turtles like splinter

  38. Dan Shearing

    All these drill pussies, this is what you call grime



  40. Yellow Synth

    should have put ice kid on this

  41. MJ J


  42. Glen Pyne


  43. Phillip Jarvis

    Original is by Curren$y ft K camp "what's up"

    Abdul Taha

    Phillip Jarvis stop bullshitting

  44. Ian E

    'I speak my heart and mind i'm still real!'

  45. paul inasound


  46. roger tekoronga

    Yes Rude Boy sick yeah

  47. CJ Run

    A true Capricorn man


    CJ Run Best bit is he’s an Aquarius too, cuz he’s right on the cusp - and the line ‘I won’t conform’ right before he mentions being a Capricorn - that’s just so Aquarius too, it’s awesome 😁

    92 VioletUltra

    your a girl

  48. Dsc cider man

    Fuckin Great

  49. Kev - MrSound08

    This is deep but needs more bass” let it pop fam” someone woke Wiley Kat... up

  50. real deal

    This beat is sik...Wiley long time legendary status 🔥

  51. ramone lewis

    whats this beat!!!!!

  52. g block

    Living in the past brother. Your 2008

    Josh O’Brien

    g block u parcel

    Dan Shearing

    Josh..he’s a younger what do you expect..he’d probably call this drill

    Declan Aston

    g block you’re*

    Just Me

    2008 😂 you silly man.. proper daft cunt

  53. g block

    Has no other flow. So dead

    Anthony Savvides

    g block he switches up his flow all the time lol he’s known for having bare flows you dickhead


    but they all sound the same. I agree man wiley has been bussing this flow since 2003. Wiley always been nothing compared to Dizzee and Kano.


    @Ottoman in Holy Grime he's rapping a faster flow

  54. Matt Davis

    Rate this

  55. Paul Solomon

    Cap Season

    Glen Pyne

    Paul Solomon ♑️💯

  56. RMDY Beatz


  57. Jim Pip

    Calm spitting on the riddem

  58. Lyrically toxic

    Man can’t rest with the creator these liccle fish tryna move like they have a chance of defeating god 🔥😜😂🤣👌🏽💯💪🏿🎤🌟


    who produced this? lawd🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎧

  60. Tsvetelin

    That riddim and these lyrics... Oh My daaaayz

  61. iamdann


  62. Anthony Sharpness Jay


  63. Col Hanchard

    So good to hear that Wiley still got it in grime still rising

    Message to skekta & chip
    Watch your master at work he ain't skipping a beat not releasing a tune at every opportunity but still relevant
    When your a master you've got it like that

    And it's about time you recognise who you on the map no Wiley no grime don't you know this if you don't know your history then where are you going


    Chips a joke😂

    Kirk Sturips

    One of the truest comments I’ve read all 2018 I am the vinyl man FOUNDER

    Arch Enemy

    What master you fool! Don't chat shit you don't know, and keep the word master to yourself,& your master! !

    Mo Ali

    Phillip Furnell you’re stuck in 2006 with ice kid and griminal where people would call chip a peanut head. You might aswell stay there

    Michael Davis

    @Mo Ali he's a little cartoon character, laughable

  64. Kacper Ruta

    W sumie to szkoda ze BBK rozpadło się w tak banalny sposób.

    Adrian Adi

    nie wiem czy to taki banalny sposob kasa i artyzm to dosc skomplikowane

  65. Selenkos

    Let me tell you bout da boy name Kylie, the one the pussy named Kylie..

    real deal

    Selenkos TheGreat haha legendary u know ur history...few were privileged to understand y I’m laughing

  66. Darklordmat1

    fat tune


    pretty dope

  68. Mad Skull

    #Wiley #GodFatherOfGrime

  69. Madbrad200

    this sounds better than Flip The Table lol

    Big Boi

    Madbrad200 nah

    Mr ish T

    Madbrad200 it does and I liked flip the table.

  70. Bart Gumowski

    dobre gowno !